Tourists Run for cover after shootout near western KFC



Tourist ducking bullets at a shootout. (file photo)

West Bay, New Providence: Today Bahamas Press was caught in the crossfire between police officers and a man who the officers were giving chase to whilst near Kentucky Fried Chicken on West Bay Street.

We had just stopped for lunch overlooking the turquoise waters near Saunders Beach on Wednesday. Several tourists were in the area as well talking a stroll along the pavement, simply enjoying the weather on the beach. But what none of us expected was the sudden loud fire of gunshots just behind our parked vehicle. Then there were loud screams saying, “GET DOWN GET DOWN!” Police was chasing into the bushes another criminal.

The poor tourist who for a moment thought they were in heaven, quickly found themselves somewhere in HELL (in the midst of the crossfire). Police was giving chase to a suspect who had fled on foot into the bushes behind the KFC restaurant. We knew the danger what could be. Nassau is known for its – Wild Dodge City style – open shootouts, which often lead to a deadly crime scene. Sometimes with someone being found dead a few days later in bushes with gunshot wounds and police saying they cannot say whether or not a murder occurred.

All in all the guests saw the real Bahamas. A Texas style Bahamas in the just days leading up to Christmas. Earlier this year an American police officer found himself shot by robbers on the Cable Beach strip, just outside Perry Christie’s home (a place that had been shot up as well and where another incident occured when someone stabbed another and jumped Christie’s wall. BOY, THAT HOUSE LOVES TROUBLE!Oh and by the way, did anyone know what happened to the young man held by police for the American officer’s shooting? ON BAIL WE WILL BET MONEY ON!

But what is worse, officers in the country can capture a suspect who may have murdered another person, and just like LIKE in RAWANDA and some African countries, the suspect would be back on the streets again to repeat the crime.

We felt sad for the tourists, and worse for the country knowing that when police say “CRIME IS UNDER CONTROL”, this story which occurred Wednesday afternoon, will never make the WUTLESS MUFFLED MEDIA.



  1. Good first hand reporting! We all must realize that as our criminal element moves in closer to the tourists areas, we will experience a further decline in visitors. If it continues there will be a travel advisory issued and then where will we be? And even more important we must do all we can to keep ourselves and our families safe. Start or join a neighbourhood watch group. Obey our laws and co-operate as fully as possible with the police. Teach your children the values in being a good person and citizen. Be a model yourself.
    Media: Did you see the segment with Ed Fields re all the ads and posters being put up in public areas for which no permission was granted? How about an article on that and some pictures to go along with it? Your bloggers should be encouraged to help out and follow that station’s lead.

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