Davis Government lifts mask mandates across the country on October 1st. Masks will only be required when entering health facilities!

Dr. Hon. MICHAEL Darville

NASSAU| Health Minister Dr. Hon. MICHAEL Darville has announced that the Davis Government will lift the mask mandate across the country on October 1st, 2022.

BP lobbied for days questioning why was the mask mandate still in place when hotels in the country long had relaxed mask mandates.

Some hard-core FNMs in Health (with dey wicked self) were holding the country hostage and using their connections with Minnis to keep residents under control.

MINNIS’ disastrous Covid Government arrested and charged Bahamians for not wearing masks while issuing tickets on the poor; while claiming to be saving lives. LIES!

Anyway dat finish! We Could Breathe Again!

We report yinner decide!