BIS and BCB Celebrate ‘National Flag Day’

Colour Guard of the RBPF hoisted the flag at BIS and BCB.

NASSAU| Staff of Bahamas Information Services (BIS) and the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB) observed ‘National Flag Day’ on Friday morning, June 30, with Hoisting of the National Flag, by members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, on the corporation’s compound.  ‘National Flag Day’ Flag Raising Ceremonies were held today across The Bahamas and at Foreign Missions.  

As the month of June closes, activities ramp up towards the nation’s Jubilee: The Bahamas celebrates its 50th Anniversary of Independence on July 10, 2023.  The National Independence Secretariat has organized a plethora of events for residents to embrace and celebrate diverse aspects of Bahamian life, history and culture.

In his remarks, Minister of State with oversight of BCB and BIS, the Hon. Myles LaRoda marked the considerable importance of this moment for the beautiful Bahamas archipelago.  And he pointed out reasons to be proud, including that of the extraordinary achievement of many Bahamian nationals on the world stage.

Looking to the future, he encouraged those abroad, mainly young people, to return home to The Bahamas, and become involved in the sacred mission of assisting in building their country.

Other speakers were Director General of BIS, Elcott Coleby; General Manager of BCB, Clint Watson; and Deputy Chairman of BCB, Athama Bowe.  BIS Executive Director Diana Swann was in attendance.

In remarks, congratulations were expressed for the work and legacy of the industrious people of The Bahamas, on the occasion of the nation’s 50th Independence Anniversary.  The National Independence Secretariat was thanked for “their hard work in making these events not only possible but special for so many local heroes” whose vision and mission contributed to the country’s ever-evolving and deepening democracy.

Bahamians were admonished to actively participate in the guarding of national sovereignty, deepening of democracy, and strengthening of national identity, with the theme of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations – ‘The Bahamas – One Nation: Our Legacy, Our Future’ speaking powerfully to those ideals.

Honourees of this season were thanked for their love of country as demonstrated through life-long commitment to sustained development, island by island, in areas such as health, sailing, community and youth development, religion, hospitality, education and sports.

BIS Director General, Elcott Coleby relayed that the institutions built by our forebears continue to not only drive development, but assist greatly in defining nationhood and teaching all and sundry what it means to be Bahamian. 

He said: communities, islands, countries and civilizations are developed and sustained through public and private institutions.  Two such institutions are Bahamas Information Services (BIS) and the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas (BCB) which “have worked tirelessly to keep our people informed about the activities of the government and the nation, thus keeping our culture and civilization intact and the Bahamian Diaspora duly informed about the homeland.

“After fifty years of sovereign Independence, the Bahamian people have good reasons to look back on their achievements with national pride and to be inspired to work more diligently in doing their part to make The Bahamas the best little country on earth.

“We must not shirk in our responsibility to address and conquer the existential threats to our way of life. In the face of global warming and irregular weather patterns, pandemics, food security, irregular migration, we must build sustainability and resilience in the face of these threats.

“Further and more importantly, our national identity, culture and value system must remain intact.

“On this Fiftieth Anniversary of Independence and on behalf of the management and staff of the Bahamas Information Services Department, I thank and congratulate our brothers and sisters across the length and breadth of this country as we celebrate sovereign nationhood and what it means to be Bahamian.

“May Almighty God continue to bless the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”

Management and staff at BCB and BIS joined Minister Myles Laroda at Flag Hoisting Ceremony.
Minister Myles Laroda along with Executive leadership BIS and BCB; Diana Swann, Clint Watson and Elcott Coleby.