“Town Center Mall Contract May End Up Costing Taxpayers A Heavy Penny.”…like $20 million

Town Centre Mall to be site of New General Post Office.

Nassau| Yesterday on the show, The Hit Back with Nahaja Black, QC Damian Gomez said that due to former Immigration Minister, Mr Brent Symonette’s, admission on The Conversation with host Shenique Miller, legal action is being taken against the administration by two bidders of the said contract.

Mr Gomez said that if the lawsuits are successful the TC Mall “gift” could end up costing tax payers somewhere around $20 million.

A writ has already been issued by Mr Scott Godet who had entered into a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the former PLP administration for the creation of a new building for the post office on the Independence round about.

As reported in the Tribune on October 15th, 2018, “Businessman Scott Godet, who agreed that PPP, this week told Tribune Business he has been left exposed to a near-$4m loss, having had to endure an 18-month wait for the Government to clarify how it intends to proceed with the deal.

Mr Godet said the Minnis administration has yet to respond to the four options he presented it with on September 4, adding that he had been “unable to do anything with my property” during that period for fear he would breach the PPP’s terms.”

Also said to be seeking damages for breach of contract is the beneficial owner of Phil’s, Mr Edward Penn, who’s building was also slated as the future home of the post office.

If indeed these parties win their cases against the government, we will again have proof of the costs of corruption and it is always we the people who pay.


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