BP apologizes to Dion Foulkes and our readers


Dion Fo<<< Dion Foulkes

Nassau, Bahamas — For only a second time since Bahamas Press has been established had the circumstances forced us to apologize to our readers for publishing an article clouded in misinformation and untruths. Today we publish this notice of apology to you our readers and to the Hon. Dion Foulkes.

We humbly apologize for publishing an inaccurate, erroneous and deceiving report on Wednesday 13th April under the headline, “Breaking News Dion Foulkes Resigns from Cabinet”. We affirm there is no shred of truth to that report, nor had we any evidence to prove such. 

Bahamas Press would like to humbly apologize to Hon. Dion Foulkes for our callous and reckless update, which held no merit.

 BP would also like to apologize to you our many readers who were also deceived by this inaccurate update.

We aim to publish information 100% factual. It is not our business to create, perpetrate or fabricate untruths. Again we apologize!


  1. What this site needs is a good ombudsman… There are too many times, when sensational stories are carried with absolutely no facts to back in up, they are grounded in hearsay.. . with hyped up titles garnered to score the most click-to visit ratio (GOOGLE ADS).. which sure goes to increase the coffers of the so called writers..Worst off, it is the ruined characters.. the mothers, the aunts, and love ones of those caught in BP web of deceit… The ombudsman can do proper facts checking to the gun-ho writers… in fact the same can be said for the tribune and guardian…   Starting with the “breaking story of the brother of the parlimentarian”It wouldnt suprise me if the newly minted GG and his cohorts.. a la dion… fired off a threatening letter to BP… the only thing left to do is backflip with a retraction…

  2. Very big of BP, what about the Piswell story, was there any truth to that story?, keep on doing your, but like you said, bring the facts.

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