Did Sharon Turner join PM in Brazil?



Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham and a delegation left Nassau on Monday for the Latin American and Caribbean Heads of Government and State Meeting on Regional and Sub-Regional Mechanisms. The meeting will take place in Salvador, the capital of the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia on December 16 – 17, 2008. Pictured from left are the Acting Commissioner of Police, Reginald Ferguson; Senior Policy Advisor, Office of The Prime Minister, M. Teresa Butler; Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham; First Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Freddie Tucker; Cabinet Secretary, Wendall Major and Aide to the Prime Minister Fred Sands. (BIS photo/Peter Ramsay)


  1. ….LOL…Drama you could not have chosen a better word to describe them both. These two men just have so much in common. Not to mention the same vulgar laughter.

  2. WOW! Sometimes when I listen to Zhivargo’s voice I feel like I am listening to the PM. The comparison between those two men is very eerie.

  3. Omar there is a thin line between rude and funny and trust me you just crossed it….LOL…what you said was funny.

    Whoa !! Peter Ramsay took this photo as well…lol….heeeeeeeeee’s baaaaaaack!!! LOL.

  4. One old Pitty with grey stripe hair and a young pitty with straight black hair. A pitbull is a pitbull no matter how you put it. Happy Hoildays.

  5. I have heard rumors for years about Zhivargo being Hubert son, but I never believe it. Looking at this photo now with the two of them together, I could clearly see some resemblance. If this is not is son, they have to be close family relative.

  6. Peter Ramsey is doing justice for the PM and I am glad he got his job back. This photo looks so much better than some other ones I had seen with the PM, now I am almost starting to see what made Delores so attracted to PM…LOL…… He reallylooks good in this picture. If I was him I was keeping Mr. Ramsey close by, because the man obviously knows what he is doing.

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