Boating accident has left one dead and another man missing…Another tragedy over the bloody holiday weekend…


We are learning that they were all Bahamian.

Defence Force’s Harbour Patrol Unit assists in Search and Rescue Effort of missing man after a boating accident. One persons is dead following this rescue. He died in hospital.

Nassau – The Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s Harbour Patrol Unit is currently conducting a search for a missing male after a 20-ft speed boat ran aground on a Cay late Sunday Night.

After receiving information of a vessel that hit a reef shortly after 11:00pm on Long Cay located just north of Arawak Cay, Patrol craft P-40 went to investigate. Dence Force marines rescued 5 ndividuals, including an 8-year-old child. One of the survivors was later pronounced dead by an Emergencey Medical Service (EMS) personnel.

The Harbour Patrol Unit is continuing its search for the missing individual, who was the captain of the vessel and attempted to swim to shore for help. He has yet to be found.

Bahamians must pray and read Psalm 109. This has been one bloody holiday weekend, with four dead at the Labour Day Parade, and 27 injured. Two men shot up in Yellow Elder and another in Fox HILL. A young girl knocked down by a vehicle at Montaqu. Another woman abducted and raped near the Carmichael Road area. Then we had this boating accident last night, which has left one dead and one man missing at sea. THE NATION NEEDS PRAYERS!

We report yinner decide!