BP supports Myles LaRoda for South Beach Constituency


Perry Christie

Nassau, Bahamas — It has come to our attention here at BP, that Perry Christie is back at his  silly and juvenile games. We are told that the South Beach Branch of the PLP supports Myles LaRoda as the candidate, however, Christie wants Cleola Hamilton.

BP hereby puts Christie on notice to do the right thing or we will return to our “Christie Sundays” again. Mr. LaRoda did yeoman’s service in Elizabeth and his family has done much for the PLP over many years.

A resident of South Beach told us” if Cleola is all of that, why she doesn’t go to Killarney and fight Dr. Minnis, who she has been vilifying for the last two years. We support Myles”.

Christie should remember the blows we have landed on him in the past and we will turn our attention back on him if he proceeds to thwart the will of the people.

We agree with Ingraham when he said to Christie, “You have no shame Christie, you have been most neglectful, you have no shame”!


  1. Why all the fuss guys,dont you ever get tired of discussing Christie, Ingraham, Ingraham ,Christie. To me PLP = FNM ,FNM = PLP. ITS TIME FOR A NEW DIRECTION,ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE.

  2. Well you know “What’s the Matter you” I was going to say how is it this SCANDALOUS Mario could find his tongue to criticize such a decent Bahamian like Myles.

    People in this country needs to know what a piece of you_know_what people like Mario Bannister was to the people of Grand Bahama. He was apart of the FIRST CLICO SCANDAL in this country when hundreds of policy holders of a company called Mutual Security and Benefit ripped of thousands of Bahamians; closed its doors just like CLICO.

    I don’t know where in the world the PLP does find these JACKASSES to propagate its SCANDALOUS arguments.

    I think the time has come to expose these people for who they really are….

    Mario Bannister you are next on BP.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. hey bp– why isn’t anyone talking about the plp garden hills goon’s, mario bannister and rudy dean, and how they scandalizing laroda and his family? someone needs to remind them that they are all plp’s, but not all are sissies and thieves. maybe that is why bannister and dean is out to get laroda? both of them need to stop being ‘pink’ with envy.

  4. now this can’t be the same Perry Gladstone Christie who in the last election said that he does not get involved with the branches and their process of selecting candidates which THEY WANT to represent them. So much for real democracy!!!

  5. BP, as someone who participated in the Elizabeth campaign, please explain to me what exactly is the great contribution YOU THINK Myles made during the Bye-Election. Please spill the secret because there are a lot of PLP’s dying to know as he was missing in action most of the time. He gave a welcome at the first rally, and showed up at the recount to hail some FNM friends, he did not even wave at the PLP’s. So please share this secret, you talking isht on this one.

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