The 'Toilet Paper' Trying to Take Us On? NOW WAIT!



The Tribune’s Publisher Eileen Carron taking orders from the ‘BOLD HEAD MONK’? And they call that Journalism? Look what they come to these days!

Nassau, Bahamas: We obviously got the Tribune’s “goat” recently when we talked about how WUTLESS and DECEPTIVE that “used toilet paper” daily is for sending abroad for a Managing Editor as opposed to employing one from the pool of qualified journalists right here in The Bahamas.

So what the Wutless ‘Rag Sheet’ Tribune recently decided to do was to attack us in its editorial for writing about Sharon Turner, Mistress of BIS, instead of addressing us on what is really bothering it – all because its BOSS does not have the testicular fortitude to start something they cannot finish.

Its our observation that BIS was turning around and functioning as it should LONG before the likes of Sharon Turner graced its corridors. So that editorial obviously insulted the hardworking people at BIS. Accept, oh great ‘Rag Sheet’, that this Turner woman is NOT the great white hope of BIS. Nor is that LAZY OLD MAN WHO SITS AS THE DIRECTOR.

It is our opinion that the mighty Hubbigety instructed Tribune puppet management to write the editorial in defense of this woman who the FNM is insisting is a veteran journalist, and now the Tribune is referring to as an “expert in her journalistic profession”. Again we ask WHO IS THIS WOMAN? And WHAT CONSTITUTES HER BEING CALLED A VETERAN? She worked at an inferior news organization for a New York minute, which hardly qualifies her to be called an EXPERT or VETERAN, which basically is an INSULT to hardworking journalists! She might be an EXPERT but it surely is NOT in the field of journalism.

The employees at BIS should be insulted that the Tribune editorial which suggested that they were goofing off for decades before Turner and her side kick Arthur Foulkes showed up (by the way, has anyone in that agency seen Foulkes at work for the last month?). Why should Turner be lauded and praised for sitting at a desk, doing the FNM website work and assigning HERSELF to anything involving the Prime Minister.

Now on another point, the Tribune is accusing us of being sexist and unappreciative of female journalists which is RIDICULOUS. The Tribune is accusing us of this but it is the same gutter rag sheet that forced Nikki Kelly and Erica Wells to resign. Last time we checked those are two females. And, it was the same WUTLESS, RACIST and BIASED organization who frowned so horribly on illegitimate children, that it treated an unmarried, PREGNANT sports reporter like dirt in the 1990s also forcing her to resign.

Bahamas Press wants to go on record for saying that CLEARLY the instructions came DIRECTLY from the Prime Minister for this Tribune editorial to be written in defense of Sharon Turner and it is MORE THAN OBVIOUS that the writer is the non compos mentis Eileen ‘OLD MAID’ Carron herself.

We ask the Tribune two questions: If you care so much about female journalists in this country, why is it that you have to go outside of the country to choose a managing editor? Why not invite Sharon Turner or Nikki Kelly to fill the position?

TRIBUNE please, don’t hide behind stupid editorials and attack us on something you have no passion for. Attack us on what really gets your goat – the fact that we “called you out” about hiring foreigners in superior positions at your organization for DECADES, showing that you have no faith in BLACK nor WHITE Bahamians!

You talk about “our profession” and call us mud-slingers, what about the fact that your daily has NO integrity and takes its orders from the FNM government showing CLEAR political BIAS for DECADES. Bahamas Press take orders from NOBODY!!

See, YOU start this.

We insist Peter Ramsay should be allowed to do his job and this girl should remain in the FNM’s and PM’s back pocket, which is obviously where she wants to be.

The Tribune has TOO MUCH DIRT and SKELETONS to try to wage war with us. This is your first WARNING!


  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  2. Petition:


    (Add your name if you agree).

    1. Morehands

  3. Batelco users are pretty much safe because of the way their system is set up, most DSL users have the same routing address and it is hard to track (unless using an inside source). On the other hand, folks who use Coralwave, well dog eat their lunch because anyone who knows how to use Google very well can track your butt down and shut you down.

    Lucky for me, I can’t access sites like BP from my work network and I have my set locations where I go around town to use free wireless to surf the web on lunch breaks and at home I use DSL.

    These are too serious of times with Identification theft, spamming and computer hacking to have the risk of a website publicizing my IP address.

  4. Objective thought: Please pardon me if I misunderstood you. I just want to put all this behind me and move forward. Again, I beg your forgiveness.

  5. Kim I did say that I agreed with you and Altec, right??

    Don’t get excited, I do not wish to be outed either or I would be using my real name…

    I am a PLP supporter and I work for some high ranking FNMs but I would be angry also if Media or anyone else post my email address…

    I am just saying that I stand by whatever I right and I am not ashame of them even if I am outed…

  6. Ones IP address is his internet ID. Once you have someone’s IP address its not to hard to track them down and find out their real identity.

    Like Kim says many political folks in this country are very very petty. It wont take much for certain people in power to inquire at Batelnet or Cable Bahamas about who we are once they have our IP address. Once they have your IP address they can literally track your movements on the internet(with the help of your ISP) etc.

    Privacy is something that we all want to be assured of, including you Objective thought. But on the other hand there is no privacy agreement that any posters on this site have agreed to so if BP chooses to release our post or IP addresses we have no recourse legally.

    So BP, like Kim said in a previous post, there should be some kind of privacy agreement of some kind to protect not only your posters, but you as well.

    I dont know if any of you remember another popular Bahamian blog called POTCAKE. If you do, then you know how that blog was taken down. Nuff said.

  7. Yes, IP addresses are personal and should not be published without the permission of the owner of such. Bloggers also should adhere to the rule of ethics and kindness when addressing issues and not make a discussion personal excepting when it is of a positive and complimentary nature. BP. may we have your assurance that the revealing of an IP address will not be breached again?

  8. Objective thought: You are missing the point big time. I am talking about people safety. It has nothing to with people being two faced people or lying. You have some very sick people on here who worship these politicians and are very strong minded individuals and the way they would attack you over the internet for speaking your mind, you do not know who these persons are or what these people are capable of doing if they knew exactly who you were. Another reason why it was not a good thing to practice is because we are all fully aware of how people in power in this country can be so petty and how easily they can become offended; we have experience in the past how both the PLP and FNM have victimized people before. Objective thought if you want people to know exactly who you are it’s your right, but for those of us who wish to remain anonymous that is our rights as well.

  9. While I agree with Kim and Altec on Media’s posting of that young man’s IP adress because it will scare off some folks, I on the other hand have NO fear because what I write is what I say to every and anyone whom I am able to talk with…

    Only those two-faced persons fear being outed like that!!

    So to all who write on this blog or visit this site just speak truth and the truth will set you free…

    Thomas Pratt has just been proven to be a LIAR!!! How can we believe anything else that he writes…

    I would suggest that he moves on or stop lying!!

  10. Media,

    I too have to agree with Kim. When i saw how you posted Thomas Pratt’s work IP address it was concerning. No one is perfect and i know you will discontinue that practice.

    One of the reasons why i visit this site and participate in it is because off the debate. If a blogger post foolishness he/she gets called out on it in a respectful, sometimes funny way.

    I feel as if you should allow anyone who wants to come here and post to post. The BP community is capable of dealing with its own who step out of bounds and you as administrator of the site should only buck heads as a last resort.

    If you regulate who can and can not participate on your blog how are you any different from the Tribune who carefully censor what is printed in there paper?

  11. That’s alright Kim you may not be a Journalist KIM but your sure BREAKING NEWS like one. We share your comments.


  12. Morehands: You are so wrong; I do have a very demanding life outside of BP. Everyday, I log on to this site because I feel like I am apart of this family, I love the topics, the moderators, the people who participates (the ones I agree with or disagree with) the democracy and mostly I believe this website have contributed to many positive changes in the country. I am grateful for the many internet friendship I have formed on here with people like Media, Joe Blow, Drama King, WOW!, Generalcrazy, GCF, Objective Thoughts, Omar Archer, Tristan, Gofer,Hemmibahama and I just can’t forget Just an on looker. If I miss anybody please forgive me. I love these people and I enjoy hearing from all of them.

    I just want to say that while I love Media and his boldness, this is one time that I disagree with him. Even though I felt Thomas Pratt or Thomas Finley was very rude and insulting to us bloggers, I don’t think Media should have exposed his IP address. It send a very chilling feeling down my spine when that happened, because you have all kind of people on here and you don’t know who is who. Revealing someone address like that could put that person in harm way. Media as a friend I am asking you to discontinue that practice, because that will discourage other blogger from participating in this website if they feel they safety will be at risk. Another thing, I understand you told the wutless Media to stay away from BP, I feel as though that BP should be a place where all is welcome. I know this is not my show but I have always felt that my opinion counted on here that is the reason, I frequent this site.

    Just for the record, I am fully aware that I am not a journalist and I never had any intention of becoming one. When I write on BP it is just my intention to share the way I am feeling at that particular moment. I am not looking for a career in journalism.

  13. Teach them “Morehands”, TEACH THEM how to write now that you are speaking on their behalf. And this is the BEAUTY OF BAHAMAS PRESS. We welcome the friend and the enemies on this WEBSITE OF OPENNESS, FREEDOM AND TRANSPARENCY!


    We warned members of the WUTLESS MEDIA from our inception to STAY OFF THIS BLOG. We advised them, on more than one occasion to STAY OFF THIS WEBSITE, as this was NOT created for them.

    And we want you our readers to NOTICE every the the word “JOURNALIST WANNABE” is raised, its comes from them same WUTLESS MEDIA PEOPLE or from one of their surrogates on here. NOT FROM US, and if we are not journalist, well so be it. One thing is certain and sure, THOUSANDS who come on here on a daily basis to read REAL news. And Bahamas Press has certainly become the VOICE of TRUTH IN Bahamas. We need not taunt our record of BREAKING STORIES, they have led to MAJOR SHAKEUPS in almost every government department. Ask the TOILET PAPER what shakeup they have caused in this country OVER the last year? Hmmmmmmmmmm (A STORY WILL BE ON HERE SOON THAT WILL CAUSE ANOTHER CHANGE IN THE LEADERSHIP OF A GOVERNMENT CORPORATION, SOON).

    The many writers who present the news you read (morehands) have decided that the time of these WUTLESS people controlling media in the Bahamas will soon come to an end.

    Even writing a lengthy editorial on us, and after refusing to mention our names, and LYING about not reading of this BLOG, they had the AUDACITY to come on here as an IMPOSTER. And further, after getting their WARNING in our response, THAT RAG RAT THOMAS FINDLEY had the GALL to come on our website and defend the TOILET PAPER, whilst sitting at a desk in their offices.

    Morehand, we will tolerate your comments about US, BUT we will not allow THAT “TOILET PAPER” to come on here and churn messages from their office against us, whilst scores cannot get a letter publish in that rag? Have you look at the lengthy comments JOE BLOW write on here MOREHANDS? I wonder if he can get a letter in that paper like he posts on here? Especially after the fact they have VICTIMIZED MANY, SPEWED BIAS, TRASHED LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE AND YES REFUSED TO HIRE BAHAMIANS (INCLUDING THE DECENT ONES WHO HAVE HIT A GLASS CEILING IN THE TOILET PAPER OFFICE). But another foreigner can wip them writers around as a MANAGING DIRECTOR and HUBERT INGRAHAM will allow it.

    But added to this Morehands, by now you should accepted that it is IMPOSSIBLE for Bahamas Press to be one single individual. But if it is just one, if that single writer can have the Prime Minister, members of his Cabinet, PLPs, Christie included, FNMs, government department heads along with members of the WUTLESS MEDIA all collectively UPSET at the same time, that one man/woman must be ONE HELL OF A JOURNALIST and should offer himself/herself to lead the people of this country when the next general elections is called.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

    PS: And so Morehands our question to you and the “Toilet Paper” is this, if Bahamas Press is NOT to be taken seriously, why both you and their editorial always making comments as to what we say on here? OH BOY we are confused ECH?

  14. Media! You are one piece of (not a good word at all but lucky thing today is Sunday). I cannot believe that you are actually IP address tracking your visitors and more so, you have the indecency to actually post “Thomas'” IP address in a public domain.

    Monitoring and given out someone’s computer IP address is like given out a person’s home address – they can be tracked, hacked and attacked through the internet.

    So what you are basically telling the visitors to BahamasPress is that you are perverted enough to track and publish their private affairs. That right now you are back searching to see from which computer every person is using and no one is safe to freely log into this blog. You have IP traced Morehands, Kim, Drama, Altec, Objective, Joe, Rupert, WOW, Tristan, and even Monica7. Granted half these folks you see everyday and outside of BP they have no life at all.

    Now i see why so few of us actually comment on this site and after the revelation your actions made today, certainly fewer will begin to even visit this blog since their IP address is being recorded and tracked by you.

    This is low. But then again your blog does not have a published privacy and usage policy, so anything goes for you and to h%$# with your site visitors’ privacy. Now I see why a certain set of family members were not acceptable to work at a particular media house.

    By the way, the term to describe impostors and wannabe’s is not Jack-o-lantern, it is JACKALOPE. To use correctly you would say something like, the writer of a Bahamian blog wishes he was a real journalist but sadly he is only a Jackalope.

  15. LOLLLLLLL….this is hilarious. Morehands is back talking smack and Thomas getting “do right in” as the song says….lol

    I know Thomas is shame. BP expose him big time.

  16. Media, i leave this site for a few hours and when i come back you done open a can of whoop a** on someone? You done give Thomas Pratt he Christmas gift? LOL. Behave media.

  17. WOW we know you enjoy a GOOD CUT you know what, but please do remember the site is rated G. LOL!


  18. Thomas Pratt what’s your stress? You keep coming up in here trying to start problems. The Tribune don’t have any work for you to do aye? Tell that old woman to find something constructive for you to do, because you just keep getting yourself into trouble. I am sure they have some dirt somewhere in there that needs to be shredded.

  19. Aren’t WE THOMAS? I thought you knew that by now. Remember now WE ARE EVERYWHERE! And I MEAN EVERY WHERE. We are sitting right in that room next to you. LOL!

    Scary isn’t it?

    Bahamas Press/ Editor




    (thomas Pratt (IP: ,




  21. LOL>LOL>LOL Thomas I just love that last line and what is “Morehands” insinuating in his asinine statements about “CLOSETS” and “CODES” and “SOMETHING RUNNING THROUGH HIS HEAD”.





  22. Any while you may argue Joe Blow that it contains the same issues over and over again at least myplp is ligitimate. It has a face, I guess I am a sucker for that. While I may not agree with everything that is said on it, the site is one of the few in the country that encoruages dialougue and intellegent thought that is in opposition to the current government. And to be honest Joe Blow you, Omar Archer and Objective Thought are among the few that classes up this joint.

  23. Objective thought, I sure hope there are no secret codes embedded within comments on this blog for illicit partners to communicate with, ‘cuz my mind running all over the place on who could be your closet buddy on Bahamas Press. Then again, that may explain why many of the comments by the main bloggers make absolutely no sense (they are sending secret codes to each other). I know people say that about the main blogger but I wouldn’t think he would want you to make that it public.

    Continue to keep it real, my brother. Confession is good for the soul. LOL!






  25. I love this site… I love visiting this site, in fact every morning when I wake up, this is the first site that I visit and every day when I get home from work this is the first site that I visit!!

    Even though I don’t write often, I always read…

    I use this site to cheat on my wife… Finding this site made me feel like the way Columbus must have felt when he discovered the new world!!!

  26. Drama you think so? If it is Finley that would be a shame he had to use a different name to speak his mind. I always thought Finley was a diehard FNM though, unless he used the PLP website on purpose to throw us off. Come to think of it, you may be right; Thomas Finley and Thomas Pratt could very well be the same people, because none of them knows how to reason.

  27. Now he done gone and piss Kim off…lol….Kim, I feel Thomas Pratt and Thomas Finley are one in the same.

  28. I agree with Joe Blow 100%. Even though members of the BP family may agree or disagree at times, at the end of the day we have very mature individuals who frequent this site, who knows how to put there differences aside and move ahead. A lot of people on this site don’t just come to rant, rave and blame, we have some very constructive individuals who are always looking for solution to problems. They are not being paid for their ideas or suggestion, because they care so much about the country, they are always thinking of ways we can improve our country and they make very valuable contributions. Who the hell is Thomas Pratt? What rock did he crawl from under? How dare he come up in here insulting us bloggers with his pathetic self? I suggest he return to that rock of stupidity from which he crawled from and stop trying to pretend like he is in any position to insult anyone.

  29. To Joe Blow I say AMEN !! I thought BP had run those one sided fools off this blog. I guess they have found a way to sneak back in. You have said it well Joe Blow. Again I say to you…AMEN !!

  30. T. Pratt: The site you wish bloggers to go to contains the same things day after day. That is; rash statements, untruths, exagerations, silly nonsense and a pathetic attempt to persuade voters in this country that the only party that can deal with our governance is the PLP. Its contributors continue to live in the past and seldom deal with important ,real issues. They certainly never offer any practical solutions. No! They are too busy “toeing” the line that one Fred Mitchell has drawn. The site is lacking in truth and filled with the rants and raves of diehard lunatics.
    While BP might lack a little in sophistication, it is improving steadily and showing those who attend to both sites, that nothing is all one-sided. On this site we might differ with one another but no one feels an attack is being made on them personally. We all agree to disagree on some issues but because we like each other we either modify our opinions or solidify them further. Your depicton of us as “YOU PEOPLE” tells a lot about you and your mentality. “I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where all agreed/” “Dull, no doubt!” Media: Ignore ignorance!”

  31. Media, man you have the folks at the Tribune all up in arms. You better behave. they may stick the RED BRIGADE on you. Lol.

  32. And again we might not be mathematical experts, BUT we are OBJECTIVE and know, NO PAPER IN THIS COUNTRY NOR ANY IN THE REGION PUBLISHES 365 days of the year. 260 possibly taking away the weekends and holiday unpublished days.

    But again, anything coming from someone inside the Tribune will be deceiving.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  33. NOW NOW NOW this email not amazing. We MUST share this with our bloggers. When someone in the Tribune can tell us on here to go to the website, this statement must concern members of the PLP.

    Bahamas Press can confirm that this “Thomas Pratt” person is from a member inside the WUTLESS “TOILET PAPER” Tribune. The same persons who wrote in an editorial on MONDAY PAST saying that they press DELETE when we send them BP emails.

    AMAZING INDEED! Well all we say to “Pratt” is this, you are reading this BLOG constantly! EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR, but we will be HONEST, we BUY THE TRIBUNE ONLY ON THURSDAYS to see who DIED FOR THE WEEK!


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

    PS: And why should we not talk about the Tribune’s Circulation, Did not the Tribune, “YOUR NEWSPAPER” talked about it in Monday’s edition? You THOMAS did not see that as WASTED COLUMN INCHES then? NO, DESPITE ALL THE MESS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY. In fact you all saw it so important that a reporter from your newsroom told BP that they were all asked to buy the liquor at store just down the street. Some gathered their own money to buy the liquor and then you had them pose in that same photo published Monday to spin slipping sales. GOODNESS, look how much a puppet one has to be in order to work for a SLAVE DRIVER! WHAT UTTER SHAME!

  34. “Our writing skills are FAR MORE improved than the SPEAKING SKILLS OF THE PRIME MINISTER.”
    God you people are pathetic…lol
    Look I think you people need to stop talking about The Tribune’s circulation and deal with some real issues, they’re not going anywhere.
    Obviously you people didn’t do well in math. 6000 copies of a news paper that only sell for 75 cents only brings in $4,500. That multiplied by 365 = $1.6 million. Most educated people know that now-a-days if you are a large company you cant pay your light bills with that. People stop wasting your energy go to for some real intelligent discussion. Leave this trash for what everyone in the PLP knows it is a frustrated, shabby blog for frustrated, shabby, unemployed “WE WISH TO GOD WE WERE” writers.

  35. Well Objective Thought as you heard us say earlier, Neko has the mind of a CHILD, and that means “HIS MIDDLE NAME IS NONSENSE!”

    But well will be making a statement on that PLP statement. And that is the very reason why I am CONCERNED WITH THE LEADERSHIP within the PLP!


  36. So MEDIA, did you hear Grant’s response to Peet’s questions about the contractor who got the contract for the road improvement project???

    Grant said that he does not response to nonesense!! And Grant added that if Peet has questions for the govt, he can ask them when the HOA meets again on the 21st of January….

    He spoke as if the official opposition can’t ask them any questions outside of parliament… I was a little confused, to say the least… I would really like Minister Grant to explain his statement…

  37. Joe BLOW before you run away again, I never said anything about the Prime Minister’s Speech Impediment. YOU DID.

    But I have every reason to believe he writes the same way he speaks, WHY? Well just look at all these DUMB decisions he been making over the past year. Fired over 1,200 government workers to say he will hire 3,100? Or the way he stopped $90 million worth of contracts to say he will jump start an econonmy he put the breaks on.

    Or lets look at the way he thought and appointed NEKO GRANT for tourism, GOOD LORDY the mind of a CHILD to run the #1 industry in the Bahamas? And this is what TOURISM OFFICIALS SAID.

    But ya cannot blame the KING OF NAUGHT nor the ‘Brain DEAD’ GRANT, you have to blame the same man who don’t know the difference between women and (his created) “VIMEN”. INGRAHAM, who won an entire election talking about ‘COOKIE JAR’! And what the Bahamas got in exchange? A Seasame Street GOVERNMENT!

    And it appears that Ingraham’s high school limitations are kicking in and I implore you JOE BLOW the next time you engage the prime minister ask him to spell women and watch for your response.


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

    PS: And don’t make it sound like like its only “W” and “V” include the vowels, and many other sounds. Someone should put Ingraham seriously to the test and see if he could spell it out.

  38. Now I made it perfectly clear that it was REPORTED that the Tribune circulation was up by 14%. I said I didn’t know WHY and then hazard a guess. ALTEC: I do not have any acquaintence with Ms. Carron but I have no reason to not believe her when she says she does not read this blog. She gives her reasons and why should I doubt them? In the past, I have constructively criticized PB and because they are reasonable people they took that criticism and made some positive changes for which I have on several occasions complimented them.
    DRAMA KING: I do not speak on behalf of Ms. C. and it would certainly be presumptious of me to do so. I would certainly hope she would come to the defense of any two persons whose names were linked where the reporting of gossip was the only motivation. You attribute everything to a political motive. As long as one deals with the issues in a truthful and fair manner I care less whether they are PLP or FNM. As to whether or not the WOMAN can be called a journalist I will leave that up to her peers. And unless you are a journalist yourself or have the facts about her status, you should do the same.
    MEDIA: This Prime Minister has a severe speech impediment that does not allow him to differentiate the “w’ and “v” sound. He does make every effort to overcome his long-standing handicap and should be commended for same and not condemned.Shame on you for even bringing it up! Concerning the circulation issue, you obviously did your homework and presented good reasons as to why you question the 14% increase. I applaud you!
    To all you bloggers: ” I calls it as I sees it” “If there is peace within yourself, there is room for another mind.”

  39. Sure there is Altec, The Fnm won by less that half (50%) of the popular vote, witch means that yiu had more people voting against the fnm it the last election. Remember now that we had more than one political party at the time.

  40. Rupert how did the FNM get to be the minority government? there is no such thing as a minority government in Bahamian politics.

  41. If the Tribune was smart, they would start going after the Fnm and not the Plp, as much hell as this country’s in, and seen that the Fnm is a minority government, most of their readers would be on the other side, but i guess their head is so far up HI a** that they can’t smell the s**t (dung}.

  42. Media, thats why i raised the question earlier of what is the Tribune’s circulation like. One thing we know is that It cant be up! Newspaper circulation all around the world is down. The big papers like the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, LA Times, and Miami Herald are all borrowing money to stay afloat while some smaller newspapers in the US have already closed their doors. Are you telling me that papers like NY Times dont know how to manage itself and the Tribune does? Who is Joe Blow trying to fool?

    Plus in order for their readership to have increased like Joe Blow is suggesting it means that there is a new pool of readers. Please tell me where these new readers come from in a country where the national high school average of a D+? lol.

    Its clear that if the Tribune’s circulation is up, by 16% either its circulation was pretty low last year or Joe Blow is just lying.

    Joe Blow: for you to say

    Ms. Carron does not read this blog and she was informed of the article by a reader

    must mean that you are pretty close to her in order to know what she does and doesnt read. But since YOU obviously read this site, i am sure you are the one who reports to her what you find here. BOL.

    The fact is the newspaper business is a dying business thanks to the internet. Most newspapers have or are getting a lion share of their advertising dollars from the its website. Why? BECAUSE A WEBSITE IS CHEAPER TO RUN THAN PRINTING PAPERS AND MORE PEOPLE READ THE WEBSITE THAN BUY THE ACTUAL PAPER. lol.

    Thats why i am amazed BP as to why the Guardian and Tribune havent made their website a focus and try to steer more internet traffic to it. There are more Bahamians read The Bahama Journal online than Bahamians who buy the actual paper. I have to give Jones credit because he at least is steering advertising there. The one problem is that Jones doesnt update the website on a timely manner. But hey we all know Jones cheap.

  43. The Tribune is indeed toilet paper. In their editorial yesterday on littering; I was wondering how they would get the PLP in that. Because they can not write anything without blaming whatever is wrong on the PLP. They accused some unnamed PLP of protesting against fining litter bugs in 1964!

  44. And since you question what we write ‘Joe Blow’ how about this one. The ‘Toilet Paper’ have reported in that same edition that they have an increase by 14%. They must mean an increase in returns. ALMOST EVERYONE WE KNOW HAVE CANCELLED THEIR DAILY READING OF THE TRIBUNE! We at Bahamas Press seriously question this that figure by the Tribune based on the following facts.

    1) The Tribune are given away in the evenings at several gas stations throughout the country and thousand more are seen still sitting on shelves late into the night

    2) The Tribune give a percentage of increase, but what is that from their figures of 6,000 sold copies in 2003.

    3) The Tribune has since last year FIRED its cirulation manager (MR. Munroe) because of declining sales.

    4) The Tribune mysteriously has dropped its association with the Audit Bureau of Circulations ( One requirement to be a member of that international organization is that your paper must reach a certain daily circulation level. Why did the Tribune drop the Audit body, or did the audit body drop the Tribune. THEY ARE NO LONGER MEMBERS OF THE ABC, which audit circulation numbers around the world?

    Is it because of their declining numbers? Or they cannot reach the audit standards of sold newspapers? Bahamas Press and the wider community Bahamian want to know.

    The last time we checked, ALL RESPECTED INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAPERS of record circulation numbers are confirmed by this body, the million dollar question is, how is it the Tribune is no longer being audited?

    THEY ARE WICKED SPINNERS OF LIES AND HALF TRUTH that’s why! JOE, what ya think of our writing now? We may pronounce WOMEN as “VIMEN” but there is one sure thing and that is this, we sure do our homework in presenting the FACTS when we report!

    Bahamas Press /Editor

  45. Way to go, BP !!!Too much FNM watch dogs visit this site, ‘stead dey be unbiased like me. Didnt the Tribune say they will “Swear to the Dogmas of No Master”. So what they call Hubert Ingraham? If he aint their master well cut off my legs and call me shorty.

  46. Our writing skills are FAR MORE improved than the SPEAKING SKILLS OF THE PRIME MINISTER.

    Why you don’t tell him it’s WOMEN and not VIMEN?

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  47. Joe Blow you seem well informed. Since you are here speaking on behalf of Eileen Carron let me just ask you this….do you think if this matter concerned Perry Christie and Paulette Zonicle, the old iron lady would be so quick to jump to their written rescue?

    You say fellow female journalist, however, arent we debating whether or not this girl can really be called a journalist?

    You people like to wear your emotions on your political sleeves too much.

  48. The Tribune’s circulation is up 14% over last year, so it is reported. Don’t know why, unless the Guardian’s is down. Ms. Carron does not read this blog and she was informed of the article by a reader. She took umbridge with the fact that a fellow female journalist and the Prime Minister’s reputations were being maligned in more ways than one and no definitive proof was offered. I tend to agree with that sentiment. Don’t get too officious BP because you are still a little fish in a big pond. Do your homework, present facts and not suposition, improve your writing skills and you might just swim with the big fish in the big pond in the future future. And to my blogger friends: “It is the very thing that we think we know, that keeps us from learning what we should know.”

  49. This getting hot !! This lil gal name in the news again? If I was her, I would save face by resigning and letting a REAL VETERAN journalist do his/her job at the helm of BIS. This woman is an obvious political appointee.

  50. i wonder what is the Tribune’s circulation number? Knowing how Bahamians dont like to read or go to the web for news, i would be surprised if they get 5,000 copies sold.

    BP, do you have any idea of the Tribune’s circulation number? Can your “deep throat” get that info for us?

  51. This is just one more of the many lies the Toilet Paper have told the Bahamian people. However nobody trust anything they have to say anymore, why would they even bother to write a story about BP, if they are not interested in what BP have to say? This does not make any sense at all. People are tired of these hypocrites. Last night I was so shocked when I was at QVC pharmacy on Village Road, when a woman asked the cashier if there were anymore Tribune left over and then the cashier pulled out one from a pile and pass it to her, the woman looked at the paper and pass it back to the cashier and said I better not get this, because my dog will only end up sleeping on it. Right then, I remembered what Media said about the lady who met the Toilet Paper in her car, I just laughed to myself. What a bunch of lies, they probably read BP more than Media…….

  52. BP, they trying to claim they don’t read your blog but they sure are able to quote what is said on here in their stories.

  53. Why they trying to fight with you BP? They need to realize you got all the goodies and they should only pick fights they know they can win.

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