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Mother of slain fashion designer Harl Taylor, Beverley Taylor weap as she enters the crime scene area last November. Bahamas Press questions a police placed on leave, after discovering Taylor dead in his residence. (file photo)

Nassau, Bahamas: A source close to the investigations into the murder of fashion designer Harl Taylor has now confirmed to Bahamas Press that a young officer assigned in the Central Detective Unit [CID] discovered the body of Harl Taylor dead at his Mountbatten House resident in Nov. 2007.

Bahamas Press reported earlier that an officer was placed on leave from the Royal Bahamas Police Force. The source has also released details concerning the investigation to our newsroom.

The source confirmed that investigators were called to the scene of the crime by the junior CID officer and were also briefed by him. The source has also confirmed that the officer wore plain clothes and at the time had driven a police vehicle to the crime scene.

The young CID officer is also reported to have driven from the scene of the crime to a friend of Taylor who wept uncontrollably the morning of the discovery. Eyewitnesses, the source said, who were at the scene on Sunday morning, reportedly asked the young officer why was he in and out of the residence [Mountbatten House] and asked if something was wrong. One response given to a worker of GrayCliff Restaurant by the young CID officer was that nothing was wrong. Meanwhile Taylor was dead – body mutilated in his bedroom. The source also revealed that blood was everywhere in the resident when police and detectives arrived on the scene. At this time the young officer appeared agitated and was seen answering calls on his cell phone and in a hurry to drive off in his police vehicle.

It was also later discovered, the source said, that some illegal workers who worked for Taylor were also in the crime scene area, and were ordered out of the area by police. Some of those workers, according to the source, sat on the steps of Government House watching and some totally left the scene, whilst police started their investigations.

The source concluded that investigations are hindered, mainly because crucial evidence had already been disturbed, particularly by the young CID officer who entered the room of Taylor and discovered his body.

“He was at the House before anyone else was there, and as far as we are aware, no one from the scene called him there. What was he doing there? Who called him there? How did he get access into Mountbatten House, and more importantly, how did he get access into the room of the murdered fashion designer.” the source said.

Bahamas Press asks again, is the CID officer who drove a government vehicle to the crime scene and discovered Harl Taylor dead in his resident considered a suspect in the murder of the fashion designer? And if not, then why was he placed on leave from the Royal Bahamas Police Force? Police are looking everywhere to discover this crime, except right in their own backyard.