Duane Sands is asking Bahamians to engage in an exercise of national amnesia which is something that we will not do!

Barbara ‘BAG FULL A MONEY’ Hanna and Minister Duane Sands!

The Editor
Bahamas Press 31 st October 2020

Dear BP,

As Dr Duane Sands continues his political rehabilitation tour, he has said any number of things which need to be addressed. One thing in particular shows just how dissonant the FNM and its operatives are when it comes to the welfare and intelligence of Bahamians.

Sands opines that Bahamians are quick to forgive then lets the wayward person (usually politicians) go on their way. This statement is a typical FNM deflection and mind game. It is intended to plant in your mind that it is somehow unseemly to make corrupt politicians pay for their transgressions although the FNM of which Sands was a cabinet minister moved heaven and earth to prosecute PLPs by any and I mean any, means necessary.

What Sands is asking Bahamians is to engage in an exercise of national amnesia which is something that we will not do. Who will forget that in its first two years with Sands in the cabinet the FNM dismissed almost 10,000 Bahamians from jobs on some pretext or the other. Those of us who suffered under this tyranny know why though. We will not forget that the FNM under the leadership of Minnis has destroyed the Bahamian economy and exacerbated and already serious Covod-19 pandemic through mismanagement, poor planning, and just plain brutish behaviour.

We will not forget the Sands presided over the earlier mismanagement of our health care facilities especially as regards the refusal to test Bahamians until they were symptomatic for Covid-19. Like Pontius Pilate he has now washed his hands of this sorry affair. Nor will we forget that he was judicially condemned yet refused to do the right thing and resign. The people his constituency also have and axe to grind with him and if he ever shows his face, he will find out the true depth of their disgust with
his representation.

The very idea that long suffering and marginalised Bahamians will forget the many slights and insults directed at them by the FNM especially Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and his minions is so far from reality as to be delusional.

And as if the hole we are in is not deep enough, the PM announced to great fanfare that we were opening our borders on November 1st 2020. To be fair, he did warn that Covid-19 cases may spike because of the reopening. This begs the question; if you know that a collapsed health care system cannot deal with further cases why reopen before we have control of the pandemic? This is another instance of cognitive dissonance on his part.

The PM is quick to insult and demean anyone who speaks truth other than what he believes it to be; that is sad. He has allowed the PLP to live rent-free in his head for so long that he is confused as to who is governing during this catastrophe. In a short time, God willing we will refresh his memory and show him that while we may forgive, we did not forget that his incompetence, mismanagement, and hubris has us where we are today; struggling to make ends meet; being used as political pawns by his ministers; losing our jobs and businesses because of ill-advised lockdowns; being the targets of his flippant remarks; watching our living standards disappear; and being treated as a nuisance by him when we only want him to look out for us just like he does for his political backers and financiers.

My Bahamian brothers and sisters we are on our own. This government has thrown in the towel and nothing they can say no matter how craftily presented by foreign propagandists will change that. We need to survive this so take care of yourselves; follow the Covid-19 guidelines and your reward will come at the polls.

Michael J. Brown