BPL’s Cruella Missick Calls the Cops for Minister Bannister

Desmond Bannister

NASSAU| Well now BP has been bringing you the blow by blow from Blue Hill Road where we have been camped out for a few weeks but this one takes the cake. The Freeport Cartel Deputy KingPin, Evis “Cruella D’Evil” Missick has turned around and called the police on Minister Desmond Bannister and asked for him to be removed from the premises.

So Bahamas Power and Light has been the cause for concern for quite some time now with staff complaining about the poor treatment they endure from Freeport Cartel leader Whitney Heastie and his sidekick sweetie, Cruella D’Evil Missick.

So after practically having to sit on the necks of Whitney, Cruella and the Board to obtain an industrial agreement for staff, Minister Desmond Bannister decided to conduct a series of listening tours to hear the complaints first hand and no doubt to also secure votes as the staff had vowed to join the “Brave Wave”.

Bannister was successful with the first Listening Tour on Monday when he arrived at BPL early and spent the day there with staff hearing their grievances. Cruella and Heastie were not to work that day. BP checked. So Bannister came back to BPL on Thursday to hear more of the staff’s complaints.

Well cut off BP’s legs and call us shorty!! Wait til you hear what happened next!!!

Cruella D’Evil was on the phone with her Sweetie KingPin Heastie who was rolling up to BPL. She was peeping out the window and telling him how the Bannister was on the premises. Heastie’s Estimated Time Of Arrival was 15 minutes. Cruella had Heastie on speaker and BP heard him say, “I is a man who ain’t into no long talk today. I don’t want dat man there when I reach.”

Well kiss a monkey’s you know what!!!! Guess what happened next??

Cruella D’Evil hung up the phone from her KingPin sweetie and next call she made was to the Royal Bahamas Police Force. She called the police for a sitting Cabinet Minister, whose portfolio includes the place where she works – BPL. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!!!!!

Dese people too bold!!

All BP saw was the police storm the building and Bannister’s aide had to stop them from locking up the Minister!!! The aide asked them if they were crazy and the police ended up talking with Lester Fernander, the Freeport Cartel Chief of Security and then they left the building.

The Minister looked like the very wind was blown out from his lungs where he was so shocked!! BP rushed to Long Stroke Rollins’ office to see what he had to say, but as BPL approached the office there was a noticeable white flag hanging from the door. Clearly Long Stroke has given up and separated himself from the Freeport Cartel and moved on.

See Bannister and Long Stroke Rollins are besties so he would not condone that sort of treatment of the Minister. WHAT IS DIS??!!! Great God from Zion, tell us!!

BP then rushed to the office of PR Director Quincy Parker. BP tried the lock but we could not enter the office. BP peeped under the door and saw a dark shadow creased up under the desk. Yes! Parker was hiding on all fours under the desk from the mob that walked with Bannister down the hall.

Mama Look at Boo Boo Day!! WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS!!??

Bannister ended up staying five hours at BPL touring the place to verify all the allegations of wrong doings that were placed at the feet of Heastie who never showed up to work, but was seen at an old time conch stand on Poincianna Drive buying food for him and Cruella. Ain’t he has COVID? Why is he out and about??

We report! Yinner decide!!