MFG hosts successful ‘Pint of Love’ Blood Drive in Grand Bahama

LEADING THE CHARGE – The Ministry for Grand Bahama took up the mantle this year to encourage members of the Grand Bahama community to help save lives with a second ‘A Pint of Love’ Blood Drive at the Rand Memorial Hospital on May 18, 2024.

GRAND BAHAMA, The Bahamas – Setting the tone for what was to be another successful thrust to save lives, Minister for Grand Bahama, the Hon. Ginger Moxey was among several residents who took up the challenge and gave blood during the ‘Pint of Love’ Blood Drive at the Rand Memorial Hospital on May 18, 2024.

The initiative was spearheaded by the COLLAB Unit of the Ministry for Grand Bahama whIch sought to answer the call for the community to assist in keeping the hospital blood bank full.

It was the second year that the Ministry has partnered with the Blood Donors Society of Grand Bahama, the Public Hospitals Authority, Grand Bahama Health Services and other non-profit organizations to hold a blood drive on Grand Bahama.

Last year, ‘A Pint of Love’ Blood Drive, which was headed by Intern Dr. Greganique Cooper, the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at the Grand Bahama Health Services, and the Blood Donors Society of Grand Bahama, was said to be one of the more successful blood drives with having the largest volume of blood donated in the hospital’s recent history.

“We wanted to make history again,” Minister Moxey said. “We believe we’re going to do it again today, just excited to be able to give back.

“I would have announced that I’ve started my act of sacrifice and 50 acts of kindness on my road to my 50th (birthday) and I thought that this could be one of my acts of sacrifice, acts of kindness in giving blood myself.  So, I’m excited about giving blood today and to encourage all residents who are able to to come out and give that gift of life.”

Minister Moxey also pointed out that the blood drive was also to promote friendly competition among members of the community in giving blood.

“We wanted to ensure that we’re a part of ensuring the banks are filled,” she said, adding that doing so is critical to sustaining life and her Ministry is excited to be leading the charge in such an initiative.

Minister Moxey also presented a plaque to Assistant Commissioner of Police Shanta Knowles, Officer in charge of the Northern Bahamas, on Saturday who accepted on behalf of the Royal Bahamas Police Force in appreciation for that organization giving the largest volume of blood during last year’s blood drive.

Claudia Glinton, Laboratory Manager at the Grand Bahama Health Services, also expressed gratitude to the community for supporting the event and echoed the call for residents to give blood regularly.

“We are always in need of blood. We have so many different types of patients here from cancer patients, to car accidents, to anemic patients, so the blood bank is always in need of blood and the only way we can get it is if we have volunteers come in and donate,” she said.

She is also reminding members of the public they can donate every three months, while stressing that blood is only stored in the bank for 35 days.

“We actually never keep it in the blood bank for so long because people are always in need,” Glinton added, and is encouraging the community not to wait for an emergency.

President of the Blood Donors Society of Grand Bahama Lededra Marche also pointed out that with every pint of blood that is donated, three lives can be saved.

“We want to thank COLLAB for being that organization to encourage others to come out and give blood and we want all of the organizations to come forward and do the same,” she said.

Other non-profit organizations partnering with COLLAB Unit for this year’s blood drive are the Bahamas Red Cross Grand Bahama Centre, Kiwanis Club, Pilot Club, and Rotary.