Illegals rounded up, popular stalls on Fish Fry close



Twin Brothers was close today because half of its illegal staff members were rounded up by ministry of immigration officers in an early morning raid in the area.

Nassau Bahamas – The conch vendor was sleeping and the cooks at popular Fish Fry were cooking to order today, as the Ministry of Immigration raid the area around 6AM this morning. Some three bus load of illegals were removed from the popular Bahamian hangout, forcing some popular restaurants like Twin Brothers to close down for the day.

Bahamas Press applauds this move by the Ingraham government. The new minister of immigration Branville McCartney must certainly be credited for his efforts in stemming the illegal problems across the country. Bahamians are feeling economic hardships along with raising unemployment faced here and around the world. Persons however in search for jobs can definitely apply to stalls at Fish Fry, as some cannot open because they have no workers.


  1. what would be truly worth while is the taking of forensic evidence from those deported. What Bran is doing is just blowing smoke if it is not handled in a comprehensive way. Already the drums of the Tribune are beating, so I expect Bran to get pressure any day now from his colleagues to roll over….

  2. I am impressed with the new minister of state thus far. However, The Bahamas has many illegal immigrants, the immigration department needs to weed out at least 500 illegals daily. Not just one (1) day.

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