BIS reporters fails to report anything the Prime Minister said following the special sitting of the Parliament last Monday


Christie muted by Bahamas Information Service – Yinner think that could happen if Ingraham was PM?

Christie silenced by BIS reporters - not one comment by the PM was circulated via the government service following the special sitting in Parliament last week.

Nassau, Bahamas — Some PLP women sat with their heads bent low after Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie began his ungoldly attack of Loretta Butler-Turner, the granddaughter of a former PLP freedom fighter.

Christie came just short of calling the Long Island Member BIG SEXY following her attack against him in the House last week.

The state of the Parliament is bordering on violent levels and some believe it is getting closer to losing the respect of members of the public.

Last week also saw where another member began cussing at the top of her voice, which also forced the “Cussin” deputy speaker to force her to stand.


One school principal had to cancel her civics class as they watched the Parliament in the library. The educator, who is also plump in size, had to quickly click the television after the leader of the country began hurling his snide remarks at the Long Island MP and the Long Island MP began cussing.

The teacher told BP, “It looks as if we need to begin holding classes and showing tapes of the American President Barak Obama as the examples in our politics are dwindling by the day. I have never seen a leader castigate a woman so violently in the public. Some of the children see these same actions at home. But they now believe it is common to call women ill names and attack them as did the Prime Minister. Even I am ashamed at the actions of the Prime Minister and Butler-Turner, after all, I too am a full figured woman.”

The attack on women by the Prime Minister comes in the year celebrating 50 years of the Women’s Suffrage.

He held tight controls on BIS and made sure core FNM writers communicated his every word to the public. Those same reporters are now silencing Christie and PLPs are happy. Bed Soldier in the background.

The comments by the PM are already causing fallout within the Party and among women voters. One Suffragette told BP,  “I am saddened by the comments made by the Prime Minister. It looks as if we must now begin the struggle all over again as Mr. Christie has certainly not learned anything after 35-years in frontline politics.”

But the greatest attack of all in response to the PM came following the sitting of Parliament when the BIS reporters sent to cover the special sitting of both Houses last week – refused to cover Christie in any report.

In fact some believe the reporters were sent with a directive from BIS to avoid any comments from the Prime Minister, and only return with other members contributions from the floor of the Parliament.

Following that historic sitting of the House, BIS writers only covered the contributions of Dr. Hubert Minnis, Loretta Butler –Turner, Melanie Griffin and Allyson Maynard Gibson. Not a lick was heard from the PM in writing.

In fact we asked why was the PM not covered especially after he announced the removal of the last vestiges of discrimination against all women by his government in the country by 2013.

The answer was deafening silence. No one could tell BP why BIS went silent on the PM and refused to carry his comments in the House during that special sitting.

All we could say is this: BOY WE TELL YA! “If ya don’t laugh you will cry!”

Where was the PM’s special assistant to BIS on this one?

What in the hell is this?

We report yinner decide!