BP points to someone who knew Keisha Thurston was suicidal…


Allyssa Coleby and Keisha<<< Two young women separated by death last week. Left is Allyssa Coleby the said “best friend” of Keisha Thurston [right] who committed suicide last week Sunday.

Nassau, Bahamas Friends knowing the young 18 yearold Keisha Thurston is still in shock upon hearing how the COB student took her life last week Sunday. They are asking and begging for answers to try and compose the puzzle to this life tragedy. What could possibly go so wrong inside the life of this innocent young girl who had the road of life all set before her?

Bahamas Press and our forensic team are mulling over these questions, and what we have uncovered thus far is disturbingly shocking! We told you earlier this week police was following a trail of communications between the deceased and her presumablya best friend at the time, Allyssa Coleby.

Messages posted on the deceased phone erupted into a line of questions allegedly from Thurston to Coleby; begging her best friend not befriend her, or she would take her own life if the relationship severed. Bahamas Press has learned the string of text messages became more and more intense as the decease young woman then further pleaded with Coleby to reconsider their friendship.

What we can tell you occurred during the back and forth communication between the two was a sudden exchange of strong words and then finally an abrupt end to the conversation.Allyssa Coleby

Earlier reports suggested another woman was at the home of Thurston at the time of her suicide death. However, text messages proved otherwise. What is incredible now is the fact that Coleby, who is credited to have been in that final barter of words with the dead woman, has gone silent following the death of her friend. Thurston’s family members say the onetimebest friend’ is near invisible following Thurston’s apparent suicide.

The couple we are told hitched a life long friendship bond dating back to the days of their entry into the once coined BIG Dollhouse’; C. C. Sweeting High. They both, we are told, did everything together and were also near living together. What concerns us at BP is that now one of the couple is dead, the partner is almost resigned to solitude, disappeared, invisible, is not saying a word to anyone. Could it be the shock or is it the actions of a guilty conscience that knew more than everyone else?

Bahamas Press has more, lots more to this story but just before we sign off this topic we wish to ask, WHO KNEW Keisha Thurston was suicidal? Why did she jump off a ladder and hung herself? And if the person[s] we believe knew this was her state of mind, why did they not stop her? Bahamas Press shall continue with this developing story.


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  3. It is indeed very sad what happened and my heart goes out the family and friends of the deceased, may her soul rest in peace. Everyone has something to say about her not doing what she did because  she was this….. or she was that or they cant see it because they just knew her so well she wouldnt do that, we cant say that don’t ever underestimate a person don’t care how good we think we may know the person or how normal or happy they may seem at the time we dont know what they do behind closed doors or what they think in there mind only God knows but it’s reality and it could happen to anyone. some people are good at hidings things or there feelings and she may have had her reasons for doing so and its clear if so stated is true…. only she knew what was going on or maybe someone else knew to but didnt feel as if she was serious saying that she was going to commit suicide because of the type of person she appeared to be, (again dont ever underestimate anyone!) and maybe if certain people would just do there job and stop leaking out confidential information then we wouldnt have this problem about what it really was between her and her friend. I just pray that God has mercy upon her soul………..

  4. This young lady had such a promising future ahead of her and it is sad to see it come to an end so suddenly. Why didn’t she talk to someone about what she was going through? I am sure that’s the question many persons maybe asking. Maybe she did tried to reach out to someone, but you have some people who don’t take death threats seriously. A lot of people tend to ignore them until something drastic happens, we need to start paying more attention to what people are saying. Then again, there isn’t much places you can go to confide in people and where the information shared would remain confidential. Some of these pastors you can’t even confide in them, they go home and tell their family members or come next Sunday morning you hear them up on the pulpit preaching about it, telling everybody somebody in here is going through this and they came to me to seek consultation. It is really had to find loyal people, so if someone trust you enough to come to you, I feel you should keep what they shared with you strictly confidential and you should always try to offer them your best advice and if you can’t help them you need to let them know you will try to get them the help that they need.

  5. Diehard we don’t know if Gorman will be at Rudy’s on Sunday but we Promise you, Bahamas Press will be there in the room. Just show up and we will tell you to ya face just what we said on here. DAMN WUTLESS PETER CAREY!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  6. Stop this!My God people, we’ve lost a young citizen to suicide!Are we trying to drive another to the same decision?Irregardless of who knew what, her friend is NOT to blame. I myself have been in situations where a friend has threatened to commit suicide. It is NOT her fault!And to put someone’s name and PHOTOGRAPH out on the web in such a manner with such accusations is HEINOUS. Shame on you, Bahamas Press.And to Allyssa Coleby, if you are reading this, God knows what went on and I am sure it was not your fault. Despite these people trying to tear you down as you grieve over your friend, stay strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. Be encouraged, my dear.

    • We believe we heard from the lady on this post already today and she sure gave us a belly full. She was just short of telling us we were next but if she thinks we’re shaking in our boots she need to go talk to Peter Carey.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. I feel sorry for Keisha, but this gay thing needs to stop in the Bahamas. Faggots are ruining our country and the world. RIP Keisha.

  8. Peter perhaps you should come out of your hiding. You are our best reader collecting February hits alone to 6.2 million readers for the month. And we thank you for it!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

      • Threats?Come off it my friend as violence begets violence.Those of us who have a violent streak are reswentful as we recognise that it gets us nowhere.Apologise b4 I showup.

  9. what a worthless site G-rated site…what a bunch of wutless wimps you bahamas press….writing about a 18yr. old girl…what a bunch of cowardly bastard, scumsucking dogs you are! come out of hiding ya wutless wimps…talk bout people to dey face!!! wutless brokedown crackheads!

  10. dear bp readers,i have noted over the last couple of days a barrage of commentary on this website and bahamasissues  about me as to what i may or may not be writing on bp. i wish for all to know that if i am in fact the author of any or all manner of writings, then my fate is sealed. but if i am not the “author” of  any or all manner of writings–i certainly will be the “finisher” of anyone that brings harm to me. careful or careless are the only choices i offer to those who think they know me. only a fool will grab the tail of a dog who is not bothering anyone–the book of proverbs says that.  i tried to get onto bahamasissues website from last week to state my aforementioned position concerning the barrage of  commentary about me, but was unsuccessful and having noted the commentary about me on this website (peter carey and the sad death of this girl), i thought it time to intervene.  thank you,gorman bannister

  11. in my view no one knew keisha troubles and what she had to go through and personally i knew her and she was quite fine and happy so who are we to judge so i think this story should be left at rest and just try to come together as a people so this action would no longer occur in our country thank you!!!!

  12. Are you peolple forgetting BLACKBELT and all ot the filth emanated from that rag sheet.Well  the same same editor is now in charge of BAHAMAS PRESS.This man has no scruples. GORMAN BANNISTER you are filth. I now call on all decent minded people reading this post to join me in boycotting this site. THIS THE LAST TIME I WILL BE  WRITING  ANYTHING HERE AGAIN

  13. Are you peolple forgetting BLACKBELT and all ot the filth emanated from that rag sheet.We the same same editor is now in charge of BAHAMAS PRESS.This man has no scruples. GORMAN BANNISTER you are filth. I now call on all decent minded people reading this post to join me in boycotting this site. THIS THE LAST TIME I WILL BE  WRITE  ANYTHING HERE AGAIN

    • How could a NASTY LOWDOWN degenerate person like you Peter call for fair minded people to disassociate themselves from Bahamas Press? You must have lost the last nerve you had left. BE GONE!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  14. The same way you pulled the story about David Thompson’s daughter and her attempted suicide you should pull this one as well. This is low BP.

  15. oh, dis what the famed G-RATED SITE NOW COME TO??? ONLY G-RATED WHEN WE TALK EH??? YEAH KEEP RUNNIN ON BOUT PETER …keep guessing …you no good scumbag!!!  i next eh…i so scared…yeah, bring it on, i ready for you…u tink only u gat stories and filth hey??? u forget how small this country is hey?? okay, l like playin and i guarantee u that i nastier than u!!!  but guess what, i don’t use vaseline in my game and i don’t say sorry…so just be forewarned ya nasty slimeball!!!  talkin bout a dead woman and printing pics of people as if you have some concern  or story…boy, u really have no scrupples and are a lowdown DOG! yeah, let’s play BP…i ready!!! and remember, you start dis!

  16. BP keep up the good work……to much sh1t is covered up in this country. We need to come out in the open and stop the hypocrisy….

  17. Bahamas press PLEASE DONOT publish any thing else about ms.Thurston’s friend.I am sure her friend is in mourning and NEEDS some one to talk and console her.We must remember these young ladies are NOT PUBLIC FIGURES.

  18. BP this is wrong. You have exposed this woman’s identity to thousands online and there is no telling the type of personal and emotional damage you are going to or already have incurred upon this woman. This is disgusting. Let the rightful authorities deal with this matter Vengeance is not yours

  19. Betty [NCL Peter Carey] you should know people like this site the same way you like Papa’s brand new full -a-holes bag. They love it just how you love the toilet paper and the wutless media.

    Boy, we gat one cut &*^^ for you coming.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  20. Even the Punch didn’t touch this.

    But this is just to show how nasty and disgusting the PLP cocksuckers who run this site are. You Mr. Bannister and your cronies will rot in hell one day!!

  21. this not supprising of BP, in his own life he has done worse to people close to him, still you people support him with his filth. You are no worse than he is

  22. Oh Peter [Diehard] your up next.

    To those who are itched by the article rest assured you will soon know where we’re headed with this. We ask the  question and no one is answering, WHO KNEW KEISHA THURSTON was suicidal? Why the silence, well BP will answer the rest of this puzzle in a few days from now.


    • BP, this the problem with this county every thing is sentive of personal, but if we can not fine out what really happen, how will we has a county or a ppl will be able to stop it from happening again in the futher, shit go after it.

  23. This is not good at all…. why would you try to put information like this about someone else? THATS VERY NASTY!

  24. BP, you really get carried away sometimes.  What does this story have to do with you personally or professionally?  please, stick to politics and things of that nature and leave this family alone. you pulled david thompson’s daughter’s posting bcos of political pressure.  now show you have common sense and pull this story bcos it is just the decent thing to do.  if it’s a slow news day, let me know…i’ll give u four leads to follow up on. or, print the story with the 3:00pm deadline, you know the one that you claim that your sources in europe are working on?? yeah, that one! ya damn clown!  PULL THE STORY!!!

  25. This story is insensitive and defamatory. We already have one young girl that is gone and now you want to put pressure on another one by giving people the idea that they may have been in a relationship.  Sad as it is this young lady took her own life and nobody made her do it.  Now please allow her family and friend to grieve their loss without having to deal with rumors and jeers.  If you have any decency, please remove this story.

  26. Let this young woman rest in peace please. I like some of the articles on this site but this young lady is gone and her family will be tormented forever. Please don’t add to their burden by airing whatever happened between these young ladies in public. If the police are involved let them do their job to determine if anything criminal is involved.You may may find my suggestion offensive. You may even say that I’m trying to muzzle you. Let’s be compassionate and sensitive. The families involved here are not bigshots oppressing the poor they are like the rest of us. To add to their struggle they have their love one’s suicide to deal with. Please leave them alone. Let the police do heir job.God will sort this out.

  27. Urban renewal was formed to put Govt workers near the people in order to allow troubled persons the opportunity to talk about their difficulties.Hopefully measures would be put in place to create an avenue for easy access to persons in the Dept of Social Services to function in communities.The Gay issue also needs to be dealt with in an amicable fashion as many Bahamians seem to be attracted to this lifestyle.Shouting and cursing has thus far not solved the problem so maybe civil dialogue can be used.It is time for our church leaders to do what God asked them to do in getting the whole man to serve him.This is so tragic but I knbow of other situations where persons involved in same sex relations have attempted suicide.Our young people are crying out for help but the whole country is not listening.What then? 

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