Bahamas Press has learned that an alleged human smuggler on the island of Bimini has been stabbed early this morning. Sources told Bahamas Press that the Bailey Town resident was stabbed around 2am this morning by two Jamaican nationals who were participating in a human smuggling exercise to the United States.

The victim who was injured in an incident was airlifted this morning to hospital, whilst the island residents started an uproar. Sources said the island police are afraid of acting heavy handed in the situation, as they do not wish on to start another riot on the island. A resident noted that two Jamaican believed to be involved with the incident raced to the police station for protection, as islanders became irate over the incident.

“Binini has now become a ‘hot spot’ for smuggling illegals to the US. A vessel called the G & G leaves from the back of the Bimini Bay Resort every night around 2AM in the morning, one residents noted. “No on can go around that docking facility where the vessel is docked and everybody knows something is happening illegal in that area of the resort.

“Police and immigartion officials are selling out Bahamian interest on the island, and the situation is getting worse by the day,” a resident on the island told Bahamas Press.