Breaking News >>> More Bahamians are FIRED and sent home by the Ingraham Government!


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  1. Media you right….SELLING is the answer to every problem, according to the FNM. They need to try to sell CRIME.

    Joe, from what I understand its a lot of heavy political victimization but on the other hand, ZNS has been overstaffed for years.

  2. Well leaving it to this WUTLESS Government we ain’t one, two or Three they trying to sell everything we own!

  3. could you get over yourself Drama King

    All a we are one!

    PLP/ FNM/ BDM,etc.. we all Bahamians!

  4. Is there a real reason why these people are being fired? I understand that a former Minister packed ZNS with his girlfriends and/or thier family. We have to get away from the notion that if there is creidble reason why these people need to be fired, then they should be, but on the other hand it cannot be just political victimisation.

  5. Ingraham government is really heartless to be firing people in this day and age…….I bet all those getting fired are PLPs……this is so evil

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