BP QUESTION: Why did the services of Mr. McCartney’s firm not go to tender by the WSC CORPORATION? DAS THE $10 MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION!

Branville McCartney and DA WSC Chairman Adrian “Da CHILD” Gibson

In his statement last night, Mr Gibson said Mr McCartney approached him about soliciting services from his law firm “some years ago”.

“At that time –– having been somewhat acquainted with Mr McCartney prior to that and having considered his firm a small but reputable firm –– we accepted his solicitation to assist with our collection of receivables. We did not allow his political persuasion –– having just been the DNA leader –– to impact that decision,” he said.

BP also puts the question:Was it Mr. McCartney’s family ties to the PM Minnis that impacted the decision to engage his firm? SOMEONE MUST ANSWER THESE SERIOUS QUESTIONS!