BP is asking, who is your favourite reporter at GEMS, The Guardian, The Tribune, The Freeport News, The Bahama Journal & JCN, ZNS and Cable 12?



  1. my husband’s favorites are Keishla Smith @ ZNS and Felicity Ingraham who nobody seems to know where she is, but I like the clean look and extreme dept and professionalism exibited by Candia Dames and Page Ferguson at Cable 12.

    • Felicity started her own company – she does radio and television production, and she has a private news team as well. she is also on the radio doing a show with Star fm

  2. To those that claim that there is no real invetigative reporting happening…might I suggest you reserve any comments regarding the profession, particularly if you aren’t in it. The press in case you all have not figured it out already is not FREE…Until the political element is removed from EVERY MEDIA OUTLET, there will never be real investigative journalism in this country. Media CEO’s run scarde they will loose ads, journalists are afraid of loosing their jobs because they just might make one politican look bad and the BAHAMIAN people are afraid to SPEAK on record if at all for fear of victimization. The stories are out there, but a responsible, objective journalist knows that you dont run a story that is not substantiated and or followed through properly! Picewell Forbes is a perfect example after announcing information at a National Convention which he did NOT confirm, landing him in the Supreme Court. Again, until you live it you will never understand it!

  3. I haven’t heard her on the radio in awhile but my favourite reporter of all time is LOVE 97’s TOSHENNA ROBINSON-BLAIR.

    Then I have a three way tie for second place: Shenique Miller, Rogan Smith and Macushla Pinder.

    All have an international appeal and are very polished in their delivery of news. Quality of the story is great as well with it’s features or hard news. They could easily broadcast for CNN or anyone of the other leading international media outlets.

  4. BP, yinna need a category for the WORST reporters in the country. Here is my list:

    1. Sherman Brown
    2. Sherman Brown
    3. Sherman Brown
    4. Sherman Brown
    5. Oh yeah, and ummm, what old boy name from ZNS…you know…um…oh Lord, what he name man….oh yeah – Sherman Brown.
    6. Jemz reporters are awful too. Debbie gatta yank dem gals off the air man. Ya can’t just let any old body near a mic.
    7. Jesus Lord. JCN gat some bad onees too. Dat sasha lightbourn girl and ienthia smith. dey gatta go man. always making a bunch of mistakes. get dem off the air. make dem deliver paper or something. wendell, do ya station a favor.

  5. Island FM’s news looks good, but the anchors suck. Their reports are too long. Dey only gat three reporters, eh? They spend the whole time patting each other on the back. “Good story, so and so” …. what’s that about. They don’t sound refined at all. It sounds like I’m hearing regular people on the streets talking.

    Since when is CLint a good investigative reporter? LMAO. He just bullies his way into government departments. That’s not investigative journalism. That’s just someone who een had a good ass whoppin’ yet. He did do a good job on that wedding story – the one by luciano’s. boy – and they say black people crazy.

    Felicity Ingraham was a good reporter? Damn, I need to go be a reporter if she was the standard.

    I think we’re all missing a big point – these reporters can’t do proper investigative stories because people won’t talk to them.if you work for the government (ZNS) ya ga have a minister threatening your job if you do a negative story about them.

    By the way, 2012 can’t come soon enough. I can’t wait to get rid of this EFFIN FN-M.

    • Your comment about Ms Ingraham sounds personal. Seeing that I know her, and I followed her work especially during the years she wrote and broke many stories for The Tribune, I beg to differ with your statement which has no basis

  6. On swecond thought I just dont care as all are under wraps and have editors who tweak stories to make PAPA look good.I was always told that the Press is there to keep Govts in check but whose controlling who?I say its a tie as none qualify.

  7. In my opinion, this whole discussion needs to be categorized. best investigative reporters are Candia Dames and Clint Watson.. Best Anchors, Altovise Munnings, Macushla Pinder, and Shenique Miller..
    Best Court Reporters hands down Felicity Ingraham. Best Field Reporters, Ledaunne Davis, Rogan Smith, Paige Ferguson, Allison Lowe, Juan Mcartney, Brent Dean. Also, there is a difference between Print and Broadcast.. In print reporters get to expand more on a story then broadcast so you take ur pick…

  8. BP, I’m just saying that you don’t always get it right all the times and that is no knock on BP. Thats just the way it is. Nobody gets it right all the time. you just get it more often than the the so called mainstream media. Remember that you got it wrong with the five month old baby and the rape, but so did everyone else. Pat yourselves on the back for at least trying to get the story that the other outlets won’t go after. That is something to be very proud of.

  9. @Rodney
    Let me respond in this way Rodney. You don’t think when we report something these jokers don’t change their minds ech? Most of the time what we say is what it is, but if you are that influenced by the WUTLESS MEDIA, you become confuse.

    An example of this? Do you remember when we began reporting Andre Birbal story? Lionel Sands and Clint Watson said, “THERE WAS NO CASE” in EMRH School. People were confused, they said BP was talking bull and that again we were wrong. Well, The Children were molested, the Minister FIRED and Birbal, well, he got away for a second time by this WUTLESS FNM government.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  10. I am not a fan of JCN, but it has the best reporters in the country hands down. Anyone who is working for three media gets my respect. That is some serious multi-tasking going on there.

    Jerome had his time, but he’s played out and too haughty. He looks drunk half the time. He might as well had stayed at Island FM. ZNS people ain’t serious. I agree with what someone said that a lot of people are busy copying Jerome. Theo Sealy sounded like Jerome and Kendeeno Knowles sounds like he spends a lot of time practicing Jerome’s voice in the mirror. That being said, I still think he is a great presenter. My choices are Rogan Smith – she sounds good, writes well, has international presence and she finnnnnnne. She could get it all day! I’d give Kendeeno Knowles props, too, Wendall Jones is in a class all by himself, Macushla Pinder is incredible, too. She quit the business eh? Tameka Lundy – where is she. I miss her. Her voice was golden.

    The Mccartney boy is good, too. But, sometimes he overdoes it. It’s like someone told him he sounded good and it got to his head. Now he sounds like he’s doing an Anchorman spoof. But, he does sound polished. He’s too biased. You could tell he’s an FNM and if I could tell what political party you’re with, you lose points in my book. You have to stay neutral.

    Paul Turnquest is not a good reporter – he is a tabloid reporter. He practices yellow journalism. That doesn’t last long. Tribune’s reporters are the worst, next to Gems. Who listens to them anyway?

  11. BP, Altec said it right earlier. You may be wrong sometimes but you get the story most times.

  12. Brent Dean and Juan Macartney are two of the biggest FNM apologist in journalism.

    Wendell Jones as a journalist and interviewer is on a level all by himself. He is that good. JCN’s coverage of the political conventions was way better than that of ZNS and Cable 12.

    The rest of the of names listed in this post are of people who have never broken a story in their journalistic career. Most of you are naming people because of personality not because of journalist skill.

    Reading of a teleprompter is not a good reason to be listed as one of the best journalist in this country.

  13. BP, you limited our choice to the traditional outlets and left yourselves out as well as the team at Unscripted. I think you should be more specific and put this into categories. Kendeno and Jerome and Alto are anchors, so they don’t necessarily cover or report news. They read news, which can be different. Thats not to say they don’t do reporting because they do, but if you broke it down into categories such as Best Anchor, best investigative reporter, best beat reporter, Most objective reporter, best interviewer, etc, then we can get a better picture. Here are my picks and yes, I’m opening it up to everyone.

    BEST ANCHOR: Tie between the veteran Ed Bethel and Jerome Sawyer (Everyone learned from Ed and everyone else is just copying Jerome, especially Kendeno who tries to even sound like Jerome. Alto comes in a close second because she has the presence an anchor should have.

    Best Investigative Reporter: Paul Turnquest (Paul broke a number of major stories, not only the land story and was deep into the PLP and FNM’s business. Tied for second are Juan McCartney with his customs story and his scoop on the arawak cay fiasco and Brent Dean, both from the Guardian. Nobody is doing investigative journalism anywhere else.)

    Best Beat Reporter is Juan McCartney. Not only does he consistently bring updates on the areas he covers but seems to actually know what he’s talking about.

    Most Objective Reporter is a tie between Paul Turnquest, Brent Dean and the little blonde gal from the Tribune, Allison Lowe. They don’t care who it is they are interviewing or what they think about the questions asked. Juan McCartney gets honorable mention but can’t be objective because he does a talk show which is subjective.

    Best Interviewer is a tie between Jeff Lloyd and Unscripted. Jeff is the master but Drew isn’t too far behind and yes BP, I notice that you have complimented them on their show. I put in Unscripted because they aren’t even a real media outlet but they have had a number of newsmakers on both the PLP and FNM side and from everyone they interview, the comments are the same. Plus they ask the real questions and questions that most times, you never hear interviewers ask plus they make it fun for the guests and the listeners. You know i’m telling the truth BP. I’m hooked. Honorable Mention to Wendall Jones and Patty Roker. Ortland Bodie comes in dead last because he tries to take all the limelight and act like its all about him.

    Best Media Outlet is a tie between Cable 12 and Bahamas Press. No explanation necessary.

    • Pick me up off the floor Rodney cause boy I had a good laugh at this last sentence. Thanks!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  14. My vote goes to Wendell Jones by far one of the BEST journalist this country has ever seen.

    It is my fervent hope that he wins.

  15. Jerome does the news as if he wished he was not there!! He shows absolutely no interest in his job as a news anchor. He makes too many mistakes…

    Felicity was the best when she was at ZNS and she is the best now that she is at Gems.. I also like Keshla Smith but she hardly does the news these days but she is very good!!

    On a side note. I get real upset when persons call talk shows and the hosts (Jones, Bodie etc) have no idea what they are talking about when they are stating known facts.. What about the talk show hosts BP….

  16. Clint Watson at ZNS is the best out of the different media houses that you put forward because he goes out many times and makes/finds news rather than waiting for people to call!!

    But he is still not my favorite reporter.. My favorite reporter in Felicity Ingraham!! She is absolutely the best reporter in the Bahamas!!



  19. As for Zns, Jerome SAwyer, in a class all by himself,…

    Jerome fell off bad since he went back to ZNS. Always fidgeting, messing up words, and why in the world can’t he sit still?

  20. Of course, Alto at Cable 12 is unique in her own right. She rose above the mediocrity of wutless journalism and the Swanns of this world to become the most professional and accurate anchor in the Bahamas. My vote goes to Cable 12 for doing a splendid job covering the whole Bahamas not just the politicians politics, overly vivid crime scenes and police advertisement.

  21. I am trying to remember the name of the reporter from the Tribune,Turnquest who busted the case with lands.From my perspective anyone from that biased comglomerate who shows a bit of Independence should be lauded.however am wondering if some ulterior motive is present for them to even print stories.My favorite reporter is GORMAN BANNISTER who goes where others fail to trek.I love persons who find no qualms with skating on thin ice even though he will never get unanimous support with his views.

  22. How could I forget Altemease Munnings from channel 12, I think she is very professional and I would definitely like to see her and Paige Ferguson win something.

  23. No no this is no setup at ALL RUPERT, I think someone needs to give something back. BP will give a reporter voted most popular on here a gift. We are serious about this people.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  24. My favorite reporters: Juan McCartney, He is well rounded, articulate, and he is not afraid to ask the right questions.

    Paul Turnquest: Even though is is employed at a station that is diametrically opposed, to fairness, he sometimes steps out of the box, and has great potential, once he leaves that entity.

    Kendeno Knowles: Sauve, and Debonair, reads the news well, is very poised.

    Rogan Smith: Reads well, makes good eye contact, does not fumble.
    Jones Communication, clearly, has the produced the best reporters, without a politcal slant.

    Paige Ferguson : Another up and coming reporter, reads well, sounds intelligent, dresses well, a mixture of suits, and smart casual.

    As for Zns, Jerome SAwyer, in a class all by himself, because the rest of zns, reporters, are just towing the line, Their, pronunciation, and punctuation is terrible. Shanique Miller, is more intrested in her physical appearance, than her deportment of the News.

  25. media :We at BP wish for you persons to weigh-in on this topic because the reporter with the most votes will get a surprise gift from BP. We’re not saying what it will be but BP will push it out. So get involve with this post people…
    BP is asking, who is your favourite reporter at The Guardian, The Tribune, The Freeport News, The Bahama Journal & JCN, ZNS and Cable 12?Join in and let’s give back something to The Bahamas’ #1 reporter.
    Bahamas Press/Editor

    Sound like a setup to me.

  26. We at BP wish for you persons to weigh-in on this topic because the reporter with the most votes will get a surprise gift from BP. We’re not saying what it will be but BP will push it out. So get involve with this post people…

    BP is asking, who is your favourite reporter at The Guardian, The Tribune, The Freeport News, The Bahama Journal & JCN, ZNS and Cable 12?
    Join in and let’s give back something to The Bahamas’ #1 reporter.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  27. I actually prefer JCN’s reporters. I like Rogan Smith and Kendeno Knowles. They sound international and are actually great to watch. Very natural. I also like Juan McCartney from the guardian station. Een much talented people out there. Ya have to be the complete package. Island FM people sound like Island people. But, their news looks very good.

  28. BP, we dont have any credible journalist in this country at all.

    We have parrots not journalist, they just repeat what they are told. There is hardly any investigative journalism done at all, analytical journalism doesnt even exist. I mean the Tribune made an attempt to analyze the crime statistics last week in its editorial and couldnt even get that right. The editor allowed her political bias to get in the way and totally misrepresented the facts.

    One of the reasons our politicians are allowed to get away with the lies they spew is because the journalism profession is in bed politically with them or wont do their job and ask the right questions because they know they wont have a job if they do. They have no backbone at all.

    Where are the Bahamas’s Walter Cronkite’s and Tim Russerts?

    When i watch CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC they all have journalist who are responsible for covering a certain topic. I ask this question to the rest of the bloggers here, who at ZNS, JCN, Cable 12, The Tribune and Guardian can you point to and say there is goes the Education reporter, the National Security reporter, the Health reporter, etc. In other words we have people who are covering issues who dont even know the issues or have a background in the issues they are covering.

    Point in case, this H1N1 virus epidemic. The reporter covering that story for anyone of the media outlets in the bahamas should have some medical background or seek out independent analysis from medical personal to fact check what the Minister and government is saying to them. So now, in the midst of this worldwide flu epidemic, most Bahamians dont even know what the government plans are in terms off how they will handle an outbreak, how many vaccines are available in the country, how they will distribute it, are they monitoring the tourist that come here, how are they monitoring them, etc.

    Where is the fact checking? where is the accountability? Where is the in depth information gathering? Politicians in this country are allowed to make statements that they are not made to explain or defend.

    You want to see some things change, let the press get serious and start digging. If the media was serious and digging, Tommy T would have been fired by now, Carl Bethel would have been fired a long time ago, Neko Grant would have been fired from day one, Mr Collie, the former min of Local government’s mistake would have been revealed to the country from day one, and Min Liang would have been made to explain his statement that the Bahamas was not in a recession.

    The journalism profession in this country only cares about gossip, innuendo, and politics. Thats all!

    This website isnt perfect, but no one can deny the impact that this site has had on some issues. Imagine just what could have been if the Tribune and the Guardian took a no bias no bull approach to journalism.

    Why is this website so popular? Bahamas Press is filling a void in the Bahamian society. This site is where they come to get a different perspective from the preconceived narrative created by the bias media houses like the Tribune.

    BP doesnt get it right all the time, but when he does the ripple effect is seen and when he does get it wrong, the bloggers on this site at least have the opportunity to correct the record.

    BP, you need to ask a different question. its not who are your favorite journalist, but who are the most bias, and which media outlet do you trust the most. You should put it in the form of a web poll.

    Bottom line, we have a long way to go journalisticly in this country.

  29. Maybe you Bahamas Press 🙂 I guess every reporter brings a little something extra that people relate too. But people get to see the broadcasters daily and assume that’s them all the time. Meanwhile, the print reporters relay great stories too painting vivid pictures with writing. Also I guess it’s the type of news they report too.

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