Branville shocks the media announcing he and scores will return to the FNM under new leadership…


Some 25 popular former FNM Cabinet Ministers and MPs set to back Minnis at the JUNE 1st CONVENTION…

NASSAU| Branville McCartney has told the press that he will rejoin the FNM under a Hubert Minnis Leadership. 

McCartney introduced Minnis as a man with a real record of winning government, sharing that Minnis is the best man to lead the joint effort to rebuild the party.

MCartney was one of many FNMs who left the Party and who will reportedly return in a serious effort to rebuild the FNM Brand. 

Sources tell us a Minnis-McCartney team will present experience with youth as the way forward for the FNM. It will certainly be a BRAN-NEW DAY inside the FNM!

Meanwhile, Duane Sands and Michael Pintard are working overtime to block delegates and muzzle supporters who are deciding on the new leadership come June 1st. 

Minnis launched a powerful comeback home event last week Friday, drawing hundreds into the ballroom of the Baha Mar Resort, while Pintard had a rally on the porch at Breezes SuperClubs.

Right now Minnis has gained momentum across the family islands, locking in support mainly on Grand Bahama where two solid MPs, Kwasi Thompson and Iram Lewis, will galvanize support at convention to return Minnis to the helm of the FNM. Shanendon Cartwright, Adrian Gibson along with some 25 popular former FNM Cabinet Ministers and MPs will back delegates support behind Minnis return inside the FNM.

We ga report and the FNMs will decide!