Members of the justice league at the Police headquarters today

p.o. 54288
Nassau, N.P., Bahamas

6th September 2010
Mr. Elliston Greenslade
Commissioner of Police
The Royal Bahamas Police Force
Nassau, Bahamas

Dear Mr. Greenslade:

We wish to urgently meet with you to discuss the need for a FULL and OPEN investigation into the Case of Rape Victim Cindy Williams of Freeport Grand Bahama and her harassment and sexual assault by 2 officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force. We firmly believe that the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) have conducted themselves in a manner that is in direct conflict with several of the basic duties that Bahamian Citizens expect of the Police, with the understanding that it is the Solemn Duty of RBPF to protect citizens and enforce the law.

The breaches of duty, which we reference, on behalf of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the courts, prosecutors, and the entire system of enforcing and adjudicating justice, are the reasons we must act on behalf of this citizen who has been violated, mishandled, mistreated, ignored and simply served a great injustice by our entire system. Citizens must fear that if this has happened to the rape victim Cindy Williams, it can happen to any mother, sister, or daughter. Certainly this level of injustice can be visited on any one of us. In the Letter from the Birmingham Jail, the great Dr. Martin Luther King, in one of his many moments of civic, social, and spiritual profundity said “INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE”. We say the system of injustice MUST END NOW.

CINDY WILLIAMS began her most egregious journey within our system, that is seemingly incapable of Justice in 2007, when she reported her rape; she was treated with no sensitivity by investigating officers. The alleged rapist received police bail, which is outrageous for someone being charged for rape. The preliminary hearing was delayed several times because the alleged rapist failed to appear. No bench warrant was issued for his arrest. The Rape victim received threatening text messages, which was brought before the magistrate and the evidence was misplaced by the police. The alleged rapist harassed the Rape Victim at her job on several occasions; the police was called and the Rape Victim was informed that there was nothing that the police could do. The alleged rapist admitted the harassment on the job before the courts, and the magistrate said that four visits to the rape victim’s job was not sufficient evidence to revoke the bail of the Alleged Rapist. The preliminary hearing was held 3 years after charges were filed, and the DNA evidence has still not been processed. The crime scene photos have still not been developed.

The Rape Victim, Cindy Williams, attempted to get justice by making her story public particularly with her appearances on Citizens’ Review with Erin Ferguson and the New Nation with Lincoln Bain. Upon returning to Freeport, Grand Bahama she was pulled over by police 1 hour after returning home, and was sexually assaulted and threatened with death using a deadly weapon (Gun) by two (2) Police officers in a Police Squad Car. She reported this to the police. Mr. Quinn McCartney, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police with charge over Grand Bahama has not offered any protection to this rape victim after she made a complaint of being sexually assaulted and threatened with death by Officers of the Law. Quinn McCartney has also refused to conduct an Identification Parade of potential suspects within the Police department, although the rape victim made it clear in her statement that she is able to identify one of the officers.

This case is demonstrative of a systematic breach of duties by members of The Royal Bahamas Police Force, the Courts, and the Prosecutors in all areas of duty including complete lack of professionalism, failure to enforce the law, refusal to protect victims, insensitivity towards victims of rape, no basic understanding of the law or duties of law enforcement officers, lack of training necessary to properly execute duties, outright misconduct on behalf of law enforcement, refusal to follow evidence-gathering procedures, refusal to conduct Identification procedures for the primary suspect in a major crime, violent crimes committed against citizens by Law enforcement, law enforcement threatening witnesses of a major crime, and any number of other violations on behalf of all systems involved. The amalgamation of these violations is tantamount to HAVING NO JUSTICE SYSTEM AT ALL, or A SYSTEM THAT HAS FOUND ITSELF MORE CRIMINALLY DESTRUCTIVE TO CITIZENS THAN THE AVERAGE THUG.

Again We firmly believe that the Royal Bahamas Police Force have conducted themselves in a manner that is in direct conflict with several of the basic duties that Bahamian Citizens should expect of the Police. We hereby, as citizens in this country who expect protection from those charged to protect us, DEMAND a FULL and OPEN investigation into the case of Rape Victim Cindy Williams of Freeport Grand Bahama and her harassment and sexual assault by 2 officers of the Police Force. We also demand that those found acting outside of the law or their duties in this case experience punishment to fullest extent of the law.


Erin Ferguson, President – Justice League
Lincoln Bain, Vice President – Justice League
Ethric Bowe, Secretary – Justice League

CC:    Mr. Hubert Alexander Ingraham, Prime Minister
Mr. Michael Barnett, Chief Justice
Mr. John Delaney, Attorney General
Mr. C. Allen Johnson
The Press

Members of the newly formed justice League rallys near the Post Office as they march to the offices of the Commissioner of Police.


  1. this person has valid point the bible says a wise man hears the conclusion of the whole matter it amazes me to see how we do wrong on a daily basis and believe we are going to get away with it.i got one word for ya !!boomerang!!

    • You know……..when I had first heard of all of this, I had said that I would not have said a thing but now that everyone is so up at arms, I think this is the best time than never to put in a word on this matter as it becomes more warped for me to listen to.
      Like almost everyone in this country, I too believe that we have a serious issue with sexual abuse. Majority of the female population of our nation has gone through some form of sexual abuse be it harassment, molestation, assault and so on. I myself have also fallen victim to some of the same things. Therefore I am all for addressing the issue and finding a resolution. However, I think everyone need to step back for a bit and examine the character of the person who is making the complaints.
      I have known the accuser for a rather long time and during the time when I had first met her, she had shared with me that she had been raped and on more than one occasion by more than one person (and this was before 2007…..a good bit before). I like any other woman was appalled that she had seen no justice for what had happened to her. However one still has to question how is it that you can be so unfortunate to experience rape so many times by so many different people? I am not one to condone rape in any way, shape or form but if “the boy cries wolf” all the time eventually ppl will stop listening. I can tell you all from personal experience what you are dealing with and it is a damaged young woman who has been through some really traumatic experiences which has in turn twisted her sense of whats real and whats not………what is needed here is psychological help in my opinion. Truthfully, I question her word as she is one known to fabricate the truth at times. None the less, if what she claims is truth I hope that she will get her just reward and justice prevails. However, if this is just one of her fabrications again because of the lives she is abruptly tearing down,I WOULD HOPE SHE GETS HER “JUST” REWARD AND JUSTICE PREVAILS.
      Remember there is always two sides to every coin 😉

  2. About my previous comment. it may have been a little harsh. They need to show up at marches, rallies then we will see they really are the justice league. Moncur doesn’t have to prove anything bcz I know he is real. He was always out there fighting when no one else was there. No one would even show up and he’d still carry on. But what I’m saying is some people like to get on cases just to get fame. Prove me wrong, Lincoln, ethric, Erin, prove me wrong.

  3. It is amazing how yall can hate the police so much and down oficers. You all should keep in mind regardless of what happens not all police are bad, and there are still some great officers.

    This is an complaint that was made by the lady and same will be investigated, but you cant asume that nothing wil happen. and not every thing is for the public to know. that is an internal investigation. and if is founded the officer will be dealt with as such.

    People we need to be smart about this some of these officers are the same set that got out there and put there life on the line everyday to protect the bahamas, and it is not fair to bad mouth all officers saying they are bad.

    Instead we need to help the crime problem and report things that we see happening and stop talking shit about we aint see nothing. you can give information without having to give ya name.

    Linclon Bain was a police officer also so he knows how the force works and knows what officers are put through. he left for what ever reason unknown to me but that aint my buiness to know.

    This letter that was written he is a bunch foolishness degrading police officer and there duties.

    As it goes for police not doing there jobs. We have laws in this country and police can only do so much to up hold them as far as someone making a complaint.

    I am all for the Justice leauge but if they had a point and agruement to make with Commissioner of Police. Why did they still show up at Police HQ?
    Give they Commissioner of Police time to look into this matter, i am of the frim beleif that he would see this matter through.

    But we must not jump to accuse the police of everything every time a complaint is made against one of them this is why they is a section in Police Force to report them.

  4. This case is showing up the RBPF for what they really are.They will do all they could to protect this guy only because he is realated to a former MP that is why the children of these cabinet members commit all these crimes and there victims are left to just deal with it.This is maybe what happened with leslie Millers son, the media never heard of the things he was doing(the public knew) until someone took the law into their own hands. Bring down this rapist,the officers,the judge for never issuing a brench warrent and anyone who is involved in this matter.Mr. Greenslade clean your house before you can clean someonelse.

  5. I like wat i’m seeing, But as i looked at the pictures i see the the church and the christian counsele is missing , maybe we need a justice league for the lottery, i BET they will be there ………….

  6. Go brothers, now this is the kind of meaningful public push back that happens in maturing nations.

    People standing up for what they perceive as a just cause.

    Not masking behind a monitor and spewing foolishness about politicians (part time public workers).

    And the most respect to Ms. Williams for not caving in to pressure from the weaklings, you are a strong sister, I believe your actions inspired others, men and women alike to step from behind the veil of shame.

    They cannot win Cindy, they must not win.
    bring the scoundrels down!!!!

  7. Its not everyone on the force but by the actions of a few no one and I mean no one will respect the police at all. I say name and shame. CALL THE NAMES OF THE OFFICERS SO THE PUBLIC WILL KNOW.

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