Billionaire Chris Cline, six others, die in helicopter crash in Abaco, Bahamas

Scenes from that helicopter crash off Grand Cay today…seven died.

ABACO| Chris Cline, the billionaire mining entrepreneur and coal tycoon and benefactor to southern West Virginia, and six others died in a helicopter crash Thursday in the waters off the coast of the Grand Cay in Abaco, The Bahamas. The tragic incident unfolded Thursday afternoon.

We confirm Cline’s daughter, David Jude, Delaney Wykle, two unidentified friends and an unidentified helicopter mechanic from Florida are among the victims.

Not one statement of the major air accident has been issued to confirmed the incident. Where is the Aviation Department following this tragic event? We are in a crisis.

You can die in the Bahamas and go missing like Marvin Pratt and nothing said. WHERE IS THE EMERGENCY AGENCIES TO INFORM THE WORLD ABOUT THIS SERIOUS TRAGEDY?

The helicopter was en route to Fort Lauderdale from the Bahamas, when it crashed.

Christopher Cline was born on July 5th, 1958 he died July 4th, 2019. His birthday is today. May he rest in peace.

We report yinner decide!

Coal Billionaire tycoon Chris Cline dies in helicopter accident in Bahamas.