Hubert plotting an election plan whilst in Haiti!



Mama told us many things one was never play with fire cause you will get burn, and another was to never TRUST anyone who deal with OBEAH. This picture of Hubert Ingraham tells the picture of how working with OBEAH turns one into a CRAZY LOOKING MONSTER! Hubert Ingraham’s Caribbean tour stops his holiday trip in Haiti the region’s capital for OBEAH!

Nassau, Bahamas: At that rally 18 years ago, in Grand Bahama, Hubert Ingraham outlined then what an FNM government will bring to a new Bahamas when it gets elected to govern the affairs of the people. A portion of his text read;

“I had hoped that the governing party would act like adults and democrats and put forward their positions on the relevant issues of jobs, monopolies, the high cost of living, training, healthcare, education and local government.

“…I have had a glace at the PLP’s plan for election day. I do not like what I see. If the PLP attempts to carry out its plan to thief this election, things gonna get very ugly,” Ingraham told his election charged rally goers.

Surprisingly the FNM won that bye-election in Marco City, however, Bahamas Press wonders when we came across this text, why would in the mind of the FNM leader, be the idea of election fraud? After all he was once the Chairman of the PLP and he would know how possibly the PLP can steal an election. And can we therefore conclude that he continues with this practice even today?

Whilst all the leaders of the world is in Beijing this summer, Hubert Ingraham has sought to take a Caribbean vacation which takes him to Haiti, and we wonder why? Why Hubert Ingraham wants to stop in the poorest nation in the world, which declares witchcraft as its religion? Things that cause you say, hmmmmm.

Recently, some nine districts in the local government elections failed to put out notices that an election was taking place on those Family Islands. This resulted in the resignation of the Minister of Local Government in the FNM, Sidney Collie. And, here again one must accept the facts that;

1) Hubert Ingraham often talked about thiefin’ election when he was leader of the Opposition before 1992.

2) Hubert Ingraham was the one who after Justices in the election court noted that irregularities occurred during the 2007 election, stated that nothing is wrong with the process.

3) It’s was under Hubert Ingraham, residents on the Family Island’s recent local government election did not know that an election was about to take place, because formal notices were not published or put on the commissioner’s door in the respective islands in the required time for notices to be placed.

More and more we question these practices of Hubert Ingraham and note the facts. One should be concerned and ask themselves, who is really carrying the idea of election fraud in their head in this country? The facts speak for themselves.


  1. I am all for forming a SERIOUS new party….not some play play thing. I am SICK of the FNM and the PLP and their rotten antics and leaders.

    I am ready for REAL CHANGE and I am bold and not playing. This is our Bahamas and I am sick and tired of us laying down and just TAKING IT…”IT” as in whatever the government dishes out to us.

  2. RB75 like DRAMA saidit does begin with our bold steps BUT how many of us ARE WILLING TO TAKE A REAL STEP WHEN IT MATTERS !!!! we as Bahamians talk alot ya know,time fa that to stop cause no matter how much people come on this site and bash PLP or FNM NONE A DEM GA VOTE or even show any type of support fa the person who is best fa the job – or fa a NEW PARTY – we talk about change but the OLD BOYS in this town so stuck in they ways

  3. rb75….we are Bahamians and we are speaking out….it begins with our bold steps. This is the worst government and unfortunately people like me helped to elect it but the good thing is that we still have the power to take them out. Four years is not long. They have no respect for us and its obvious there is only ONE decision maker/dictator in this government. No one knows what actions to take when he is absent.

  4. Its a deal Mario! I will check out your site and if I like what I see I will make the travel arrangements. We can have drinks and talk politics. I am game !!

  5. This another way which I beleive that this FNM administration is in trouble.

    Look Folks they are in trouble since the Prime Minister stood up in the House of Assembly and thrown away major investments that was pegged for our economy and started a war against the middle class of this nation this is waht we are left with …A mad man for a Prime Minister a bunch off worthless or wuthless cabinet ministers and a Administration that sames to be going in circles…Lets look at it he borrowed 100mil plus for the road work project which was to start this month ..still no start ….not to mentiond that he went to the same country that when they were in power the first time a company from this same country went bankrupt and was going bankrupt from before they signed the contract the question is why would this Prime Minister go back to the same country without first looking into this next company that is hired to do the NRIP……It was cheaper under the last PLP Government by giving Bahamian companies a little peice of the road corridors we saved by not haveing to borrow money but we could off paid for those works out off our own budget.

    This Government is proven to be the worst one that we had in history the bahamian people must begin to speak out against this government.

  6. Hi Drama King,

    These days I would not mind the extra cash, I am sure the Prime Minister pays his bodyguards good, but don’t think I would like to risk my life for anybody as a bodyguard. You can check out my website for the details about where we are located at or call 809-296-0303 for more information.

    Let’s make a challenge here if you come down here and find out I am the P.M.;s bodyguard I’ll pay for your stay, if I am not you can buy me dinner and of course some drinks.

  7. On another note, Mario, where is your place? Sounds interesting….might wanna take the wife there.

    So now Tommy is the 2008 Beer and Peanuts victim of the Union? Thats good for him, what he doing meddling in union business…’stead he call Brent and tell him take a break from his real estate job and go face the union.

  8. I believe the first post by Media…I think its Hubiggety’s bodyguard for real…why he so defensive of Hubiggety? Get real Mario, the man is KNOWN for Obeah. He cant help himself. He just went to Haiti for the REAL SOURCE as I guess things drying up in La Bahamas.



  10. Tommy almost got beer and peanuts thrown on him today . LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!

  11. We apologize for our error MARIO, and hope you continue to enjoy this website.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  12. Hi Editor,

    I have absolutely no afiliation with Hubert Ingrham.

    I am a Bahamian that lives in the Dominican Republic. The website that you are refering to is the hotel that I own and operate.

    I was simply stating my knowledge of the cruise stop in Haiti that he was/is on.

    I was not attempting in any means to defend his actions or what he is doing as I have no idea what he is doing or what is actions there are.

    Thanks for the promotion of the website and hope to see some Bahamians visit sometime.

  13. Well, Well, Well, people, look what I found. One of the Pm’s body guards is in here now? WOW! I mean we cannot break a story on Hubert Good he has his body guard answering and defending the PM. We could careless if his ship was stopping in Port de Paix, the fact is he gone TO HAITI! And we did not lie nor stretch any imagination there! (Now just in case you think we are joking, just see where this (Mario’s) email came from people…)

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  14. First I will say my comment has nothing to do with my political beliefs.

    Just a little fact here.

    Primeminister Ingraham is on a cruise and it is only a stop in Haiti.

    The place he stops at is Labadee, Haiti which a private part, much like islands where cruise ships stop in the Bahamas, and will only have contact with the people working there. There is no public access to the real Haiti. To suggest he will be involved in vodoo(obeah) while he is there is a bit of a stretch.

    Lets concentrate on real issues and not propaganda.

  15. Media, the police too busy doing criminal activity and getting paid off to worry about expired gun licenses.

    Mental obviously working for Hubert Ingraham as he or she only seems to comment on matters pertaining to him. Doesnt everyone know Haitians are primarily into voo doo and that is their religion mixed up with a Catholic stuff.

  16. Now there is a job for the police to do. I wonder if anyone has brought that up or are to assume that they ain’t that smart.

  17. Just a joke, but with all these guns on the streets of Nassau, how is it, we cannot find a team to do trapshooting at the 2008 Olympics?

    If over 4,000 person have not renewed their gun licenses in The Bahamas, and those weapons are not for sports or protection. Those persons can only be using them for CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES!

    And one should ask, why have not the police obtained warrants as yet to search the residences of all those persons whose licenses have expired?

    Just something we should add to our thoughts on here…

  18. Mental is a PAID distraction sent to this website. But we will not go into that, he will work hard for his couple dollars. Bahamas Press can confirm that Voodoo is enshrined in the constitution as the official religion of Haiti and yes it is the poorest on this side of the world.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  19. Mental officially Haitians are Catholic but i think the point is that Haiti recognize VODOOO as a religion. Is that not somthing to be concerned with

  20. Roman Catholicism is the official religion of Haiti.

    Also, Haiti is NOT the poorest nation in the world (Sierra Leone, Malawi, Mozambique are poorer – CIA World Factbook), just the region.

    Just thought you might want to know for future reference. but then again why would you bother with trivial things like FACTS?

    You shouldn’t make proving you wrong so easy.

  21. Well we did not say he is planning an election. We said is plotting his ELECTION PLAN. There is a BIG difference, and its futuristic. Do remember the PM is also the minister for LOCAL GOVERNMENT and that can also mean a plan for a by-election in the making. However as soon as the details come closer to us we will open this in clearer terms what we are saying here. But we cannot confirm a by-election looming, just yet.

    Trust the message however, as you know we do have our ears on the ground.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  22. There is nothing in this blog post that reflects your headline. Nothing suggest or speaks to the PM planning an election. I must admit, this headline is misleading.

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