Bill ‘Bacardi 8’ Allen is now Deputy Governor General

Bill 'Bacardi 8' Allen sworn in by Sir Micheal Barnett

Sir William ‘Bill Bacardi 8’ Allen on Thursday the 28th October, was sworn in by the Chief Justice Sir. Michael Barnett as Deputy to the Governor General. Sir Arthur Foulkes is in London to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Sir William ‘Bacardi 8’ Allen is a consultant to the ministry of finance and is said to be the architect of the Ingraham Austerity Budget. Sir Bill even increased the taxes on the Holy Bible and on children UNDERWEAR! HE HAS NO SHAME!


  1. Janet has certainly gone to her bed after this one.It brings to mind Cardinal Wolsey’s dying words,”I wish I had served my God as well as I had served my King”.

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