Branville and residents get update on road improvements in the South


<<< Residents including the Hon. Branville McCartney (second from left) and Sgt. Garlon Rolle of the Traffic Division of the Royal Bahamas Police Force listen to a presentation on the New Providence Road Improvement Project by engineers from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

Nassau, Bahamas – Engineers from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport updated residents on the status of the New Providence Road Improvement Project during a presentation at CV Bethel High School on June 29.

Project Civil Engineer Charlene Collie-Harris and Robert Garraway, Civil Engineer, informed residents of ongoing road works to corridors on East Street, Bamboo Boulevard, Baillou Hill Road and the surrounding areas.

In addition to constructing proper roads, Mrs. Collie-Harris said the Government is removing old material from underground and replacing it with new material. She asked the residents to exercise patience as the work is being carried out.

“We’re trying to avoid situations where we have to return after the road is built by taking out the 10 ft pipes and putting in 24 ft pipes. It takes a day or two to pave a road, but months to put in infrastructure,” she said.

Mrs. Collie Harris said along with the road works, the Government is making attempts to improve conditions on the roadways with initiatives including carpooling, providing public transportation alternatives, limiting the amount of vehicles on the road network and providing student transportation options.