Bishop Granddaughter jailed like C. ALLEN JOHNSON thiefin in Florida!


Bahamas gets another black-eye from liars and thieves!

Nassau, Bahamas — Another Bahamian connected to a prominent family in the country has been arrested in Plantation, Florida for thiefin.

Why is it everyone who come out of jail is suddenly an APOSTLE, Prophet, JP or Pastor; Like we don't have nonsense.

The young 26-year-old female was also charged for possession of a dangerous weapon.

We can tell you the young woman is the granddaughter of a Bishop who resides on a family island in the northern Bahamas.

News of the arrest has devastated the family, and same say the young woman just cannot get it together.

Now, BP could name the suspect. However, we will not out of respect for the relatives and the Bishop seeing that the Bahamas is a CHRISTIAN NATION – loaded with thieves, bandits, liars like Rodney Moncur and celebrated Convicted Jungaliss and Jackass C. Allen Johnson, who continues to hog attention and praise to themselves even while they are haul by the ass to jail.

All we say is this: WHAT A COUNTRY! WHAT A COUNTRY!

We report yinner decide!