BPL Board member James Moss tipped to become the next Director of NIB…

BPL Board Member James Moss

Nassau| We now have a report that the Cabinet has a final decision on who will be appointed the new director of the National Insurance Board.

BP is learning PM Hubert Minnis has chosen Accountant and former Deltec Bank employee and BPL Board Member James Moss as his man to serve as the next Director of NIB. See, the Punch couldn’t tell you that, they are busy attacking anyone who comes up against the Minnis Government over reporting what is happening in your government!

Moss is a devote catholic and great friend of PM Minnis.

Moss will replace former Director Dr. Nicola Virgil-Rolle who abruptly departed the Board over serious contention with the Duncy Board at NIB!

Virgil-Rolle will take up a post in Lyford Cay. 

We report yinner decide!