BP: Ingraham Please Address Issues between Bahamas and Trinidad!


fnm_5253<<< An EMBRACE OF TRUSTED LEADERSHIP! The kind that would leave someone with stab wounds in the back! Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and Minister Tommy Turnquest clinch in a friendly embrace at a 2007 party event, as minister of education Carl Bethel looks on from behind.

Nassau, Bah — Hubert Ingraham and Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest today is in Trinidad together attending the Conference of the Americas. Now we are happy to hear the Prime Minister is there. NOT Because Obama is in town, but because Trinidad has some unsettled issues with the Bahamian people.

(1) Bahamas Press would like to know if Ingraham and his minister of national security Tommy have addressed with the Trinidadian government, the whereabouts of Andre Birbal, a former art teacher at the Eight Mile Rock High School. Birbal raped more than 20 school boys along with his pedophile friend whilst here in the Bahamas. He has since been paid a severance package by the Ministry of Education and allowed to flee the country before an investigation into his CRIMES can be completed.

Now that we know that Birbal is indeed a Trinidadian, we wonder what questions has Ingraham put to the Trinidadian government on his whereabouts? Bahamas Press has information that one of the victims of Birbal’s SEXUAL SLAUGHTER is now HIV positive. Another is said to have committed suicide and a third student was flown to New Providence for psychiatric treatment. Ingraham cannot avoid speaking up for those ABUSED CHILDREN and MUST address this matter with Trinidad officials.

(2) Then there is the issue of CLICO (Bahamas). This is another hot button topic for THOUSANDS OF BAHAMIAN POLICYHOLDERS. CLICO’s parent company CL Financial, is now owned by the Trinidadian government following a massive bailout of the company. Since Hubert has made his journey down to the twin island nation, we would like to know what has he done while there, to address the $75 million of the Bahamian People’s Money in CLICO, that was wired to Trinidad? And if Ingraham has failed to address it, WHY!?

Elderly Bahamian mothers have lost every dime in that company’s collapse here in The Bahamas. Churches have lost their entire pension savings. Young persons have been derailed from their chance to a college education, because their college funds at CLICO are NO MORE! And persons cannot buy medicine nor receive medical attention using a CLICO card, despite the fact Hubert Ingraham has asked them all to continue to pay their premiums.

We hope the INGRAHAM will address these pertinent outstanding issues between the governments of the Bahamas and Trinidad! It is incumbent upon the leader of the Bahamas to SPEAK FOR AND ON BEHALF OF HIS PEOPLE. And Whenever a leader fails in his capacity as Prime Minister to SPEAK FOR HIS PEOPLE, then we all know it is time for him and all his SCALLYWAGS TO GO!


Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham is pictured speaking as President of Guyana Bharrat Jagdeo looks on at a caucus of the Caribbean Community (Caricom), held on board the Caribbean Princess, Port of Spain, Trinidad on Friday, April 17, 2009. The caucus was held ahead of scheduled Caricom bilateral meetings with the United States and Canada. Now President Jagdeo will not rest until he gets his people’s $34 million back from CLICO Bahamas. This is what you call a for his people. But CLICO Bahamas sent more than $74 million of the Bahamian people money out of the country to the parent company, but Prime Minister Ingraham cannot find the Prime Minister of Trinidad, WHY? (BIS Photo/Sharon Turner)


  1. @Russell Johnson
    Well all this seems quite interesting, but is it me or does Hubert shuffle more than Perry? What the FNM need to admit is that they don’t know what the hell they are doing. But I will say this, they sure like to give the impression that they do. Bahamians need to be more aggressive in holding our government more accountable for the promises they make to us which I suppose is instrumental in them gaining power in the first place. The CLICO matter as well as Andre Birbal’s arrest are two matters that should not be let go until justice is served. Both these situations have left Bahamians in a bad state. Granted the scope is wide, but we deserve to have closure in both cases.

  2. Unfortunately in our country we are judged by class and family ties.Hubert Ingraham is in defensive mold trying to protect his legacy but the many scandals involving his Govt.Clico is ahot potato for HI who is hoping that it goes away but alas it has many lives.My sources in Trinidad tell me that Tommy Tucker is to be named Minister of Foreign Affairs this week and is beimng introduced at the summit as such.10/45 moves to National security and Brent lost Symonette will become Minister of Finance.Bethel goes to Health and Minnis goes to Education all in a bid to salvage what is left for the next three years.Kendal Wright will be made Deputy Speaker and Kwasi becomes Minister for GB affairs.Kenyatta gets the Gaming Board as a reward but the possibility still exists for him to become Deputy Speaker.After these appointments are made sparks will fly in Parliament.

  3. Bahamians will never know what was wrong with Clico unless a criminal investigation is launched.We know that over seventy million American dollars was wired/taken from the Bahamas and deposited in Trinidad and these transactions were done without Central Bank approval.This is a CRIME and today no one is charged or being prosecuted for these CRIMINAL TRANSACTIONS.Fellow Bahamians are being charged and prosecuted for taking or having far less American dollars .One must asked the question why is the Commissioner Of Police and the Attorney General failing to do their duty?If the Bahamas was a law abiding country the present prime minister would have spare no effort to get to the bottom of this Clico fiasco.

  4. Media, the horse getting high again. Mind the arrogance man. Do your job and let others toot your horn. Bragging all the time is unbecoming, even for you.

  5. @Objective thought
    Well Objective I would advise you that when we reported that CLICO was about to collapse prior to the announcement of its liquidation, bloggers understood what we said then as well. But there were some who called it OUTTA NONSENSE.

    We say NO MORE, question what we write all you want. We know what is posted here is REAL NEWS!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  6. Ya know Media, I could not find anything wrong with this post… I carefully read it this time and saw that you made it clear why you wanted certain questions asked.. Anyone who visits this site for the first time would be able to read this post and know exactly what you are talking about….

  7. I hope our prime minister will informed the American’s president,Obama of the Bahamas need in both finance and equipment to fight this drug war.Remind the Americans that our former prime minister,Lynden Oscar Pindling warned them in the 1980s that the Bahamas shouldnot and cannot be blamed for their huge illegal drug consumption.Well the Americans ignored this warning and with the assistance of the Tribune and some politically connected traitors placed the entire blame on us.Mr.Pindling requested monetary assistance and the American’s law enforcers assistance in stopping the flow of illegal fire arms to the Bahamas,then like now this assistance was sorely lacking.The Americans are now seeing some thirty years later in the case of Mexico, drug killings and crimes spilling onto American soil.Here in the Bahamas some seventeen years after we Bahamians were promised by the FNM that if we voted out mr.Pindling that drug smuggling,murder and crime would cease.Boy were we lied to!Drug smuggling has increased way beyond the level of smuggling in the early 1980s and as for murder,we had five just this week.We,the Bahamas,Mexico and the USA need to cooperate as one to beat this drug scourge.The USA needs to provide the Bahamas more funds and intelligence to tackle these well financed drug lords.At the same time the Americans must arrest and prosecute the major white American drug lords.Yes,i said white because every one knows that the white American has the economic power and the drug trade requires buckets of cash to aid in successful smuggling and distribution.Prime minister Ingraham can end his speech using president Obama’s own words that together we can succeed,YES WE CAN!

  8. @Marley
    By the way, where is James Smith these days? Doesn’t he always have something to say on the economy and insurance matters? Where is he on CLICO? Does anyone know? hmmmmmmm!

    Follow us with this Story people and soon you all will know why even Christie is quiet over CLICO! Check the records of the May 2007 general elections and ask yourselves, “I WONDER HOW MUCH MONEY DID THAT EXECUTIVE OF TRINIDAD, who has interest in CLICO, gave the Progressive Liberal Party, in 2007.

    Then you will answer many, many other questions. Don’t worry Marley, were are far ahead of your comment here…

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  9. BP just heard today that name of the former Minister who gave the okay for the transfer. Don’t know if it is true, but you all need to look into that. Perhaps that is why Sears said what he said. Got to respect that man.

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