Bishop tells members they will die in two weeks? WHAT KIND OF BISHOPS ARE THESE IN THE COUNTRY!!!

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NASSAU| A rogue Bishop, who has been asked to open the books and show the congregation where funds have vanished, has returned to the pulpit, warning members that they could die in two weeks.

The Bishop sent a warning to members to be careful with what they hear and how they test information now surfacing on social media.

The Bishop told the church this is no time for crying but this is WARTIME.

He told the church he was sorry that it had come to this but in the end he will remain in charge of the church which he will still lead when all the dust is settled.

The bishop is known for behaving as if he is the only voice of righteousness in the country but actions of late show that the Bishop just might not be as clean as he claims!

BP is warning the Bishop: yeah, you is the BISHOP for NOW – but in TWO WEEKS GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER!

We report yinner decide!