Rupert Roberts Carjacked and Robbed


bc_supervalue<<< Rupert Roberts opening one of his stores with Bernadette Christie.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is now reporting Rupert Roberts (owner of Super Value) was robbed and carjacked last week.

Bahamas Press was just updated on the ordeal over the weekend by sources close to a police investigation.

Police have yet to report the matter to members of the WUTLESS media the same way they never said a word about the arrest of Bimini police officer 656 Pedro Curtis.

All we say is this, we are happy to know Roberts was not harmed. Readers would remember how just days before Christmas a man parked in the Supervalue shopping centre in Golden Gates was hell at gunpoint and robbed. Them man in his resistance was shot several times by his attackers. He died on the scene.

Since opening in the Golden Gates community Commonwealth Bank has – in the  same shopping centre – also felt the cold hand of crime in the area.


  1. VERY TRUE!  He is not alone in his evil doings. Since I Cant get into posting proof of this i will not get into it any further.

  2. futureleader is that really true. wouldnt surprise me though. most of the rich, white ppl’s parents or themselves have done immoral things to become rich. while it is good he was not killed. most of these ppl get karma back. a lot of them are not nice too. 

  3. Well while this is sad. its also joy in knowing that he wasnt harmed. HOWEVER with that said i think Karma is a bytch, and she has been coming around and paying rupert alot of visits so im left to think that had his dad not stolen all that property in the winton area many many many years ago they may not have so much money to flip. So with this said i cant honestely say that i feel bad for him. The sins of the father will fall on the child. Luckily for him they dint shoot him in his arss like they did to one of his managers some yrs ago at the winton location.

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