BTC clears up misinformation on immigration status of consultants and confirms death of employee



Lights, Camera, Action! – BTC continues to support Bahamian culture and entertainment by contributing $10K to “Gippie’s Kingdom,” The Bahamas’ first evening soap opera written and directed by Dr. Ian Strachan. The eight-part series featuring more than 30 actors creatively probes social issues currently facing Bahamian society. Pictured l-r Travon Patton, Co-Producer, “Gippie’s Kingdom,” Marlon Johnson, VP, Brand & Communications, BTC, Dr. Ian Strachan, Writer & Director, “Gippie’s Kingdom,” Fanchon Dawkins, BTC Starmaker & Actress in “Gippie’s Kingdom,” and Tony McCartney, Actor, “Gippie’s Kingdom.”

BTC issues this statement to clarify and correct misinformation and insinuations that have been in the public space recently regarding the immigration status of certain consultants and employees.

Regarding Messrs, Nigel Thompson and Sheldon Mundle, executives at BTC, the statements made about these gentlemen regarding their immigration status are wholly false. Neither gentleman was or is in breech of any immigration statute or law.

Regarding the late Mr. Rhodrigues, BTC had been in communication with the Department of Immigration regarding his status prior to his untimely death and had submitted an application for a work visa consistent with the process agreed to with the Department of Immigration regarding these matters.

As a general note, BTC has been working the Department of Immigration to obtain absolute clarity regarding the processes for obtaining and renewing all work permit applications. The company is compliant with the most recent clarifications issued by the Department of Immigration. Further, the Department is aware of the status of all current and pending applications for work permits by BTC.

As with any company of this nature that maintains very specialized equipment and physical assets, BTC has always required – on a short term basis – particular skill-sets that are not widely available locally. Further, for the installation and maintenance of elements of the BTC plant, the vendor partners of BTC also require consultants from abroad from time to time to work alongside BTC personnel to facilitate necessary work. BTC did not and does not engage large numbers of foreign nationals within the country.

Instead the express policy of BTC is to recruit, develop and retain Bahamian talent to run BTC now and in the future. Indeed, since the BTC/CWC merger, BTC has promoted or reclassified and promoted some 200 members of staff and has recruited on a part-time or permanent full time basis some 150 new members of staff. Indeed, the recruitment and promotion of BTC team members over the past year has been the most significant undertaking of this type in many years. The company is proud to have been able to promote so many deserving team members, while recruiting very talented new team members who bring their ideas and dynamism into the BTC family.