BTC: From Queen to Inefficient Crone


The Editor
Bahamas Press
18th January 2022

Dear BP,

Anyone who has had the misfortune of dealing with BTC since it was given away by the Ingraham FNM administration must wonder what is going on.

The answer desk staffs certainly do not; not only are they incompetent but one admitted to not even knowing who the supervisor of this mess was.

Calling the technical help line is futile and is even worse than the help staff who appear to be distracted by their wailing children, barking dogs and background conversations.

To say that BTC service is incompetent and useless is an understatement. One must wonder where URCA is on all this as I am sure that they are deluged by customer complaints about BTC that is, if someone at URCA ever answers their phones.

Now it appears that the BTC Christmas bundle offer may be a flagrant breach of the communications rules. No one that I know who changed has ever gotten the 150-internet speed as advertised. In fact, the complaint is that it is around 85mps if you are lucky.

BTC is a classic case of an organization so occupied with the bottom line that customer service does not matter. It is also the result of poor oversight which abandoned the customer the vagaries of an uncaring organization.

As a former Bahamas Telecommunications Department technician, it makes me weep when I see how far this once beloved and professional organization has fallen and no one in authority seems to care.

Michael J. Brown