BP Breaking News  … Prince Hall Fraternity Plunges Into Chaos


NASSAU| In a big bust up and shocking twist of events, BP agents learned of the chaotic annual meeting that left members of this esteemed Fraternity in the Bahamas grappling for answers.

In a bid to stay in power for life, the bumbling Grand Master secretly arranged the return of old archaic members to preside over elections and use loopholes, which has resulted in the mess today.

BP’s fly on the wall confirms that the Prince Hall Grand Lodge is in a crisis that only the Supreme Court of the Bahamas can fix.

We ask the question: How did this once mighty fraternity get here?

Outgoing Grand Master Leslie ‘Dictator’ Dean will stop at nothing to find ways to stay on as Grand Master for life. He was supposed to go into retirement and mind his grandchildren and outside child for a certain sister.

Being drunk with power he, along with his cronies, has decided to hold the membership hostage. Dictator Dean wants to continue to fly up and down to the USA, on membership money, while bringing no report or substantive aid for the deteriorating lodges.

Leslie M. Dean is now the new Grand Master of the Prince Hall Lodge…

From 2015 when he ascended to lead the lodge he spent over $80,000 in traveling aimlessly around the world. NO ACCOUNTING! NO TRANSPARENCY!

BP asks, could the reason Dictator Dean wants to stay on be to cover his tracks?

Reports coming to BP desk highlight some major money missing to the tune of $100k!
Get this – he blabs for hours, believing he smarter than everyone. Dementia must be setting in.

During his four years, people are now calling him the worst Grand Master in the history of Prince Hall – get this – worse than Carl Culmer, the jackass who cost the lodge some $150,000 in legal fees.

Now Culmer has come back to further frig up Prince Hall by hitching onto Dictators Dean’s hip and cutting a backroom deal so that he could once again control the lodge. BOY DESE PEOPLE GAT SOME DARK SECRETS!

BP tells him stay his a#$ with the FNM; Prince Hall doesn’t need him. He messed up Prince Hall, St. Barnabas, St. Ambrose and now the FNM. LOOKA DAT!

BP agents understand that there is a plot afoot. Dictator Dean, after a yearlong campaign tour of the Family Islands, discovered that 98% of the Lodge wants him gone.

He huddled secretly with the talkative big shot attorney from the North to construct a fake claim that there was a constitutional breach. After ten hours of babbling all day in session, the counsel presented a fake case and – get this – using the wrong document. Well, what in da hell is dis?!

He told membership that there was a problem that they had to fix, when there was no problem to fix in the first place.  BP wants to know how the hell this lawyer get the job advising Prince Hall? Ain’t this the same lawyer who said the Lodge Constitution is greater than the constitution of the Bahamas? The same idiot who presented the losing argument in the Geno Nairn case! Yea – dat one.

Dictator Dean dug up a mummy grand master known as ‘Killa’ … known for his sweet-hearting and hundreds of outside children … to preside over the elections and session with the idiot counsel from the North. 

When the attorney sat after his presentation of retractions and mumbling rants, Killa came with his decision to have the members vote to fix the fake issues raised by the idiot counsel. The vote failed to get a two-thirds vote, which was their secret plan, hatched the weekend before.

In a surprise move, Killa, with the Dictator whispering directions in his ears, decided he is going to make a ruling. BP don’t know where he get such power from. He must be also suffering from a case of dementia in thinking he is a judge.

Instead of going back to the membership for a mandate, Killa decided he was the judge and jury. He handed back the gavel to the Dictator who is no longer Grand Master. 

Family Island Delegates spent as much as $1,500 per person, only to walk away with a cheap bag with no reports, money missing and no election, no leader! The Lodge Gone Rogue! Where is democracy?

BP asks the question are the hundreds of masons who sat there all fools? They have to be, because it seemed that they have allowed themselves to be bamboozled by a Dictator, a bumbling attorney and a mummy past grand master resurrected from the dead. BOY I Tell Ya!

BP asks where is the Deputy, the Boat Captain from the North, in all of this; will he remain a silent mute or standup to protect the integrity of masons?

Is he a mute or a protector of the craft? He is known to sit quietly and not say much.

BP agents on the ground say all he is doing is biding time. As for the other light skin fella who is works around elevators, BP agents are learning that he was the mouthpiece and the angry one who always defies the dictator, but none of his arguments make sense.

Could it be the Prince Hall needs a Dark Horse from Grand Bahama who ranks high in the Port, or The Past Grand Master who got beat by Carl Culmer in 2011?

BP may have to intervene and dispatch its team of QCs and Lawyers to fix this because if they rely on the blabbermouth lawyer from the north who likes to hear himself talk but really don’t say anything sensible… Masons will be waiting forever for an election!

We Report Yinna Decide!