Blackouts follow Phenton ‘BLACKOUTS’ Neymour to Exuma


The MP who collected money for a constituency office in South Beach, while the office is stll closed. NO Damn SHAME! Phenton "NOMORE" Neymour.

Blackouts follow Neymour in Exuma

Exuma, Bahamas — BP reported on March 21st, 2012 that Farmer’s Cay, Exuma was without electricity. This week Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham visited mainland Exuma for contract signings and, shortly after he departed Farmer’s Cay, the island was plunged into darkness and has no backup generator.

Will the residents of Farmer’s Cay be without electricity this long Easter Weekend?

Jr. Minister Phenton Neymour, who was chased by the people of South Beach and now seeks the support of the good people of Exuma and Ragged Island, is one of the two failed Ministers with the responsibility for the Bahamas Electricity Corp.

It should be abundantly clear to all that, if Phenton Neymour cannot keep the electricity on in a small community, can you imagine what’s ahead for New Providence during the summer of 2012.

BP correspondent on Farmers Cay,  Exuma reports that the Cay has been without electricity all day today and two days last week. Farmers Cay and Staniel Cay have had serious issues with power outages in recent times.

Farmers Cay felt that proper maintenance of its power plants would  have been assured with the appointment of a native of Exuma РJr. Minister Phenton Neymour Рas one of the dual Ministers holding portfolio responsibility for the Bahamas Electricity Corporation.

Concerns are now being raised as the voters of South Beach have rejected Phenton Neymour and he has fled to Exuma to seek the support of Exuma, its Cays and Ragged Island. Exuma voters are aware of his terrible record of blackouts in New Providence, Abaco, Eleuthera and Harbour Island, which apparently has now extended to Farmers Cay.

The People of Exuma and Ragged Island are highly unlikely to embrace Jr Minister Phenton Neymour as his record as a failed Minister is well known to them.