Coca Cola headquarters on Grand Bahama held up at gunpoint on Friday and nothing reported…. #crimedown

Coca Cola robbery on Friday in Freeport.

FREEPORT| Crime Down? Do you really believe that? To suggest that is to believe Desmond Bannister who just declared that BPL is having the best summer in the history of the corporation.

But this update is not about Lying Desmond. It’s about the perception painted by police under the directives of what we believe now to be a half brain Minister: Marvin Dames.

Every day now police believe they can hide news by failing to report information to the press. But when will they get it? You cannot hide news anymore in the Bahamas. EVEN BRENT – ONE OF THE RICHEST POLITICIANS – KNOWS THAT!

Last week Friday a gunman in Grand Bahama walked into the Coca Cola plant on that island in a black Nike T-shirt with the words, “Just Do It”. Holding a gun, he ordered some staff to the floor and customers to empty their bags.

One patron could not believe she was in the middle of a robbery as she attempted to pay for her order.

The movie was captured on CCTV and the footage has been released to BP.

Now get this: Police never reported the incident (crime-down). The wutless media in the Bahamas never reported the incident (crime-down). Grand Bahamians haven’t said a word about it because? (Crime-down).

All we at BP ga say is this: Yinner better save ya country before the criminals start shouting during the robbery: “This is a Crime Down Stickup!”

Let no one fool yinner! CRIME IS NOT DOWN! Crime reporting is!

We report yinner decide!