Dangerous forensic audit inside the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture forces PM Minnis to order a shutdown of all contracts from the department!


Senator Lisa Bostwick-Dean to replace Minister Lanisha Rolle in Seabreeze for the FNM!

Cabinet Minister Lanisha Rolle to be replaced by Senator Lisa Bostwick-Dean in Seabreeze

NASSAU| A dangerous forensic audit inside the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture will now force the end of the political life of one of Hubert Minnis’ once loyal soldiers: Lanisha Rolle.

The report so damaging that the Prime Minister THE MOST Hon. Hubert Minnis has ordered his newly assigned technical officers within the Ministry to shutdown all contracts within the Ministry to avoid public exposure and further backside rape of the cookie jar. This is a great time to invite the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Royal Bahamas Police Force to investigate. Are they still operational?

Sources deep inside the Ministry of Finance and the OPM have told BP, “The audit within the Ministry has uncovered serious inflated contracts awarded to selected contractors, which all point to evidence of kickbacks to someone high-up in the Minis Government.

“One contract in particular exposed in the audit points to the Kendal G. L Isaacs Gym where a lucrative inflated contract was awarded to a contractor during the lockdown, which revealed how that contractor had close ties with a senior member of the Minnis Government.”

Peter Turnquest .

These developments, we understand, have forced dangerous inquiries within the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. We can confirm that a series of meetings has already commenced within the Office of the Attorney General on the matter!

The bungle and lack of careful transparency and accountability by the Minnis Government is not new. Oban files are still missing and what happened with some $4.7 Billion borrowed is anyone’s guess as to what has really happened with all that public money. And this is just the tip of the iceberg as former Minister for Finance K. Peter Turnquest abruptly was asked to tender his resignation from Government! 

Sources tell us a major cash purchase of property in the Lake Cunningham Estates community could lead investigators to the source of the funds and force confessions as to how these alleged crimes occurred inside the Government. A property in that community can go for $300,000 to half a million easy. Could this for the first time force investigators to use the proceeds of crime act now signed into law? We shall await and see.

BP also understands PM Minnis is quickly covering up the investigation and is even considering dropping his Sports Cabinet Minister as a candidate in the upcoming snap General Elections.

PM Minnis has invited Senator Lisa Bostwick-Dean, daughter of Dame Janet and Henry Bostwick, to begin canvassing the constituency of Seabreeze.

For Bostwick-Dean to become a candidate where there is a sitting FNM MP can only mean that something has gone seriously and dangerously wrong deep inside the Minnis Government.

The PM is so serious about sharpening his blade in the coming weeks that he has shut down Government House and put GG C. A Smith in self-quarantine. And just over the last few months has announced the retirement of Turnquest, Halson Moultrie, Brensil Rolle and soon to the list Duane Sands.

A snap General Election is about to be called and, well – It ain’t long nah! GO AND REGISTER!

We report yinner decide!