Peter Carey AKA Voices Bahamian and political hack…Person of Concern around the PM PT. 2


Peter C-2 copyNassau, Bahamas — When Bahamas Press decided to lay a vicious cut-you-know-what on Peter Carey [Voices Bahamian] we considered that some members of the Ingraham government cannot be avoided in this attack.

You see, Peter is one a them pariahs who will tag along with any fish, so he could eat. He hailed from Hatchet Bay Eleuthera a place known for its pristine natural beauty and wonderful people. However, some tell us when Peter was born, lighten flashed and thunder rolled as the Devil’s assistant was delivered.

We know he was once a campaign general for Alvin Smith but even Smith told him to carry his gluteus maximus. Peter’s over-sized ego makes him think that he is more important than he really is; a political hack. You should also know even members of Alpha Phi Alpha frat refuse to have anything to do with this ‘satanic assistant’.

All considered by many sensible thinking members of his FNM family Peter is casually avoided and is the RED SHEEP of the clan. They too have resigned him to the proverbial political dunghill.

His hatred of the PLP developed when one of his parents who worked for the Hatchet Bay Hatchery was “discriminated” against – we’re unsure which one. We wonder though how could such a loving home breathe such an ‘VICKED’ child. However, when we see Peter we see an angry soul possessed with the raw passions of a demon and for this sole reason even the Great Catholic Church refuse to ordain him as a priest. And all this is just the groundwork of what we have to say about this decrepit reprobate individual who possesses the pernicious greed to plunder, pillage and rape the very process of democracy from the pillars of our society. ONLY THE DEVIL COULD have LOVE SUCH A CHILD!

Bahamas Press reported on February 13th that a person of interest was in Florida and was attempting to fly in voters from a Florida university to vote in the February 16 by-election in Elizabeth. BP knew the individual, alleged to be one Peter Carey, and another known individual of the Free National Movement, who was a former journalist at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas. This CRIME is nothing new. Ask Leslie Miller and he would tell you how Peter allegedly registered scores of illegal voters in the Blue Hills constituency in the 2007 general elections. He boasted of his CRIME to others after the elections. This is his line of business.

By Saturday following Peter’s landing in Florida BP had two agents tailing his every move. At the time the by-election fever was high and plenty distractions were developing, but we never kept our eyes off the man who is known to rig elections.

Spiritual AdviserBP quickly sent an email to the Minister of National Security and minister responsible for the Parliamentary Registrar to make him aware of the situation. In that private email, we made Tommy aware of Peter’s intentions and called him to do something quickly about it. Tommy never said a word publicly, however, we understand the minister did quiz Peter on the matter and advised him, he was being monitored. Hmmmmmmm!

For more than 6 weeks the political hack and election fraudster failed to report to his BAIC place of employment. We know he’s on the government payroll and only get in the way. The question is through how did this goon of the FNM get rehired in the first place after being educated in trickery at the expense of the Bahamian people? After all this he still collects his salary. He is at the same time lingering around Papa’s broken machinery; particularly, after the untimely death of 82 year old, Farkhondeh Dorsonvile, the woman who provided for PM with much spiritual advice during the 92, 97, and 2007 general elections. Dorsonvile we are told was also once a devote Catholic but for some reason she to found pleasure in trickery.

Ingraham says he’s concern about some characters around Perry Christie. We agree with him on that, however, Bahamas Press is equally concerned with the characters around Hubert Ingraham, characters like the political hack, Peter Carey.


  1. he is a stupid moron anyway, all over bahamas issues hating on everyone that is not FNM .. screw the idiot .. he should be fired from that cosy government job.

  2. Well if it boring do like we do with the Toilet Paper, Wash ya car window with it and stop wasting ya time reading it.


  3. man dis can’t be the story you been working on for 4 days eh….suck teet….boring BP, very boring…

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