BP records homicide #74 on Dorsett Alley off West Street North…


33year-old Jamaal McSweeney aka Chopper is the victim. He was on bail for murder!

Jamaal ‘Chopper’ McSweeney gunned down on Dorestt Alley off West Hill Street north tonight. He becomes the country’s 74th homicide victim.

Nassau – Bahamas Press is recording that we have another murder in the capital. Police have confirmed a shooting incident in the Dorsett Alley area just along West Street where two men have been shot, one fatally.

Bahamas Press can confirm the victim to be a man on bail for murder. He is 33-year-old Jamaal McSweeney aka Chopper. He you should remember was charged back in December 2017 in connection with the December 8th, 2017 murder of Javen Forbes on Farrington Road.

Back in 2008 – which the wutless media will not tell you – is when McSweeney,along with another, was also charged with five counts of armed robbery, two counts of burglary, three counts of stealing, three counts of housebreaking and two counts of causing harm.

Police confirm tonight that they are presently on the scene of the shooting, wrapping up the investigation.

McSweeney has become the country’s 74th homicide victim following a month-long absence of killings in the country. The police are doing a damn great job and we should all keep praying for dem!

We report yinner decide!