Bloodbath at Skybahamas! Workers fired after Butler’s failed election bid


Randy Butler facing financial problems after failed election bid.

Ten Thousand dollars for each DNA VOTE in North Andros Broke the company

Nassau, Bahamas — There is bloodbath at Sky Bahamas at this hour on Blake Road where we are learning a number of young Bahamians have just been terminated.

Sources at the airline tell us at this hour the mass firing includes the entire marketing department of the company.

Now you would remember how Captain Randy Butler, just before the election, held the largest job fair near his offices, but the word is no one was employed from that exercise.

The entire event was an election ploy.

We are also learning it is possible that more people will be axed before the end of the day as the company is struggling financially.

Readers should know much of Sky BAHAMAS staff stood alongside Butler during his bid as the DNA candidate for the North Andros seat. Some even donated their salaries to the cause.

They stood with Butler and now he is ditching them?

We have learnt Butler spent over $350,000 for 35 votes in North Andros. That’s $10,000 for each vote. WELL MUDDOS!!!

We report yinner decide…


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