Breaking News <<< Three Police Officers FIRED FROM THE FORCE TODAY!

COP of Police, Ellison Greenslade.

Three police were dismissed from the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Two of the men were dismissed for DRUG POSSESSION and one was for behaviour of a “CRIMINAL NATURE”.

BP is investigating more into these details….MARVIN DAMES IS GONE, OUT! GOOD RIDDANCE!


  1. BP,

    Why would you post Mr. Marvin Dames name under this head line/article.It seems as if your suggesting he’s one of the three which he’s not. HE {MARVIN DAMES} RESIGNED. Come on BP get it together man. SMT

      • BP, the cop that got fired in Freeport was involved with a judge who now works in Nassau. The two allegedly were paid by criminals to dispose of cases. While the cop has been fired the corrupt judge who hails from Nigeria is still in the system ready to do what she does best. And we wanna know why crime is a problem in this country. The two were first suspended and brought back to work and now the cop is fired and the corrupt judge is still here to throw out ya case if the price is right. I know this because this judge once tried to extort moneys from my daughter so i reported the matter to cheif Magistrate Franklyn Williams who called her via phone in my presence and admonished her.

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