BTC and One Bahamas Committee Plan Unity Walk February 21



ONE BAHAMAS – Members of the One Bahamas Committee on Grand Bahama are pictured here with Talbot W. Collie, Vice-President of BTC Northern Region and Leteasha Lord on Tuesday as they announced plans for a Unity Walk. Seated from left are: Churchill Tener Knowles, Mr. Collie, Terrance Gape and Cecil Thompson. Standing from left are: Andrew Forbes, Ms. Lord, Lady Naomi Wallace Whitfield and Simon Lewis. BIS Photo/Andrew Miller

By Simon Lewis

Bahamas Information Services

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama – BTC has joined forces with the One Bahamas Committee, both in Grand Bahama and New Providence, for a major ‘Unity Walk’ in late February.

Making the announcement Tuesday afternoon at BTC’s flagship store on Pioneers Way, Freeport, was Terrance Gape, Chairman of the One Bahamas Committee on Grand Bahama, and Talbot W. Collie, Vice-President of BTC, with responsibility for the Northern Bahamas.

Mr. Gape told the gathering that he was pleased to be joined by other members of the One Bahamas Committee on Grand Bahama and BTC to announce a special event on the calendar for the One Bahamas Celebrations this year.

It was pointed out that in 1992, the then Minister for Youth Sports and Culture, the Hon. Algernon Allen introduced this One Bahamas concept as a means of uniting our people.

The then Minister, according to the GB Committee, felt that we needed a period of healing, a time for reflecting on the things that bind us together as a people and a nation, and reflecting on the things that are unique to us as Bahamians.

Key among those things was the celebration of the Bahamian flag, national anthem, our dance, the food we eat, the way we dress….

“Then and now, we continue to remind Bahamians that no matter our politics, our religion, our colour, rich or poor, we are all Bahamians and live in this wonderful part of God’s universe called The Bahamas,” the Grand Bahama Committee said in a statement.

Further, they said the message needs to be declared throughout our country given the ills we face in criminal activities, and the apparent lack of respect for one another and each other’s property.

“So today, we are especially pleased to join with BTC in this ‘One Bahamas Unity Walk,’ set for Saturday, February 21st 2015.”

The Unity Walk will start at BTC’s flagship store on Pioneers Way, on to the Mall, proceed to the Airport roundabout, and back to BTC.

The registration fee is $10.00. BTC and the One Bahamas Committee have prepared a special gift bag for all participants.

Participants will be presented with a Tote Bag, T-Shirt, Wrist Band, One Bahamas Bumper Sticker, Bahamian Flag, Squeeze Bottle and a Towel.

“We want to invite all of Grand Bahama to participate, from Sweetings Cay to West End and demonstrate to the world that we are indeed on board in making The Bahamas the jewel of the region and that we are a people united in love and service. Indeed we are One Bahamas,” the Committee chairman stated.

Mr. Collie said that BTC is pleased to join in a celebration that seeks to unify Bahamians, the business community, residents throughout The Bahamas and that they are partnering again this year in a very significant way.

He advised that much media attention will be focused on this effort and that “the company is very hopeful that [in spite of] the number of challenges that prevail throughout the country, we can come together as a major sponsor, stakeholder at ensuring the success of this endeavor. We are happy to be a part of this.”

Mr. Collie was also pleased that the entire BTC family is behind the effort and that residents can sign up for the Unity Walk at any BTC establishment on Grand Bahama.

Governor General Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling is the event’s patron.

The Grand Bahama One Bahamas Committee also took the opportunity to thank the One Bahamas Foundation, headed by former Governor General Sir Orville Turnquest, Sir Durward Knowles, the Hon. Algernon Allen and others for continuing their efforts in the One Bahamas Celebrations and encouraging BTC sponsorship.

The Grand Bahama Committee has planned a number of activities in celebration of One Bahamas, including school visits and National Flag Day. More information on these and other events will come shortly the Committee stated.