Letter to BP from Gorman Bannister


Dear Bp readers,

I have noted over the last couple of days a barrage of commentary on this website and bahamasissues  about me as to what I may or may not be writing on bp. I wish for all to know that if I am in fact the author of any or all manner of writings, then my fate is sealed.

But if I am not the “author” of  any or all manner of writings–I certainly will be the “finisher” of anyone that brings harm to me. Careful or careless are the only choices I offer to those who think they know me. Only a fool will grab the tail of a dog who is not bothering anyone–the book of proverbs says that.

I tried to get onto bahamasissues website from last week to state my aforementioned position concerning the barrage of  commentary about me, but was unsuccessful and having noted the commentary about me on this website (Peter Carey and the sad death of this girl), I thought it time to intervene.

Thank you,

Gorman Bannister


  1. Diehard LIFE is precious, and believe this, there are some vindictive people out there that will take it very personal if any thing happens to Gorman, u might think about being more careful with your choices!!

  2. only an idiot what run such a personal story … further, one person is still alive…i mean, was a crime committed by someone out there??? what the hell is point of this story?? are you’ll fascinated by lesbian love, as if that’s something new in this country?? i mean what the hell is it?? gorman bannister…u better be careful…u upset plenty people and u of all people should know nassau is a different place nowadays!!!

  3. You are affiliated with this site, your fate is already sealed.  Can’t threaten the truth.    Perhaps you should pick better friends.   And, if you so upset, remove yourself from this site.  If you on it, you are just as guilty as all of them.

  4. There is no denial in this statement only threats!

    It would have been a lot simpler to say that Mr Banister is not one of the writers of this blog. But you didnt!

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