When will the PLP Leave Kenyatta Gibson and the young people alone?



Kennedy MP Kenyatta Gibson

Nassau, BahamasBradley Roberts on Sunday decided to again attack the giant and quarter back in the Parliament, Kenyatta Gibson, a young politician who once hailed from the ranks of the PLP.

bradley-roberts-min-of-wor.jpgRoberts contends that Gibson has done something wrong by granting approval for a company headed by Recee Chipman a contract to audit the books at the Mortgage Corporation. And so for a second week Roberts and Gibson have been under a fiery storm of words over the contact.

For some reason, the PLP has gone after Gibson following his wise and sensible decision to join the ranks of the FNM. They have gone far into left field to attack their onetime BRIGHTEST quarterback, and their press conference on Sunday past proved if but one thing, the PLP would go at any length to destroy, attack, kick to the curb and kill their own young.

They demonstrated in that press conference that they are merciless when it comes to the gripping fact that they are no longer in power and are hungry for it. The thought causes them to flex the idea to killoff their young. Bahamas Press has for donkey years begged and pleaded with the PLP to stopKilling off the young people in this country!” They did it to Paul Moss, they have done it to Raynard Rigby and today once again they are firing a politically triggered accession bullet against bright Kenyatta Gibson. When will the PLP stop its madness and tirade against young people with progressive ideas?

obieAnd we have a serious problem with this latest attack because when a bigtime PLP Cabinet Minister was charged with the responsibility of renting bleachers for a junkanoo festival in the Bahamas, Neville Wisdom took all the flack while thatSNITCHwalked through the back door with all the profit. Where was the PLP then on that ripoff of public money?

When some PLPs at BAIC flew to Korea and orchestrated the greatest SCANDAL OF ALL TIME; using taxpayer’s money to enrich themselves, where was the PLP’s voice then? The public outcry and one MP named V. Alfred Gray had to stop the greedy few in the PLP from wasting public money and CANCEL THE DEAL. The PLP was speechless at the crime against the public purse.

And oh how we have such short memory and forget how the former PLP minister of tourism racked up the bills at Bahamasair and at a local car rental company in the thousands to get the PLP elected for a second term. Yes, Obie Wilchcombe used the public money to do that and still the PLP’s voice on the matter is deafening. Could you imagine a minister of the government racking up expenses in the Ministry of Tourism to the tune of $1 million without Cabinet approval? No body knows where the money gone, who it was spent with, which company benefited and who were the contractors fulfilling this $1 million agreement and the PLP cannot find its tongue?

How could the PLP find it to attack Gibson when the stench in its own ranks and amongst its own parliamentary team should’ve been locked up long time ago?

Bahamas Press warns the PLP to leave Gibson alone. He has done nothing wrong. His department legitimately awarded an auditing contract to a young budding company. A Bahamian company by the way. We believe for the first time the big international companies were rejected and the Bahamian firm accepted, this is good and lends a good feeling of hope to young professionals in the country.

When one reads Roberts press release we all should be asking whom in those foreign companies is he defending? We know for certain he’s not speaking for the young Bahamian accounting firms.

A fresh new face was given the chance and young Bahamians across the length and breadth of this country would want us to tell the PLP, “LEAVE THE YOUNG PEOPLE ALONE AND GIVE US A CHANCE FOR ONCE!”


  1. Objetive thought not beacuse moss disagrees with you he should be expelled. should he say you should be expelled since you do not agree with your?

  2. Kenyatta did the right thing just like Omar recently did. I can respect him for that.. Omar Archer was on Lincoln’s talk show (that’s Action Show) today and surprisingly I agreed with 99% of what he had to say!! What grabbed my attention was when he said that Obie Glennys and BJ should not be renominated for the PLP and that Allyson should be given her nomination… I agreed with that totally… That gang of persons were planning to take over the PLP at the last convention but they all lost and rightly so!! Paul Moss is out of order and I am calling for Paul Moss to be EXPELLED from the PLP as soon as possible!! Paul can’t take orders and should start his own party or run as an independent.. In fact, I think that he like Omar has realized that they will not get a nomination from the PLP!! At least Omar did the right thing and resigned from the party… Paul needs to do likewise and move on… PC needs to get serious and pull the PLP together!!

  3. Truth or consequ, how is Gibson enriching himself or his family? Chipman and he haven’t been in business for at least 6 years. BTW, I looked up blatant cronyism in the dictionary and all it said was PLP!

    • @ samule  J   listen dont get hot around the collar anytime one is caught anger is always the first reaction. every time ya look politician like ole mongoose round the chicken coup.look again in ya dictionary and see if you ain see pappa dem family fnm as well after all they politicians as well arent they first fighting nah dis vat next sammy and listen you like you ain know bout scratch back haha

  4. POLI-TRICKS thats all i have to say. Point blank every party has been in the cookie jar now the question remain Which part didnt hide it properly.

  5. Samual j, do you understand blatant cronyism? Do understand what it means when we, the Bahamian public, entrust a public office to an individual that that person shouldn’t, willy nilly use that public trust to enrich themselves and or their family members? Do you understand what is the meaning of conflict of interest and how morally bad the practice is? Do you understand anything about the meaning of good governance? When Gibson uses his position; a sacred trust afforded him by the Bahamian people; to award himself a contract, paid for from the public’s purse at almost three times the cost of the lowest bidder and almost twice the cost of all the other five bidders vying for the job, what do you call that? If the PLP did such a thing what would you say? would you FNM supporters say there’s nothing wrong? I doubt that very seriously. Gibson should be locked up for this alleged act of facilitation of abuse of public funds; our tax dollars apparently being used, abusively to enrich himself. For a guy who has just recently joined Ali Barber and his thieves; he seems to be learning the ropes very fast.

      • Here you go again not making any contribution but just talking foolishness.Conversation here is betond your comprehension so just read and dont make no contribution which you are not doing now but at least we would not know that you are challenged.In simple language get lost.

  6. Doing WRONG is doing WRONG no matter what the age……. Kenyatta’s age has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MATTER ……… UNLESS OF COURSE HE IS NOT MATURE ENOUGH TO DO THE JOB, THEN HIS AGE WOULD BE A FACTOR.It’s interesting that Kenyatta FAILED  to address the charges put before him and chose to go all around the mullberry bush in trying to CHANGE THE SUBJECT, INSTEAD OF ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS PUT TO HIM.This is TAXPAYERS MONEY they are playing with, and to award a contact to the HIGHEST BIDDER who also happens to be the newest accounting firm among all those in the bidding race leaves MANY QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED.ALL the accounting firms in the bidding process are headed by BAHAMIAN PARTNERS with the profits of the firm going to them (Bahamians) and NOT TO ANY FOREIGN ENTITY…… So that comment by BP about foreign accounting firms was totally disingenuous and misleading.If Kenyatta or any other young person in politics (be they PLP or FNM or from another party) want to be free of accusations and criticisms then they MUST  be above board and honest at all times….. Otherwise they MUST BE ADULT ENOUGH to take the heat for their wrong doings.What the PLP did or didn’t do in the past is irrelevant …….. THE FNM IS NOW THE GOVERNMENT AND IT IS THEY WHO ARE NOW  RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PUBLIC PURSE…… AND IT IS THEY WHO ARE NOW ACCOUNTABLE TO THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE.It’s cowardly and infantile to always respond to unaccountabilty, and wrong doing by pointing out what others did or did not do IN THE PAST….. THIS IS THE HERE AND NOW AND THAT’S WHAT WE ARE CONCERNED ABOUT.If Kenyatta wants to be seen as a MAN, he need  answer the charges put out there and give an account as to WHY THE HIGHEST BIDDER AND THE MOST INEXPERIENCED OF THE LOT WAS SELECTED.If the explanation is plausible and FACTUAL then the public will drop the issue (with apologies I trust). BUT, if he can’t give an explanation then he and the FNM will need to explain to the Bahamian people why they are not being fiscally prudent with OUR MONEY…… AND HOW THEY INTEND TO PUNISH THE GUILTY.We don’t need to witness the mudslinging Kenyatta has thrown back at Bradley Roberts …… Kenyatta has been given a position and a responsibility and he is ACCOUNTABLE TO THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE.So stop whining Kenyatta and GIVE AN ACCOUNT. 

    • Amen sister,we certainly dont need the digression.Voters in Kennedy need to call on Gibson to resign so that they can get a candidate they deserve.

  7. Examiner apart from your apparent sexual innuendos, what did Ken get caught doing? Why shouldn’t he have roadside contracts. You and I can form a company and I can put up the funds and you your talent. From what I gather a committee met and made this decision, Ken actually did not comment and had nothing to do with the decision. He and Chipman had fallen out long time ago in their now defunct business, but Chpman is a supporter and was awarded the contract. You guys just believe everybody is a crook, no wonder Obie was bashing you all in the House the other day. He say why when a black Bahamian get a contract you all holla corruption. Leave the young man alone.

    • Well when you throw a rock in a room and the person that hollers the loudest is usually the one that got hit. I know a whole lot about Braxton Wheels and a whole lot of other stuff. I do agree that Ken did not make this decision, all he has to do is come clean. Ken is mudding the waters by bringing up all manner of things. Well, this is how Papa rewards you. Take licks Ken. You took the short term gains, but you will only suffer in the long term. Papa used you my Friend. Good Luck.

  8. So you are saying Bradley Roberts that because Mr. Chipman ran as and FNM candidate he should NEVER be awarded any contracts with the government? I know you can’t be saying that because there were several companies you were involved with that had received numerous contracts from the PLP. It sounds to me like you all trying to destroy Kenyatta because he left the PLP, a turncoat as you call him. Now I see why he did. You old folks still want to hog up everything. You sir should be the last to talk when it comes to awarding of government contracts and conflict of interest. Physician heal thyself!

    • The PLP was voted out of office for what they did. The time is now, it does not make it right because the PLP did it. The people responded and voted them out. Brent “small tings” Symonette is in so much conflicted positions yet you Samuel J and others are very quiet. Kenyatta got caught and the alleged sissy got caught with his pants down deep in the vaseline jar. What is Chipman doing with roadside contracts?. How many people from Kemp Road are employed by him?. Ken, my friend, you got caught, plain and simple and no matter how loud you scream, right thinking people know the truth.   

  9. Samuel J, can you defend this:Reece Chipman CPA trading under the name TABS has a contract with the DOEHS for Curb Side Cleaning on Kemp Road in the St. Thomas Moore Constituency at a monthly fee of $4,000.00. Reece Chipman also has a $4,000.00 per month cleaning contract for the St. George’s Park off Mackey Street in the vicinity of the headquarters of the FNM. Please ask Turn Coat Kenyatta Gibson to also respond to this as well. The FNM are masters of the cookie jar!!!

  10. Well samuel j, the FNM is now at the wheel,  “cookie jar raiding and bank robbery” are still in effect, but it is now you who are turning a blind eye and not saying a word against it.

  11. What I don’t understand is where were you guys voices when the PLP Ministers were raiding the cookie jar. I don’t think Chipman will make 20k off of this project when you look at the scope of work. He and Kenyatta were partners ages ago and the business doesn’t even exist anymore. You guys are the fanatics, the PLP could rob a bank and you all would not say a word.
    Kudos to BP keep your independence.

    • Not a word would they say not a word. Who get more kicj back than Russell, he upset beacuse PAPA in da house and clean the dirty S**T da PussyCat and Big Bad Brand leave behind

    • @ samuel J vat you mean can understand.plp aint in power no more iz pappa and the boys show..! you come wid ole story bout raid cookie jar… this government take the bakery not only cookies but bread cakes and tarts……nah after dat 7 plus million on the miss universe show, and the lost in revenue as a result of stop review and cancel, the brightest star in the government has rejected the dictatorial style of summary dismissal and brash talk sure is one ting to fire tex turnquest but where the people money for the land sold its blame on both sides buddy you is peter iam paul

  12. clears throat @sexy T so you gat blurry vision ech what happen to tommy t, carl bethel, branville mccartney ech the same ting vat happen to kenyatta they out on they duff. Listen the helicopter pilot gone only you cant see the signs.truth is we 4 billion in debt nah people unemployed, freeport owned by foreigners, crown land is in the hands of all but bahamians, but yet here comes you wid ya 3 fah 5 attitude on life cant you see your political leaders have failed you and are still failing and what all the talk is about young  people allopw them access to resources first then we could consider leadership roles…..turks gave the young a chance look where they are now we independant so its bankruptcy for us if we ever let one of these power hungary romantics to high office they and their black moses outlook come to lead the people but lead us where to..and while we appreciate the info on the snake what exactly is pop symonette jr share in the port move ech sexy t seeing as you on the inside haha how much he stand to gain and what bout commonwealth bank surplus, or maybe bahamas hot mix? oh yeah i forgot he is only the benificiary of the said companies. this a story of old broom new broom and pointing fingers

  13. For as long as he continues in his obvious dishonesty(if the revelations are all true)and especially his compounding of his dishonest activities; the PLP will have to box him over his head. Don’t forget he has joined the crooked “trust” group who couldn’t spell the word “trust” if it jumped off the page of the dictionary and hit them over their heads. Kenyatta thinks he can talk his way out of  every dishonest situation but he cannot dispute “F.A.C.T.S.” Look, the FNM rats are hoarding as much cheese as they can because they sense their downfall, come 2012; if they last that long.

  14. Boi BP, that the PLP for you now. If you are youthful and full of great ideas, they (PLP) must kill you at all cost. Big Bad Brad need to do a Press Release on BTC deal with Franky Wilson, that HI stop, cancel and review.

    • mY DEAR YOU ARE A FANATIC  and only see things as yellow and red.I just hope that you have no sons as you would condone any wrong by saying that since others were wrong then your kin is also entitled to flaunt wrong doing.Shame on you ,even though I know you dont give two hoots.

  15. If the young do wrong they must be chastised asd there is still time for redemption.This sis a clear case of conflict of interest and again for the second time in 3 yrs Kenyatta must resign a Govt post.Every Tom Dick and Harry who might be FNM are raiding the cookie as they realise the reign of the FNM rule is near.THe offer by the firm headed by Chipman is ridiculous as I note that many others who were rejected are more experienced.Wrong is wrong and even though I support young people they must honestly earn there way. 

  16. BP, i have to agree with the previous posters on this.

    Mr Gibson’s activities as chairman has nothing to do with his age. For you to try make a correlation to questions being raised about Mr Gibson’s judgment is somehow an attack on him is just stupid.

    So by your own logic, when you question the decisions of Carl Bethel, Tommy T, PC, HAI Brent Symonette and Earl Deveaux in their capacities as leaders and government ministers, should your readers take that too as an attack by you on them?

    If questions where put to Mr Gibson about his execution of duties, as a public servant Mr Bradly or any Bahamian has a right to question him on it.

    Your attempt to make the issues raised by Mr Bradly, whether valid or invalid, about the PLP attacking young people is ludicrous and a total stretch. Your attempt to try and perpetuate the false perception that the PLP holds back young people has failed.

    Like you always say, you report, we decide, will i can tell you now that your spinning for Kenyatta. Why i dont know, but the readers of this site see right through this lazy attempt to slime the PLP.

  17. BP, you are dead wrong on this one. Kenyatta got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Ken is a personal Friend, but he did wrong. You could always tell when someone is caught, he is bringing up hiring at BTC. Well, this is 2010, Mr. Gibson and that alleged sissy were partners and the appearance is wrong.The RFP outlined what the Corp required, what more could Chipman do that the other firms could not do?. They are bigger and have more experienced. I am advised that Papa recommended this boy for the job.   

  18. BP, I have to agree with this crew response ahead of me, this story isn’t about young people, this reminds me of the Tribune stories, deflecting from the real, I understand for several days the other team has been relentless on attacking you, but that is no reason to throw a story off by calling cronyism, attacking young people, I guess you must appear to be not just hitting on side, but if that one side is jacking this country up, and are the government of the day, as a righteous media outlet, do your job, if the PLP is doing something wrong as opposition, kick them in the balls, but don’t just reach back in the past to justify what Kenyatta is doing in Mortgage Corp. and call that fair, …..just because they have done business before, Kenyatta should have told the Corp. not to give the contract to him, find another way to cheat the Bahamian people, don’t piss on our head’s and tell us it raining, BP, don’t let political hacks, cause you to make the wrong choices, so you feel you have to get along with them, you are the Bahamian people’s first to the last defense from this tyranny, we the people are the last.

  19. Kenyatta answered Bradley and denied being a business partner of Chipman, further they have responded, he and Ken Russell and at both times HI was in the House. Anyone who knows auditors know that their base fee is far lower than their actual bill. The PLP just attacking Ken since he left. Who gave more contracts to themselves than the PLP? Bradley should be the last to talk.

  20. Correct me if I’m wrong BP, but isn’t Kenyatta a member of the FNM? So why should the PLP let up on him just because he used to be a PLP?  He rejected the mercy of Perry Christie and the PLP and walked across the floor. The biggest cut skin should be reserved for him. What next BP, the PLP should leave Hubert alone because he used to be PLP too?

  21. This is horse shhhh BP. Is Kenyatta paying you now to say good things about him? What has Kenyatta done for the PLP except ride the train, bring shame and scandal with his fight in the Cabinet office and then when Perry Christie showed his faith in redeeming young people, picked his behind up and left the party to join the FNM. No BP, you got your head screwed up on this one because the PLP don’t owe this Benedict Arnold a bloody thing except a cut behind. If he’s innocent, then you and him need to prove it. No where can a new company, headed by someone who Kenyatta has another business venture and also by someone who ran for the current government, get a contract where he submitted the highest bid and has the least experience get the job and it NOT be sinister.

    BP, what is criminal is your condoning this kind of crookedness and then trying to diss Bradley for doing his job. Its this kind of foolishness that makes me wonder if BP realizes how flip floppy they are when it comes to certain people.

  22. Having read Mr. Roberts second press release, Iwould think that Mr. Gibson, Minister Russell and the Prime Minister would want to respond in a coherent manner to each charge levied. A proper response to a charge of wrong dealing is not defended by pointing to the past failings (perceived or real) of those bringing the charges.   

  23. BP, y’all way off course with this one.  The actions of Kenyatta should not be defended.  If he was not guilty, HI would have come out swinging to his aid a long time ago.  The local CPA community is highly upset about this.  All hell is about to break loose shortly in the accounting community.BP needs to pick its fights better.

    • We will leave Kenyatta Gibson alone when he finally comes out and speak the truth about his leaving the PLP and his so called meeting with the constituency of Kennedy and his re-election team and also his Officers.

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