BPL is a failure and its contract with power generation should be terminated!!!!


Fire at generator at BPL.
Fire at generator at BPL.

Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press now confirms a generator at the Baillou Hills BEC Power Plant has exploded.

The incident occurred just after a few more sections of New Providence lights had turned back on.

The slow process to restore power in the capital has left residents irate and cussing BPL!

We at Bahamas Press however note that the performance of the company has been abysmal to say the least.

BPL confirmed that one of its Aggreko generators caught fire. Immediately the fire was contained and the fuel supply shut off. No one was injured.

BPL confirmed that it could not say what caused the fire, but like most things these days they cannot tell the public anything.

BPL could not deliver the generation of power in time for summer even after the funds were made available! BPL is a complete and utter failure to the Bahamians People and their contract should be terminated IMMEDIATELY!

We report yinner decide!