Ingraham TV on Tackling Criminal Case Backlog


Reducing the Backlog of Criminal Cases from FNM Restoring Your Trust on Vimeo.

PM on Appointment of Director of Public Prosecutions from FNM Restoring Your Trust on Vimeo.


  1. TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE.IF ANYONE CAN DO IT HUBERT INGRAHAM CAN. As for the next election- LET THE CHIPS fall where they may. As the country is split right down the middle it will be business as usual. Either the 1/2 that have been happy since the FNM won will be happy for the next Five years, or the 1/2 who want the PLP to win will be happy. Either way we are still at the same point Politically. Time to realize that happiness will never come from the House of Assembly people. Discover what it is that God put you here for. Go and do that. IF YOU DO YOU AND I DO ME, WHAT A WONDERFUL PLACE THE BAHAMAS WILL BE.

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