PLP to Begin A National Listening Tour Around the Country


PLP PRESS STATEMENT: Last evening the National General Council of the PLP accepted and approved the recommendation of the Party’s Convention Committee that the Annual Convention scheduled for this year be suspended and in its place the party will host a series of Family Island regional Conventions under the theme ‘The Voice of the people”.

The Island gathering of PLP’s will take place across the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Each gathering will bring the PLP Leadership closer to the Bahamian People. It will mark the first time that any Political Party would have staged mini conventions on each of the major islands in the Bahamas. The series of mini Island conventions will culminate with the National General Convention for a date to be announced in 2011.

The PLP is committed to meeting with and talking to the Bahamian People across the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Such gatherings take on greater meaning as we near the critical time in our Country when the people will decide who will govern The Bahamas. The PLP believes that the people must be heard. The PLP is cognizant of the fact that while Bahamians have common issues, some issues differ from Island to Island. The Party Leadership will attend each event and will listen to the Voices of the People.

The mini conventions will feature the voice of the people, their plight, their thoughts and their ideas. The people will hear from the Leadership of the party who will speak to vision for the 21st century.

The mini convention series will kick off in Grand Bahama next month. Grand Bahama has been hardest hit by the neglect of the FNM. The unemployment rate is at an all-time high, crime is at an all-time high and the economy is at an all-time low. The future of Freeport, the concessions under the Hawksbill Creek Agreement and the continued and unabated damage to the environment are matters that will face the Grand Bahama electorate. These critical items will be on the agenda for the Grand Bahama mini Convention.

The full schedule which will be announced next week will include a series of regional conferences slated for New Providence.


  1. All this he Yakety Yak Yak by the FNM and PLP about nothing, while still there are hundreds of Bahamian Families, both FNM & PLP supporters, who still have no Clean Title to the Properies that bought and abided by all the rules before they handed over their hard earned dollars.

  2. And Willard perhaps it may appear that way, but we wonder who the Tribune and the Guardian loyalty is? THE FNM you would say?


  3. And Willard is backing the FNM? We are only LAYING THE FACTS. Didn’t we did a 5 part series on NIB? Did you see any changes by the PM? Have he made a response? NO! So we are just reminding him that we have not forgotten our investigations at the ministry he heads


    • We dont need a listening tour we need action and solutions. too much time wasted already, people have lost their jobs, homes and even lives. Come on give me a break. where there is no vision the people will perish

    • THAT SOUND LIKE HUBERT INGRAHAM, Remember how he told FNMS to gather in convention 2010? ALL TALK NO ACTION!

      Remember how Ingraham told Grand Bahamians the next time he shuffles his cabinet he will appoint a Cabinet Minister to look over Grand Bahama affairs? ALL TALK NO ACTION!

      Another LIE was said to the people of Grand Bahama by Hubert Ingraham. Remember how he told them back in 1991 that he would build a brand new state of the art hospital in Grand Bahama? JJ, that was some 19 years ago and the promised hospital has yet to be built. ALL TALK NO ACTION!

      Or how about the investigations at NIB? When Shane Gibson said he had knowledge of two members of NIB board had resign, Hubert Ingraham the minister for NIB said to Parliament, “I have a meeting with the Chairman of NIB at 5pm today.” Ingraham said nothing more as he sat in his seat. But readers would remember this same Ingraham had promised Parliament that he would investigate the scandals emanating out of NIB. ALL TALK NO ACTION!

      In fact it was LAST YEAR when the Prime Minister told Parliament following scandals emanating from NIB that: “I will read what they say. I will listen to what they say, and I will speak after that.” From that day to now, Hubert Ingraham has yet to report to the Parliament or the people of the Bahamas as promised. He has yet to say a DAMN WORD ON SCANDALOUS OPERATIONS at NIB; INCLUDING THE CONTRACTS ISSUED TO KENUTH Knowles, PORKY DORSETT, IRAM LEWIS, Charlton Morley AND Jeffery LLOYD, just to name a few. ALL TALK NO ACTION!

      That’s Hubert Ingraham and the FNM! ALL TALK…NO ACTION!

      We can only guess Ingraham’s actions speak louder than his words.

      Hubert Ingraham, ALL TALK NO ACTION!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

    • We hope people see how we read the PLP Press Release was far different from the way members of the media read it. They reported that the PLP suspended its convention. But the PLP never told their delegates to me them same place [2010]. Papa said that! Secondly, the release said, they intend to move through the islands on a national tour throughout the country [BEGINNING NEXT MONTH IN GRAND BAHAMA] and the tour will conclude in 2011 to the National Convention.

      What this means is this, the PLP intend to hold caucuses, rallying through the islands and converge at the Nassau Conclave next year.


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