Ingraham Fires Rhodes Scholar, killing hopes of many!



Another young Bahamian professional, Dr. Desiree Cox, now must leave the country, all because of VICTIMIZATION and blackballing by the Ingraham ‘TRUST AGENDA’ Government.

Bahamas Press is disgusted upon hearing the news that Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has, unceremoniously FIRED Rhodes scholar Dr. Desiree Cox. Cox had served as a director/adviser in the Urban Renewal programme. Here is a classic example where the ‘ABACO DRAGON’ plays politics with the lives of ordinary Bahamians who have much to contribute to the building of their country.

Ingraham lied to the Bahamian people suggesting he would not victimized anyone when taking office, but have gone on a rampage kill the livelihood of ordinary citizens. What is worse here is this, how can younger scholars see a future in their country when a Prime Minster – who only achieve a night school drinking sessions in that ‘PLACE OF SIN’ – continue to dash their future hopes as achievers in this country?

The evil and wicked leader of the FNM cannot wish to build The Bahamas as he has stopped and killed the very programme which moved the country forward. Bahamas Press has been told that a mother whose son played the drums in the Farm Road community is constantly in tears for his instrument. “I mean my boy is just depress now that the activities with the band are no more. Everyday he nags me and ask, ‘mommy when is practice?’ and I have no answer for him,” the mother told Bahamas Press.

Bahamas Press has learned that every band in the programme has been discontinued in the affected communities and the instruments are packed up in backrooms, at community centers across the country.

Looking at the colossal damage now happening in some communities in The Bahamas, one many MUST CONCLUDE, Christie was right on this and HUBERT IS WRONG!

Here again however, is another silent incident of Christie’s PLP. Where no one in the leadership has yet said a single word against this latest development, and we at Bahamas Press wonders why. Why there has been no statement on Dr. Cox’s unceremonious firing by Hubert Ingraham?

And here again is another example of where the Ingraham’s FNM ‘Trust Agenda’ Strikes AGAIN!


  1. To me this whole thing describes FIRING. Read the paragraph than begins “SECOND”….I dont care what no one says….this woman was fired.

  2. Thanks to the good Dr. for setting the record straight. Do you get it B.P.? No name calling. No derogatory remarks. No firing. Just the facts. You would do well to re-read her remarks 10 times and then appologize for your unfounded tirade. Perhaps “the powers that be” will have the good sense to look at the proposal for a Senior Research Scholar again and find a way to use the talents of the good Dr.

  3. I have heard many different versions of the stories relating to my involvement and role in shaping the urban renewal initiative and the completion of my tenure with urban renewal in November 2007. And up to this point I have said nothing. A still tongue makes a wise head. But there is a time to speak and a time to watch. And this is the time to speak. To set the record straight.

    FIRST. I was not fired. I had a three year contract as consultant to the urban renewal commission. It was decided that the research which myself and my research team would have the opportunity to evolve in such a way as to inform public policy if it were connected to the College of the Bahamas – soon to be University of The Bahamas. Negotiations began to set this up. An agreement was made between COB, myself and the government (around Feb/March 2007). The papers for a position of Senior Research Scholar was agreed upon. The new government was not minded to fullful on this agreement. Nothing further was spoken about this contract and I was unable to get any word on the position regarding the post. My contract, as consultant to Urban renewal was thus extended until November 2007. I did not see the kind of committment, funding, political will, organizational structure, necessary for such an initiative to be successful. When my contract came to an end, I wrote a note thanking the government for the opportunity to serve my country in the capacity of consultant to the urban renewal initiative, and I moved on.

    This is not being fired. Governments have the right to choose what they give there energy to and who they chose to employ to assist them in putting their policies into action.

    Now. Here’s the thing. This is a critical time for The Bahamas, and indeed for many Caribbean countries. The past thirty-five years past independence have been spent in short-term initiatives and policies. One government comes in, kills the projects of its predecessors, and over time this has a negative effect on development human development.

    Much of what I did during my time with urban renewal was about finding and documenting the facts (not facts about the success of urban renewal, urban renewal was merely a vehicle for social and cultural transformation on a national scale, with particular attention to people in tough neighborhoods) and speaking a new vision into being. The visionary part is the most important. Everything begins with a dream, an idea of a new possibility. And when people in tougher neighborhoods have the freedom to dream and, most of all, get that they really can make their dreams come true, then transformation happens. Transformation at the soul level. But this requires work. And the idea of homework/afterschool clubs/classes – outside of school – based in communities, and bands, and music, and all the other clubs that went on these areas, create the context for the community participating in cultural and social process of the country. Its not just about kids getting their homework done. Its about communities remembering to help each other in positive ways, about creative ways of creating the context of public participation in ways that allow for long term engagement.

    There’s a lot more I could say about that. But not now.


    Change has a cycle in The Bahamas, and the caribbean. The first thing people in this country do to a new/novel idea is pour scorn onto it. Usually without fully understanding what they are pouring scorn onto or, most of all, the negative impact of their words. Then, after they have killed the thing, or almost killed the idea, and see that there was some merit, they try and rescue some fragments of it, or slap up an half-baked version of it, rename it and reintroduce it. We would do well to take a more mature approach of observing and reshaping novel concepts, keeping what works for us, and reshaping the parts that are not working as well as we’d like them to.

    FINALLY. Urban renewal was not personal. Neither was it political for me. It was what was and still is needed for the country, it was an opportunity to contribute to the country. And that is that.

    If my contributions are not needed then so beit. My position on these things: say what you have to say in this life and move on. Those who get it, get it. Those who don’t don’t. Its all good (or as a good of mine puts it, its all God).

    But at a national level, at some point, people will start to miss the water, hopefully, they’ll do act before the well runs dry.

    one love

    Dr Desiree Cox

  4. lol in others words “me (media) go in the front line you must be mad. Ill stay here were i safe” LMAO

  5. This blog ‘HemiBahama’ is part of a growing voice in this country. And I get that invitation all the time, but lets look at it this way. Do you think, if I leave this BLOG now along with other colleagues it will have the same effect? Who will fight on this front? That time is not yet, BUT that voice shall rise! And soon!

    Bahamas Press / Editor

  6. But Media we need people like you to come out from behind the blog and make bold statements. I know people read these blogs but what about the people who cant read and want change. Media change the way people think and act. I like the writing but we need more vocal people also.

  7. And we must all remember, Christie and Ingraham is not the real problem. The problem must be US, for it is us who have allowed this evil to continue in our country. Trust me people, I am almost stone cold these days in believing in ANYONE at the top anymore. Change begins in US, WE the People, who are SICK AND TIRED of the sickening issues that affect us all.

    Dr Cox is one who had worked, played by the rules, earned an honest work for honest pay and came back to her home and did not decide to join Corporate Bahamas. But decided to better her people. To help them organize their lives and rebuild their communities. What is wrong with that people? Is she treated so because she have refused this duplicitous culture of ours; to steal from one person and try talk truth to another? Or is she treated this way because she is NOT one of those that has accepted this WICKED DOPE and DRUG selling culture as a way of life, a direction so many others in public life here in The Bahamas have accepted?>

    When I fight this evil in this country, forget Dr. Cox the individual, but I see in a person like her, with all her honesty and commitment to building her country, MY OWN DAUGHTER and her future place in this country. Where to PLAY by the rules, being honest, hardworking and fair in this country is unaccepted and is attacked by these “POLITICAL PROSTITUTES AND WHORES.” Medieval VIPERS who prey on killing the hopes and dreams of those who play fair.

    Well, well now, I have a pen and if I must write this across the world and expose these VIPERS and die doing so, at least like a soldier, I would have died believing in my cause.

    We must turn this around, and NOT look THOSE WHO ARE RIDING ON THE BACKS OF THE PEOPLE!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  8. When Tyrany has complete control of a nation then all that is left is tyrant’s in charge …that is what we have today in our country proud men and women are left to the mercy of other’s with no laws to protect such people from the feudal lord’s and tyrants that has taken a hold of our country.

    Thats why there must be change and it must come from ordinary people.

  9. But how in the hell can she contribute, when INGRAHAM TELL HERE CARRY HER YOU KNOW WHAT? Come on people this is no game!

    We at Bahamas Press have written and publicly asked on this BLOG repeatly OVER AND OVER AND OVER our request for Bahamas Information Service [BIS] to forward news for you to read. To give us the same privilege the giver to The Guardian, The Tribune, the Punch, the Journal, Bahamasweekly and many other blogs and newspapers.

    Have you seen them comply or responded to our request? It is 10 months now since our first request, all fallen on deaf ears. And we know why, and will save that explosion for another time. And they play this game, whilst an ambassador of this country cannot get to know what his government is doing, and he reads this BLOG.

    We are denied it because some PROSTITUTE at BIS has decided we should be offline? Is this the Bahamas I will leave for my kids? I promise you and the 470,000 plus readers of this BLOG, that will NOT BE THE CASE and THAT TOO WILL CHANGE!

    And we warn both Director and Deputy Director of BIS to deliver news to or face FULL EXPOSURE from us on them to the world. If writing nicely cannot get it, then lets see if getting GUTTER WILL!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  10. I agree with you media. My point is that some of these so called qualified people play politics and it come back to hunt them. It is bad that it happens in this country but it does. Her contract was up and they did not renew it. Is Dr Cox saying that she was fired? I hope that she can use still continue to contribute.

  11. And rb75 when I hear the Bahamas PM has a full 24 hour heavy security detail, body bullet proof suit and then I know Change is taking place in the country.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  12. I totaly agree with Media on this statement.

    We for too long have let our voices be silent on such issue’s we have let our leader’s and party patron’s behave like feudal lord’s and ladies we have created a Nation built on a wacked out feudal midevil system of government where if one has the right connections and know the right people or is in bed with the right party may find himself or herself eating at the big boys table ….this is what we have come too if you find yourself in the right position and talk the right talk then you may be given a contract or place in a soft job in a government ministry or department.

    We talk of The United States so much but let’s look at it we watch American news every day and we know of all the congress men and state legislators that have been charged with corruption and even jailed; how many Bahamian Politicians have been charged with corruption and jailed for such crime’s please if anyone knows of one please let me know….this place that we call home must be cleaned and I mean we need an overhaul let’s face it our government it’s institution’s and the very system is corrupt and broken and it needs to be fixed and it cannot be fixed by the same old politicians that in some cases have held office from the country was independant.

    Change must come and it must come with a swift hand and just hand.

  13. A lot of people who are not directly involved in the Urban Renewal Programme claim “It wasn’t working; Show me something blah blah”. But the urban renewal programme was exactly what the inner city areas needed. No they didnt bring millions of dollars into the communities but it showed many of the young people you can raise above your situation and be productive and positive. The community was re-gaining hope and trust in the police since they were seen as a part of the community. The goals you must realize were long term and LONG Term is the solution to our problems here in our country 🙂

    People please don’t look from the outside and claim this system didn’t work or that system didn’t work. I watched a few shows on ZNS with Ms. Cox during the URP era and she had a beautiful vision and innovative solutions to the social ills of our society. They could have renewed her contract (if she desired so) and use her in Social Services somewhere because imho she seems to be on the right track.

    All the best Ms. Cox.

  14. Let us say flatly we oppose the Ingraham government actions in this to satisfy any concerns you ‘HemiBahama’ might have with us raising this.

    We at Bahamas Press rebuke this action by the Ingraham government! NO Rhodes scholar, no high achiever, NO one whom have produced honest scholastic medals in this country and represented us around the world in that way should have been subjected to this kind of ‘WICKED AGGRESSION’! Not Dr. Cox nor anyone else, should have endure this, particularly at the hands of of a political MONSTER like Hubert Ingraham. It is wrong, and such actions are UNACCEPTABLE in this modern Bahamas!

    And to satisfy anyone in here, the same is equally UNACCEPTABLE when the Christie government locked in a room (office), in the cabinet building the current PS for National Security Mrs. Sherman-Peters, giving this international ambassador no work to do. Although Christie did not fire the lady, he still gave her nothing to do. THAT WAS EQUALLY WRONG!

    We at Bahamas Press take no sides on this issue of VICTIMIZATION! And so we say again, what are we telling our children? What are we saying to the many who have done well in education and have come home to serve? What are we saying to the many who have worked hard and succeeding in fulfilling their career paths? Are we telling them that they will come back home to be fired by ‘HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUTS’, DRUNKEN MEN and have their desired positions filled with political PROSTITUTES? WE HAVE TOO MUCH CIVIL SERVANTS WHO ONLY POSSESS THE PAPER THEY LAID ON TO GET THE JOB THEY CANNOT DO IN GOVERNMENT! MY GOODNESS WHY FIRE A COMPETENT, DECENT PROFESSIONAL SCHOLAR?

    These kinds of machiavellian tactics by elected officials are UNACCEPTABLE and this NEW generation of CHANGE in The Bahamas, and we will put a STOP TO IT! And UNLIKE THE WUTLESS MEDIA in The Bahamas, we at Bahamas Press will speak OUT AGAINST IT!

    Bahamas Press / Editor

  15. IT was beyond politics and it was working if anyone took the time and looked in thos so called slums and look at what it had accomplished in many broken down area’s in this country.

    The walking about by the policemen gave people in these communities a chance to get to know the police and therfore was building a realationship of trust .

    Urban renewal means just that to renew the bad and broken down slums and residential areas….Hemibahama when this FNM government came to office the Prime Minister just put an end to Urban Renewal that was political and when it was stopped they saw that it was doing something and was working then this year after they saw that they made a mistake it was braught back ….so please tell me if it was not political.

    Folkes we are in a bad way in this country the current situation is getting worse day by day and yes thing’s are very political and that is the way it is …it is now up to the people to stand up and make a change we must and have to do this if not only for our children and their children …I do not think it is about me or even about FNM or PLP it must be about our Nation.

    Our Nation is being allowed to slip more and more into a deeper and deeper hole with no end in site we need a government that is proactive and that will build up our nation for the future of our people…It must be that we as Bahamian people must begin to take charge of our own Nation and that we must stand up and take our Country back before it is too late .

    Let us take a look at where our country has come from 1973 yes we have come far be it by tecnology or by development or by the very fact that our standard’s of living is at the higest in this part of the world yes we have come far…But in my view we have to go further and the same old leader’s and same old politicians can not and do not have the vision to take us there this is our mistake that we continue to make year after year in this country.

    When those that are in power lacks the vision to lead then the only resolve that they have is to turn to tyranny and thus when they have turn to such a form of governing they must be removed so that true vision and leadership can be once again placed in that office.

  16. prove one thing other than bands or police walking about. If she was doing such a good job why Perry didn’t extend the contract. Same thing with those government worker with their one year contract. We dont want them to say nothing. They had their time and they did just as much damage, no party is better than the next in my opinion. The Bahamian people need to find out what urban renewal means before they open there mouths to say it is working. The “renewal” of residential slums, blighted commercial and industrial areas. Have you seen that change. People still living in slums and using outside toilets in 2008 and you say that is working. Look beyond the politics they joking.

  17. This is not about politics if her contract was up or expired why not renew it and get the program back up and running.Hemibahama Urban renewal was working it was doing some good in those communities ….that is just the facts.

    And just what does people want P.C. and the PLP to say what can they say when our country is in the hands of a man who is so out of touch with reality that it same’s as if he lives in another Bahamas and that he is not apart of this Nation.

  18. Agreed no one should play politics for real, but you should not be fired for politics either.

    I loved your statement…..”Drowning in politics”… is sooooo real. Our country IS drowning in politics. Its pathetic!

  19. What has Dr Cox done really in that position since the PLP put her there. Open some offices and create some bands. Any one building up the over the hill area of the Bahamas where the people are hurting. Man the fmn and plp are failing these people who really depend on them. Tired of hearing who get fired because they are fnm or plp. Some of these people are playing politics anyway check there contracts. She was not fired her contract was up. They cant make a statement because her contract is up. You only take about the urban renewal and the band but what has the urban renewal programme done to really help people. In a country drowning in politics, I advice anyone who care about there profession don’t play politics.

  20. What do you all expect?! This man was dragged up and possibly given the scraps off of white people’s plates and thats why he cares about no one and only rich, white people stand a chance to get progress in his country while he is at the helm.

    This man fires everyone he suspects is a PLP and his sick mind also tells him to fire people who can really make a good, solid contribution to the Civil Service.

    Expect nothing from a person who actually despises his own family. Just ask his cousin who owns The Souse House on Farrington Road.

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