Branville “NO COMPASSION” McCartney will side with PAPA on the sale of BTC

Branville McCartney MP

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News now coming into BP confirms what people thought all along.

MP for Bamboo Town, Branville McCartney, will side with PAPA on the sale of the National Asset BTC to Cable and Wireless when the Parliament debates the matter.

Sources close to Bran tell us, after much consideration. review mix with cancel, Branville has STOPPED his independent thoughts and will now side with PAPA against the People.

We believe he should rejoin the “NO COMPASSION” CABINET!



  1. @Altec

    You are attributing the election losses experienced by the PLP to “happenings” within the party and being disingenuous, in my opinion, in doing so. You have discounted, rather eliminated, THE WILL OF THE VOTERS, IN THEIR MAJORITY, for what befell the PLP during each general election loss. Clearly, WE DISAGREE about how the same facts and factors impacted the voters, and resultantly the elections outcome. You think that the first loss (1992) was due to in-fighting amongst the ranks of influential PLPs. I DISAGREE. I think it was the outcome of a growing discontentment with the Pindling style of leadership (croonieism and victimization). I am not taking any thing away from Sir Lynden Pindling, but the message of turning the races against each other (i.e. playing the “Roots” movie just before elelctions to fan the flames of racial bitterness)and “tagging” the FNM as the UBP had lost its effectiveness. Artheur Hanna and A. Loftus Roker resigned “on priniples” (remember Altec)and they (particularly Roker) expressed publicly why that was done (let’s just say it isn’t complimentary to Sir Lynden). Altec, I would rather accept their own words over your opinion about the events, is that okay.

    The Free-PLP (made-up of the PLP MPs) who found it impossible to be part of a personality cult, broke away from the PLP later renamed themselves the FNM and Cecil Wallace-whitfield was elected as leader of the group. The UBP (Geoffrey Johnstone said this in a recorded interview) realized that their days came to an end after their first loss to the PLP in the general elections of 1967. Pindling attempted (and was successful for a long time) at painting the former PLP members as FNM/UBP in the minds of the masses. This strategy worked until IT STOPPED WORKING and this is why the PLP has lost 3 out of the last 4 general elections. Or was it poor strategy, in-fighting, bad public relations, etc. No Altec. It was Bahamians with a determined will and a voters card.


  3. If Branville McCartney is really planning on returning to the cabinet, he should remember this story I am about to tell. An insider told me that one day half way through a cabinet meeting, suddenly out of the blue the PM starting praying, and none in the cabinet had ever even heard him pray. The PM was praying and praying and the more he prayed the louder his voice grew. First he started praying to God, then to Jesus, the Savior, the Holy Ghost, so when the PM started shouting up at Jehovah, the Deputy PM Brent Symonette, being the second in seniority, became so concerned that maybe the PM was losing it, so he said to the PM. Mr. PM, God is not deaf. I know that snapped the PM, but your junior minister of immigration must be, because any advice I give him falls on them two deaf ears, and he says and does whatever damm well pleases him.

  4. Go Branville! I think Mr. McCartney is an astute politician in the making. Yes he is young, yes he is somewhat new on the political scene, and YES one day he CAN become Prime Minister. I support him, whether he wishes to be with the FNM, PLP or go it as an Independent. I respect him for taking a stand, I respect him for changing his mind. He is after all only human.

    Most of all I respect the kind of person he is. His heart, for those who would see the man behind the media, is with the people. The effects of his touch can be seen in the glittering eyes of all the elderly with whom he treats so kindly within his constituency; and in the beaming faces of all the children with whom he hugs so lovingly. Yet, what I wonder, is so very wrong with him wanting to be Prime Minister? In a position where one can make MAJOR, final decisions for the people of his country.

    Do you really think he could be any worse than the three we’ve already had? Even if he tried? Even if it were at all possible? He ought to keep his head up and press forth!

  5. I am reading all this talk about Mr. McCartney’s intention…..WHEN DID HE MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT THAT HE WILL BE VOTING FOR THE BTC DEAL??? Stop running out and around and at least wait to hear the man’s decision…..give him a chance and stop listening to alleged news!!! BP you need to get your facts first before publishing! I am awaiting his decision also because I am a member of Bamboo Town. He is having a meeting on 28th as announced on facebook to talk to us his constituents on the matter….so I will await!

  6. @Profile

    The FNM finally has someone, in Branville McCartney, who is capable of being their first HOME GROWN victorious leader. He is charasmatic enough to attract FNMs, Independents and PLPs (those with a mild case of PLP-ism)in a general election. If you know anything about the political support base in this country you will appreciate that neither party is able to win without this combination of support during general elections. Hubert Ingraham, the astute politician that he is, worked feverishly, and in my opinion has succeded immensely, at re-branding the FNM from a party for the rich and well educated and into a party that has a lower class and middle class agenda and support. Thus, the richest and poorest now support the FNM in every community of this country. This has substantially reduced the BASE SUPPORT of the PLP in the lower and middle class numbers. We all know that the rich, well educated and whites never supported the PLP in large numbers, and changing this fact of Bahamian politics seems to be the quest of Perry Christie (realizing that he has to offset the intrusion by Ingraham into his traditional base over the past 15 years). PROFILE this is the level (or depth if you prefer that term) that I wish to engage you at. Are you up to it? OR IS CALLING PERSONS WHO YOU DISAGEE WITH NAMES YOUR POTENTIAL MAXIMIZED? Don’t run scared and do the duck!!!

    • “…the richest and poorest now support the FNM in every community of this country. This has substantially reduced the BASE SUPPORT of the PLP in the lower and middle class numbers,”

      Storm, I dont know how old you are, but when you say stuff like that, that tells me you are kinda young. So let me educate you for a minute.

      After Pindling won the 82 elections, a drug scandal broke out soon after and there began the whispers in the party about Pindling’s ability to lead the party!

      Pindling brushed it off, didnt step down and when the ’87 elections came, it was hard fought and even though the PLP won, the party and country was still a buzz about the scandal and many allegations about Pindling and some of the people in the party at that time.

      At the same time those calls for Mr Pindling to step aside and let a younger person take over was getting traction. Truly, many would agree that the ’87 elections should have been Pindling’s last go round.

      When the 92 elections rolled around, the die had been cast and many PLP’s either voted FNM or stayed home as Pindling had lost the trust of the country and disaffected many in his own party.

      Thats how the FNM won in ’92. As a matter of fact, Pindling was so convinced that the FNM’s victory was an anomaly, he referred to the new Ingraham government as an “interim government.”

      So come the ’97 elections, Pindling went into battle and lost again. The disgruntled PLP’s didnt change their minds and voted FNM or stayed home.

      After Pindling retired, come the 2002 elections, those same PLP’s came home. Papa Smurf saw what was coming and jumped ship before the FNM got decimated at the polls.

      And for all this talk about independents, forget that. thats just pie in the sky talk as there are not enough of them to even make a difference in any election. You are either PLP, FNM or a disgruntle member of one of those parties. Period!

      Now in 2007, that election was lost in part to the PLP running the worst political campaign ever and apathy by the base. the prevailing thought was the PLP would win and many PLP’s just stayed home thinking there vote was not needed.
      Without Bradley oustide, the very capable party machinery that Bradly Roberts and others built and left behind after the 2002 victory, was not kept in tact and maintained.

      And consider this, even with the PLP’s machinery miss firing during the campaign of 2007, the FNM didnt even get 50% of the total votes cast in that election. So imagine what the outcome would have been had the PLP had any sort of organized national campaign or energized base!

      With Big Brad back at the helm now, slackness is no more. the machinary is well oiled and reving up.

      So what you must know STORM is this, most Bahamians ARE PLP’s at heart. The erosion in the base is not how you define it as the only way the FNM wins any elections is if the PLP base is either apathetic or if there is dissension.

      Why do you think the Tribune and other media organizations works so hard to give the impression that the PLP is in disarray or there is infighting? they and the FNM establishment knows that when the PLP is not unified, the FNM wins!

      Right now, from Inagua in the south to Bimini in the north, the PLP party is energized, unified and ready. And when that is the case, that only means one thing for the FNM historically, WIPE OUT AT THE POLLS!

      Yellow wave coming STORM. Ride it, or get crushed!!!!!!

  7. McCartney; if he is to have any future in politics he will have to follow Dr. Rollins’ lead. If he waits any longer his stock would not worth consideration, so tell him to make up his bloody mind and call Perry Christie as Andre Rollins did. His time in the FNM is finished and Ingraham will remain in the FNM in leadership, long enough to make sure Bran do not succeed.

    • Truth, Tommy “the reject” did not give up the leadership post without getting some assurances regarding his future ambitions. So, whenever Papa Smurf steps down, there is going to be a two way race for leader of the party, but it wont be between Tommy “the reject,” and Branville “the confused.” “Fast hand” Dion Foulks is going to throw his hat in the ring for leader.

      I think Branville “the confused,” will run as “the reject’s” deputy and challenge “the reject” for the post of leadership a year or 2 after! Because as the election of 2017 draws near, there will be a call for “the reject” to step down as no one in the FNM will think he has what it takes to win a general election.

      With Branville “the confused” now sucking the black tit of Papa Smurf, his desire for leadership of the party is all but guaranteed. Its not a matter of if anymore, but when.

      The odd man out is “Work permit” Sharvago!

    • I believe that Bran will become deputy leader at the next convention of the FNM an DPM after the elections and on to PM after HAI retires, Tommy, Vargo, Dion, and Carl will be part-time back seat drivers as their time so to have come and gone…NEW BLOOD is here….for what its worth!

  8. @ CHUCKY
    Yeah we all have opinions (and can voice them – isn’t a free speech right in a democratic nation wonderful). Or does this right and the application of it by others bug you? Isn’t it ironic that you just VOICED YOUR OPINION on the subject of people having a right to an opinion.

  9. He was a flip-flopper from the beginning; going in the wrong direction but Ingraham is still the best man for the job? Give me a break. He was cussing Ingraham but not cussing him? what’s up with that kind of talk? flip-flopper, indeed.

  10. I have one thing to do if this is true. I, being of sound mind, and a constiuent of Bamboo Town, and my family WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR MR.McCARTNEY. HELL NOOOO!!!!

  11. @ Think
    Fy frind i have been making-up my own mind from the time that I legally could. The documents is simply the formal conditions of the sale and if you feel a sense of “gratitude” towards the FNM for releasing the documents, then despite being a country that is labelled as a constitutional democracy, we are in a lot of trouble on the practical level.

    Let me state this point emphatically for all and sundry, I DETEST POLITICIANS WHOSE ONLY “TALENT” IS THAT PLP/FNM BASHING IS FUNCTIONAL IN THEIR LIVES AT THE LEVEL OF COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR (do you know anyone like that, think). Your “Papa” was asked by Wendall Jones during an interview at FNM HQs, “what is your vision for The Bahamas?” “Papa” said “he wants to create a new city in the back of South Beach”. The man is visionless. Is a new commercial district in South Beach sufficient of a reason for you to vote for his continued leadership over this entire country? He brings the same foresight, same skills and same-ole-same old to the table in this “document” which you seem to believe will vindicate him (and it won’t). He is out of his depth now. The challenges that we face requires more than he has to offer. Others who are better prepared (in terms of
    understanding what is needed for this country over the next 50 years and having the ability to reach across the political aisles to draw all talents/skills together to build this country) should have been positioned to lead. Instead he is making the leadership matter a “pissing” contest between Ingraham and Christie (who can last the longest as Leader). THINK MAN, THINK (no pun intended – LOL)!!!

  12. The questions being asked by many who is blue waters. Ing rum and his *** kissing followers should know who they are because they paid 2 million of our hard earn monies to them. When you’re paying that kind of money out you must know who you are paying it to. You simply do not write a check and not put the name of the person/s or company

  13. It is so interesting to read the many opinions, however we must consider what is best for the Bahamas and Bahamians, “Critical Thinker” made a very powerful suggestion, a bonafied idea.
    I read with interest what “Storm” had to say about the Unions, boy how we forget, was it the Police who during the early voting process 2007 that advised many of their rank and file to wear RED “T” Shirts when they went to vote, under the direction of their leader at the time. Selling BTC to a foreign company will not [in my opinion] benefit the Bahamas, just think, the larger portion of the profits will now be shared and go overseas, If it is true that C&W purchased BTC’s obsolete equipment and sent it to another Country, This should tell us that we can be second hand also.. for what it’s worth

  14. Yeah It was secret and Hubert Ingraham paid $2 million of public money to people he did not know. we need to lock him up!


  15. OBVIOUSLY Storm you are unaware. A RED STORM IS COMING! Keep your ears to the ground.
    One more intellectual point PLEASE read the documents and make your own decision. I dont care if you support the FNM or PLP just use the BRAIN god has given you! Find the documents at this link below

    AGAIN I applaud the FNM for making PUBLIC the documents in regard to the C&W Sale. SIMPLY PUT! The PLP DID NOT And you are aware that they did not so stop trying to avoid that point. I KNOW there was NO SALE but they were in TALKS and attempted to do it in SECRET! THINK

  16. This dude is definitely playing a dangerous game;more importantly he is directionless and is playing into the hands of Ingraham, who is waiting for the right time to sink him into the ABYSS of nothingness: stay tuned.

  17. The Bahamas Government signed a 10 year management contract with Canada’s YVR Airport Services LTD to manage the $500 Million Nassau Airport Development Company.

    The FNM should follow suit and sign a 10 year management contract with a USA based carrier to manage BTC.

    5 Million of our visitors comes from there with cellular in hand.

    BTC would be worth billions in revenue.

    Simple isn’t it?

  18. @ Police

    Okay, let’s do precisely what you ask and SUPPORT THE GOVERNMENT because the unions have become “too political” and “cannot be trusted”. Well in the name of him who lives in heaven above, isn’t the governmet POLITICALLY INFLUENCED too. So we can trust them (after the postponed issuiance of the MOU for weeks beyond a deadline that they established). Boy these parties need to send people who make sense as they spew thier propaganda. American Idols judges would simply say “NO” to your sorry performance. Get lost amateur spin doctor!!

  19. @ T^hinker,

    Thinker, thinker, Thinker, come on now. Don’t read more into this move by Branville than it’s worth. Educated people are not attracted to parties… period. They are attracted to ideas, bright well articulated ideas. And because they are educated (and I will stretch the word “educated” to capture intelligent – this one time – because we know that’s not really so) they put the interest of (get this) COUNTRY ABOVE PARTY. To some (I didn’t call you out) such a consideration is offensive and having a victory motorcade several days after the general election is the only objective through voting and they are willing to SACRAFICE ALL (even if they have to leave common sense and intelligence on the outside of the voting booth) to make that motorcade happen. WE ARE IN TROUBLE IF YOU REPRESENT THE “INTELLIGENT” VIEW BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU ALREADY VOTE FOR THE 2012 ELECTIONS AND YOU DID SO IN SUPPORT OF THE FNM. THERE IS ONLY ONE BIG, BIG PROBLEM PLAYER. NO PARTY HAS PRESENTED ALL THEIR CANDIDATES OR IDEAS YET, SO WHAT DID YOU COMPARE? DO YOU THINK THAT’S THE SMART THING TO DO “SMARTY”?

  20. This young man can not be trusted so Bahamian’s be very carful of him the bible says an unstable man is unstable in all his ways so be very careful of him thats all i have to say for now.

  21. I was going to encourage all to support the union, but I have seriously thought about this. The union has become to political and as such they lack all honestly.

    I now urge all Bahamians to support the Government on the privatization of BTC.

    God Bless our commonwealth.

    • Police… It is not about the privatization of BTC, but its 51% sale to foreigners. The government is doing the bidding of the globalists. We will soon not have a commonwealth for God to bless. DOWN with politics, DOWN with the globalists, UP with sovereignty.

  22. Like I said before, “Bran” is calculating with attention to what he perceives will lengthen his days in local politics. Even if the FNM loses he will still have a chance at leadership there by “making up” with the folks over yonder. He wants to be A LEADER (what is it about that you don’t understand)! Bahamians on both sides have shown no love at the polls for those who step out of line (ask BJ Nottage – CDR) and good ideas cannot be translated into votes in this country (ask Cassius Stewart – BDM) because WE (voters) are deliberately remaining primative in our considerations (clean the parks, provide after school care, give ham/turkey in xmas season, help my child who goofed off in school to get a job, attend the funeral service of my relative, etc., etc.). Branville’s decision reflects the reality of HOW BAHAMIANS ARE IN THEIR POLITICS. This blind followship politics that we allow are “playing” (because Papa and Valley Boy count on US to be their faithful party fools who they can get to vote in or out anyone … regardless – and they use our blind partisanship as a whip on the backs of those who dare to want changes from within the party) has come full circle because WE ARE LOYAL TO A FAULT. YOU HEAR THE IDIOTS ON THE TALK SHOWS EVERYDAY. With the multiply effect in play (literally thousands of party fools out there) how can any politician know if they voted for him, the party, or the leader of the party. Branville, you did the right thing (for the wrong reason), but he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day. Let the church say AMEN!

    Is an EDUCATED young man. If you go to the Bahamas Government website you can access all the AUTHENTIC documents on the sale of BTC not the BOGUS mess the PLP is circulating. This Government is proving with its ACTIONS that it will allow PUBLIC Access to the Bahamian people to the documents unlike the PLP who DID NOT bring any documents to the BAHAMIAN people on the sale they were working on with BLUE WATER. Branville will emerge as a GREAT leader of the FNM as he will lead the charge for the FNM in FUTURE Elections. BP your propaganda will not work on EDUCATED people. PLEASE Refer to the document the PLP did after losing in 2007. Your party has a HARD TIME attracting EDUCATED people POINT BLANK!

    • @Thinker what makes you think that you have sense, you are toting the party line like the rest of the sheep, good luck to Bran and his future endeavours, Thinker what could you be thinking, stay on topic please.

    • This is irrelevant. NO sale ever took place nor was there any confirmation of ANY SALE to have documents published to the public.


  24. As soon as Papa have time to go and buy some of them dollar day bunch of carrots, Bran going be invited to the PM office, but he should be warned, if Papa say he out of carrots but he got some fresh conch salad, cause this is a special occasion and he so happy, good Lord Bran take it but tell him you’re full and will eat it later. Whatever you do, don’t eat that conch salad, cause he might be giving you some that samba conch, and sometimes it be poisonous. If fool enough eat that, when people ask where Bran gone; they going to say, ain’t you hear he done dead, dead from some kind of poison, right after he got home from visiting the PM office.

  25. Its amazing that because the man doesn’t do what others want him to do he shows no compassion and he must get kick. When you are a leader you tends to walk on a very thin peace of rope. See you can listen to the people but still doesn’t mean the people is right. The reason a leader is appointed is to look at the facts and make a decision based on them which will better any situation, and to clean it up if a mistake is made. But, let the leader make the decision of the people and something goes wrong, then do you think the people will correct it or say it was their fault. lol in the face of jokers. Its like a wedding or a party, No matter how much people you want to please and invite, at the end of the night they will still talk about you and everything that occurred. Like what is said let the leaders lead and do what they feel is right for the Bahamian people and if it falls through, then let them be the ones to get blame and fix the issue. It has been said that if you don’t TRY you have already FAILED.

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