Black vehicle hit and run two schoolboys (brothers) as they made their way from school…

Miguel Curry

NASSAU| Two students were struck by a speeding vehicle last week as they made their way home from school.

Miguel Curry 15 and his brother, aged six, were the victims of a hit-and-run on Bernard Road on Thursday. The driver never stopped and left Curry in an injured state. They had just gotten off a bus at the time.

Around 3.40pm, the brothers were walking on the southern side of Bernard Road, in the area of the curve, west of Adderley Street, when he was struck by a fast-moving black vehicle that hit one and continue in its western direction. The older having pulled his younger out of the way of the car.

BP is wondering how we get all these lawless, heartless, and WICKED motorists on our streets.? And what is worse is the fact that someone knows that driver and knew what has happened and has failed to in good conscience – report the individual. HOW WICKED!- 

The boys have been released from the hospital and are back home, but boy, it speaks volumes as to how we as a society have become so heartless and cold. 

We report yinner decide!